Modern Combat 5 Blackout (classes 001)

After more than a year of waiting, Gameloft is finally ready to release Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The studio announced earlier this month that the game will launch for iOS and Android on July 24th, which is next Thursday.

To hold you over until then, Gameloft has posted an official Launch trailer for MC5. While we’ve seen videos before, this new clip is over a minute long and offers an entertaining look at the game’s graphics and gameplay…

Modern Combat 5: Blackout will once again take fans on an adventure across the globe, as the player engages in special counter-terrorism operations with the latest and most technologically advanced combat weaponry. The single-player campaign for MC5: Blackout consists of compact and dynamic missions that ratchet up the suspense of each action-packed moments. The development team wanted players to experience the story in a more intense and diverse way than ever before.

Like fans have seen in some of the earlier demos, the story will indeed begin in Venice, Italy where Phoenix, the main character of the game, is sent on a special operation to secure a transport of WMDs from a particularly well-armed terrorist group. From there the plot will take gamers on a globe-trotting adventure, including a particularly harrowing sequence in Tokyo where Phoenix has to fight amidst total anarchy while trying to convince his allies to accept an uncomfortable secret. By the end, players will have experienced a range of visually-stunning settings, and thrilling action-packed combat sequences. 

Modern Combat 5 is going to feature a number of improvements over its predecessor including upgraded graphics, a new unified progression system, and a new multiplayer mode that allows you to join squads with your friends.

For more screenshots of the game, click here. You can also find other trailers here, and more details here. Again, the game is scheduled to launch on July 24th, and is expected to cost $6.99. We’ll let you know as soon as it lands.

  • NaSty

    Its pretty difficult playing shooters on iOS, the only way you can play properly is with a controller in my opinion

    • Noah

      Totally agree. Hopefully the next generation of iOS devices are bigger (not really for iPad) so we’re able to get a better gaming experience.

    • Mozaik

      There is controller support for this game.

      • Freddy Born

        That’s a lie

      • Mozaik

        Dude yes , look at toucharcade for more information.

      • I doubt it. I actually own Gamelofts own games controller and hardly any of their games support their own controller. If they can’t even support their own games controller then I doubt we’ll see support for MFi games controller support anytime soon…

  • hkgsulphate

    probably another IAP crap

    • Anthony Nguyen

      The dev said there won’t be any IAP in the game.


        Maybe internet connection required all the time instead? which is the same crap imo

      • Jason Duong

        When one face palm isn’t enough.

      • What for the guy’s right (if this happens to be the case)
        Imagine you’re on a 12 hour flight..

      • regkilla

        The majority of people don’t go on 12 hour flights.

      • benny001

        There is in flight wifi available w/ almost every flight. Plus ur chair has a usb plug to charge ur device.

      • Hak

        Most international flights do not. That is where most of the 12 hour flights are. So I’m not sure this applies people living outside of the US and other big countries.

      • Andy

        95% of facts are made up too. Including this one.

        Just because you don’t go on a 12 hour flight doesn’t mean several other people don’t. I just came back from a flight from East Asia to Europe. But I suppose most Americans wouldn’t care since they only like flying in their own country.

      • regkilla

        Your “fact” is made up itself. At least I’m living in a better place than your European trash of a home.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I’m American. Live in Florida. I would live in Europe any day, month, or year. Love Europe.

      • There’s a whole world outside of the US you know

      • NaSty

        Regardless, I wouldn’t want to be connected to the internet to play this game

  • Sleetui

    Someone leaked a .ipa of this game. That was unexpected.