Notific8: make iOS 7’s Notification Center look like iOS 8


Notific8 is a brand new jailbreak tweak that aims to make iOS 7’s Notification Center look more like iOS 8. The changes, which take effect immediately upon installing the tweak, consist of small aesthetic adjustments.

From a functionality standpoint, Notific8 is lacking, as it doesn’t actually do much outside of visual adjustments. Still, it’s a decent way to alter Notification Center to make it align with Apple’s future design cues. Have a look at our video inside.

Notification dumps the Missed tab at the top of Notification Center. It also renames the ‘All’ tab to ‘Notifications’ in order to match the way Notification Center is setup in iOS 8.

At the bottom of Notification Center, you’ll notice a new Edit button and widget attribution. In iOS 8, this button is used to manage the new widgets available in Apple’s new firmware. Since the hooks for this type of functionality isn’t present in iOS 7, the developer of Notific8 decided to map the Edit button the the Notification Center preferences in the stock Settings app.

Notific8 is decent, but it lacks any sort of real functionality, and even some of its visual cues are a bit off (see the section headers in the screenshots above). But as a free tweak on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, you may deem it to be worth your time.

What do you think?