SwipeExpander is a new jailbreak tweak that brings powerful keyboard shortcut gestures to the iPhone à la AltKeyboard. The tweak employs swipe-up and swipe-down keyboard gestures to invoke a variety of different actions, from mundane copy/paste shortcuts, to insert text shortcuts.

One of the cool things about SwipeExpander is that lowercase and uppercase keys are deemed separate, meaning you can have a large variety of keyboard gestures across the 26 letters in the english alphabet. But that’s not all, SwipeExpander plays nice with well-known and respected keyboard related tweaks like SwipeSelection, PredictiveKeyboard, and more. Check out our hands-on video inside.

Once SwipeExpander is installed, you can configure it via the preferences in the stock Settings. The preferences contain an edit mode that can be used to assign swipe-up and swipe-down gestures to virtually every key on iOS’ keyboard.

Available actions consist of the following:

  • Insert Text
  • Select
  • Select All
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Delete Forward
  • Delete Word
  • Dismiss Autocorrect
  • Dismiss Keyboard

Each key can have up to two gestures assigned to it with two corresponding actions. Actions and gestures can be removed or edited by going back into edit mode and selecting the key previously assigned with actions.

SwipeExpander contains several additional options as well. Users can opt to display letter case and show names on keys, along with the ability to adjust the opacity, size, and position of the names assigned to keys.


Although the tweak is still in beta, the version I tested worked fairly well in practice. It’s nowhere near as polished as AltKeyboard, but again, the tweak is beta and the developer hopes to iron out the process as it gets closer to release.

If you’d like to try the SwipeExpander beta for free, add developer Jerry En’s repo to your list of Cydia sources: http://cydia.jerryen.com/

Once you try it, let us know what you thought about it down below in the comments.

  • Thanh

    That feeling when you can’t afford an iPhone

    • Muhammad !

      Then why you here ! smh !!!

      • Thanh

        I have an iPad and a Macbook.

      • regkilla

        How can you feel ‘feels’ when you have those 2?!

      • Jennifer Jones

        I had that problem too and I was redirected to candy crash saga. You’ll have to wait for the ad to change and or use a tweak that patches the bug.

      • Thanh

        I first know iDB when I was trying to jailbreak my 3gs which I owned in 2011. I switched to Adnroid and now stuck with the S4 for another 6 months and since I’m a student, I would say that I can’t afford an iPhone.

      • Osama Muhammed

        exactly same !, started with ipad, macbook.. coming next is iphone *brofist*

      • Muhammad !

        And you can’t afford an iPhone ?! Lmao

  • Rak S

    Nice… Could go well with SwipeSelection to replace AltKeyboard2… It was a bit buggy for me.

    • Nico Jan

      Read the post.

  • Kanzler

    guys, i cant browse through cydia atm. it always directs me to an appstore ad since yesterday. anyone else having this problem?

    • Damian

      Install a tweak adstore or noadstore. Something along these lines

    • Alberto Espinal

      NoAdStoreOpen is the name of the tweak

      • Kanzler

        already tried yesterday, doesnt help!

      • Alberto Espinal

        Kanzler, when you tap on the item that you want to install keep moving the screen up and down without moving your finger, it sounds silly but once worked for me

    • diggitydang

      Worse comes to worse, you can still restore and re-jailbreak the most recent iOS software… I know that’s not the ideal solution you were looking for, but you’re actually LUCKY that you have that in your back pocket!! Good luck either way!

    • ReanimationXP

      Stop using piracy repos and maybe you won’t have this problem.

      • Kanzler

        i only use the jailbreak installed repos. it happens since statusmodifier 3.0.1 update both on ipad and iphone

      • Kanzler

        and it only happens in tweaks inside the bigboss repo. ahh, this really sucks :/ really strange why no one else is having this problems since i didnt do something special

      • SkyFall

        It’s a tweak that is using a bug that redirects to certain apps/games in the App Store (bug is fixed in iOS 8). It also happens to some webpages at times. I had that problem too and I was redirected to candy crash saga. You’ll have to find the tweak and uninstall it or use a tweak that patches the bug. If I find a tweak that stops ads from redirecting to App Store I’ll post it as a reply.

      • SkyFall

        Install StoreAlert. It asks if you want to be redirected to the App Store or not.

      • SkyFall

        It happens when some particular tweaks are installed. I’ve read that some devs use a bug that iOS has (the bug was fixed in iOS 8) that let’s ads redirect you to App Store games/apps. It also happens while browsing and opening webpages that have adfly/other ad managers.

  • Wood1030

    Haven’t watched the video review, yet,but does it also play nice with tweaks Beekeyboard or ikeywi2?

  • mahe

    no more to say!

  • andyr354

    Been using this for a few days now on my iPhone5. Slick. there is a user on reddit/r/jailbreak who put together a “master pack” he called it. Handy pre-built plist with a lot of the work of configuring it done for you.

  • James Gunaca

    Incredible. These kind of jailbreak tweaks are beyond what is capable on Android. On another level like Activator is.

    Well done.

  • Marcos Frazão

    this tweak is really nice
    i appreciated, and its free