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Nearly three weeks after releasing the second beta of iOS 8, Apple has this morning seeded the third beta of iOS 8 to developers. The beta is labeled as build 12a4318c, and is available for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

If you’re a registered iOS developer, you can grab the new beta from either the online dev portal as a standalone download, or via your device’s OTA (over-the-air) update mechanism. You’ll find all the details on beta 3 after the break…

ios 8 beta 3

The previous beta brought about a number of UI tweaks and changes in apps like iBooks, Camera, App Store and Messages. It also added some new options for Notifications, Privacy, and Settings, as well as a new iCloud Photos splash page.

We’re currently installing beta 3 ourselves, and will be reporting back with anything new, so make sure you keep checking back throughout the day. If you find something not mentioned here, feel free to e-mail us at

What’s new in iOS 8 beta 3

  • New Handoff toggle in Settings app
  • Access to iCloud Drive
  • New wallpapers for iPhone and iPad
  • New UI for clearing notifications
  • Camera App now shows how many days until a photo is deleted
  • Tweaked UI in Weather app
  • Ability to delete single notification from Notification Center
  • Ability to download all photos from a Photo Stream album

handoff toggleHandoff toggle in Settings app

icloud drive splash screeniCloud Drive setup screen

clear beta 3new UI for clearing notifications

white wall ios 8 beta 3new wallpaper

camera app stuffthanks David

  • ✦ intelligent anomaly ✦

    I would love to give Beta 3 a whirl, however after losing my jailbreak, and more importantly, corrupting my iCloud backups(!!!!!) when trying it out the first time, I think I will stick with 7.1.2 for the time being.

  • @dongiuj

    “Camera App now shows how many days until a photo is deleted”
    Sorry, a bit confused. Why would the phone delete photos? What if I and I’m sure millions of other people too want to keep the photos on the phone?

    • Jleoz

      When you (the user) delete a phone, it will show you what you removed, and only delete after a certain amount of time. The phone doesn’t delete the photos.

    • solai

      its like a trash

  • Solly

    having a strange problem with Fb not loading any images, posts or friends. anyone seeing the same bug?!

    • Christian Marcelo

      still not showing up for me

      • Solly

        yeah worked once after the update and then got broke again with me, even the fb messenger is acting up weirdly…

        to me the beta 3 is alot more unstable than the beta 2!!

  • Martynet

    is whatsapp working properly yet? is it much more stable than beta 1?

    • Solly

      Working with me here since yesterday with no crashing whatsoever, with a lot ofhappening to catch up on!!

    • Siddharth Desai

      Crashing for me.

  • Micaiah Martin

    Hey how is battery life on the iPhone 4s? I have it on my iphone 5 for developing purposes but I was wondering if I should be able to run it on my daily driver (iphone 4S). I’ve had beta 1 and 2 and both their batter life was pretty decent but still not as good as ios 7.1. So I’m wondering if Apple has fixed most of the battery draining bugs yet.

  • How is the stability of this release? I had beta 1 but quickly downgraded because it wasn’t stable enough.

  • Samir

    This is also new if no one posted it yet. Don’t feel like scrolling right now. But they added an grabber to the predictive text when you minimize it.

  • prad

    what about the caller ID pic it back to full or still the same small circle?