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Episode 40: Cody and Sebastien discuss the iOS 8 beta, the crazy-weird Beats advertisement, the legality of unlocking, and Verizon’s plans to throttle unlimited LTE users.

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  • ~~

    In Taiwan, EVERYBODY including your grandma uses LINE.

    You don’t gave a girl your number now, you give her your LINE if you’re in Taiwan.

    • Same in Japan. In Korea, it’s Kakao Talk.

    • Jason Baroni

      In Brazil it is WhatsApp for all

      • Ian Leon

        I was working on a school group project once and we all had iPhones. In our group we had one guy from Brazil. This was before Facebook bought WhatsApp. He suggested we communicate through making a WhatsApp group. We all looked at him like he was crazy. LOL

      • Jason Baroni

        You got it! Brazilians want to convert anyone for the WhatsApp use. It is crazy! And it gets worse when you look at the students don’t meeting each other for work because their group is brainstorming via WhatsApp. Mobile productivity is taken really, really awkward here.

  • Steven Honey

    I got tired of being on AT&T’s grandfathered “unlimited” plan and being throttled after one week of data usage every month. I am now on t-mobile with truly unlimited data at a cheaper price tag. I just finished my first month of t mobile and I racked up a whopping 22gb of data. Lol!! Never throttled once and it’s fast LTE service. Their coverage is good enough for me, but if I ever plan on traveling I know I will have very spotty coverage. BUT…For the main part of my life, t-mobile is the best for my situation.

  • Ian Leon

    My parents have Androids and they have decided that they need to reach me through something more advanced than SMS. They don’t like the Google Hangouts app which comes by default. We tried WhatsApp but I decided the service was crappy , the design was pure Ratchetness , and it does not have any iPad/Mac/Web apps. I would actually prefer SMS to WhatsApp since I have Continuity in iOS 8. However, they insisted on a fancier solution. SOO we chose Telegram, which has pretty good service, looks really nice, and has apps for most platforms.

    • Jason Baroni

      Telegram is a great option. It has been built to beat WhatsApp, and they gathered tons of users after Facebook’s purchase. As a great brazilian as I am, I love WhatsApp, it does work here, but I see Facebook killing the app in the near future. They actually have begun improving the Fb Messenger for iPad use. There is more to come…

      • Ian Leon

        The thing is Facebook Messenger will keep most some people away because they are afraid of all their Facebook firends being able to contact them. They play the “how many Facebook friends can I get ?” Game and they have thousands of “friends” that they don’t know

      • Jason Baroni

        In result, thousands of friends they don’t really want to talk or share stuff to. We’ve got an endless circle here for their users.