Notific8 is a brand new jailbreak tweak that aims to make iOS 7’s Notification Center look more like iOS 8. The changes, which take effect immediately upon installing the tweak, consist of small aesthetic adjustments.

From a functionality standpoint, Notific8 is lacking, as it doesn’t actually do much outside of visual adjustments. Still, it’s a decent way to alter Notification Center to make it align with Apple’s future design cues. Have a look at our video inside.

Notification dumps the Missed tab at the top of Notification Center. It also renames the ‘All’ tab to ‘Notifications’ in order to match the way Notification Center is setup in iOS 8.

At the bottom of Notification Center, you’ll notice a new Edit button and widget attribution. In iOS 8, this button is used to manage the new widgets available in Apple’s new firmware. Since the hooks for this type of functionality isn’t present in iOS 7, the developer of Notific8 decided to map the Edit button the the Notification Center preferences in the stock Settings app.

Notific8 is decent, but it lacks any sort of real functionality, and even some of its visual cues are a bit off (see the section headers in the screenshots above). But as a free tweak on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, you may deem it to be worth your time.

What do you think?

  • Litchy

    I’ll pass^^ I don’t like modifying the looks of iOS if it isn’t perfect. Ayeris or tweaks like Springtomize for example just make changes that look very Apple like.

    • Sticktron

      It’s perfectly Apple on 7.0; give me a chance to update for 7.1

  • Foellarbear

    This tweak is absolutely pointless.

  • Andy

    Jeff, why don’t you review ‘mikoto’ and ‘NO PLS RECOVERY’ from Karen’s Pineapple Repo? In the Let’s Talk Jailbreak, you guys said there were no tweaks to talk about, yet you’ve never discussed any of Karen Tsai’s tweaks.

  • Palani

    wtf is this? Boring and unusefull.?

    • Jonathan

      Nah, just you are.

    • Beat Modz

      STF !!! Learn how to spell

  • RarestName

    In this comment section: people who never used iOS 8 before

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Even if you have used iOS 8 (I have and currently am on my iPad 3) this tweak is still completely pointless. All it does is remove the missed tab (which I actually like and don’t know why Apple would remove it) and add an edit button to take you to the notification centre…

      • Greg Warren

        Please enlighten me as to what the “Missed” tab does and why it’s so useful, because none of my friends or I have ever had the slightest clue. It won’t be missed (no pun intended)

      • Iamsofakingraw

        If you get notifications while you’re sleeping or not with your phone, they disappear from your ls after a while and moved to the “missed” tab so your lockscreen isn’t cluttered the next time you turn on your iPhone

      • Greg Warren

        I can’t say that this has ever been a problem for me. Even when I wake up & look at the missed tab, it’s still empty. All of my notifications still show In the regular section; it’s not an issue.

      • TeddyBearStand

        I don’t think that is right. If you have a bunch of lockscreen notifications and you SWIPE to unlock, the notifications go in both the “Missed” section and the “Notification” section. Really dumb imo.

  • Sticktron

    Hey unfair 😉 7.1 Jailbreak *just* came out yesterday. The tweak works on iOS 7.0.x as designed.

  • Brian Brown

    Yeah that’s a prominent way of saying things. It’s definitely a mask indeed.

  • SkyFall

    Would be nice to have a tweak that integrates Shazam into Siri just like iOS 8

  • Anon

    Hi Cole! Love what you did with your statusbar and font (and Notific8 of course 🙂 . Care to point me which package/theme/font did you use to achieve the look in that screenshot? Cheers

  • Mike Kohman

    hello all new to the tec. world i think its neat to jail break it but are we getting all we can out of these devices or do the do more and we just dont know it…