Fantastical 2.1

One of our favorite (and my personal favorite) calendar application, Fantastical 2, just received a pretty big update for both its iPhone and iPad versions. The new features added have long been some of the most requested ones, so they’ll definitely be crowd pleasers.

On top of that, all versions of Fantastical have temporarily been discounted by up to 50%. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now is your time.

New in Fantastical 2.1

Besides the usual various bug fixes and improvements, Fantastical 2 has gained a few simple enhancements. One of these new features finally gives you the ability to open the app in order to snooze an event or reminder notification. From there, and as seen on the screenshot below, you have several pre-set snooze options, and the ability to set your own snooze time as well. While the ability to snooze the event directly from the Lock or Home screen would be even better, I am pretty sure Apple doesn’t give developers that much freedom. Until then, this workaround will do just fine.

Fantastical 2.1 update

The folks at Flexibit also added the ability to search and add contacts or locations when creating a new event. When creating a new event, simply tap the arrow in the location field and start typing the name of one of your contacts. Assuming you have the address for this contact in your address book, you’ll be able to select it. But even better, as you start typing an address that is not in your address book, the app will offer possible options. Because it leverages MapKit, it will intelligently offer suggestions for names, places, stores, etc, as you type. It’s actually pretty impressive.

These two features above are enough for me to call it a worthy update, but the changelog doesn’t stop here. Below are some additional features added in Fantastical 2.1:

  • New event invitation notifications and app icon badge option
  • Upcoming birthday notifications
  • Setting to hide the event details location map
  • Event preview when duplicating and moving items
  • Keyboard shortcuts when using an external keyboard (open Settings > Help > Tips and Tricks for more info)
  • Improved calendar colors in the week view
  • Improved appearance for timed events that span multiple days in the week view

Big sale

As previously noted, Flexibit is celebrating the release of Fantastical 2 by offering pretty big discounts on all the version of their app. Get on it while it lasts!

More Fantasticality

  • BooBee

    $4.99 is hardly a sale unless they’ve increased prices over past few months. iMore had posted this same app for sale at $2.99 just before Christmas. I can’t imagine paying that much, let alone $10, for a calendar app.

    • Linton Findlay

      its stupid isnt it, it doesnt even add THAT much functionality other than give week views and combining reminders into the app. ridiculous we would have to pay for each version of the app. con artists like tweetbot, tweetbot literally added no functionality and just a pretty refresh and they expect us to pay £3 for each version, where twitterific charges 69p for a crossplatform version with device syncing

      • I think people have to start changing their mind and understand that app updates don’t have to be free. In this case, Fantastical 2 or Tweetbot were pretty major redesigned. I doubt you would work for free, so it’s unfair to expect iOS devs to. That’s my 2 cents. This being said, yes Fantastical is a pricey app, but the good thing is, the App Store has plenty of other options, many of them free.

      • Linton Findlay

        i have no problem paying for apps, but when developers force us to pay for multiple versions, while others dont is confusing. Begs the questions how difficult is it to design a cross platform version, alot of developers have adopted this so why cant some? its not like making the update is free anyway since downloading the update counts as a new download which in turn will increase chart ratings, making it more noticed by people who havnt downloaded it yet

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I want fantasical very badly. But it’s hard to justify the price…..I race 10k plus mountain bikes and 5 bucks for this app is hard to justify.

  • Mikasa Ackerman

    My Apple Calendars work fine. 🙂 I can add and remove items from my calendar, and have it remind me. What more do I need? lol

  • diggitydang

    WeekCal is better and cheaper, IMO…

  • This is the best calendar app in the App Store – bar none – but the price is pretty brutal. I’m glad I bought both when they were half these prices.

  • JS3

    you gotta be just a die hard calendar app user to pay 5 bucks for a calendar app when the stock one works like charm….

  • Luism27

    I purchased this app when it was 2.99$ or 1.99$

    • BooBee

      ^^This is exactly my point. $5 is not a sale so either the original price has gone up significantly or they had like a 75% sale or something when I saw it for $2.99.