With the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction slated to hit theaters next week, Hasbro and developer partner DeNA have released their tie-in game of the same name. The title is now available in the App Store for both the iPhone and iPad.

The game, which falls into the ‘3D combat runner’ genre, sees players thrown into a cinematic universe where they must recruit and customize a team to help them take down Decepticon enemies in a series of fast-paced missions. Autobots, roll out…


Here’s an overview of the game:

Experience explosive and suspense-filled Hollywood action in TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction®, the all-new 3D combat runner and official mobile game for the new TRANSFORMERS movie from Paramount Pictures. In this cinematic universe, your mission is to take down DECEPTICON enemies as you run, dash, and change forms through fast-paced missions with your formidable cast of AUTOBOT heroes.

Recruit and customize your team of TRANSFORMERS characters in both their robot and vehicle modes to level up their weapon power, tech and abilities. This isn’t your typical runner, TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction puts you in the middle of an action-packed Hollywood blockbuster where it’s destroy or be destroyed!

And a handful of its top features:

  • Experience the First Combat Runner – Take down DECEPTICON enemies as you run and gun in robot mode or drive and dash in vehicle mode.
  • Gear Up and Roll Out! – Build a force to be reckoned with by upgrading your team of TRANSFORMERS characters to level up weapons, tech and abilities.
  • Wreak Havoc with GRIMLOCK! – Destroy everything in your path with GRIMLOCK as you charge through obstacles and enemies alike.
  • Jump Into a Hollywood Blockbuster – Experience thrilling Hollywood action with fast paced missions, destructive environments, and epic 3D effects.

Finally, here’s your gameplay video:

This is the second title in an exclusive three-year agreement between Hasbro and DeNA to develop and publish mobile games based on the popular Transformers franchise. Interestingly enough, this is also DeNA’s first movie-licensed game for mobile.

If you’re interested, you can find Transformers: Age of Extinction in the App Store for free—yes, there are a handful of in-app purchases, but they shouldn’t affect gameplay. The movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, begins hitting theaters on June 26.

  • 23dc

    The movie will be a disaster.

  • jack

    Who else hates this series

    • Matt

      I like the series, but his movie is just going to be tragic!

    • Tony

      I do! It’s absolutely nothing like the cartoons. Bay continues to wreck my childhood memories. Tmnt looks like a joke too!

      • iPodDroid

        You guys are kidding right?These movies were never meant to be a direct adaption of the original cartoons. Michael Bay created the series in how HE envisioned it to be. So if your expecting it to be a Exactly like the original series, then tough luck. You’re not forced to watch these movies if you don’t want to.

      • Clement Yeo

        indeed..i find myself really enjoying in the “Michael Bay”‘s special FX..just the effect..

      • Tony

        Bay can’t sell a tv as shown via YouTube therefore he can’t make a good movie. The guy is a joke and thinks blowing things up all the time is so amazing! He’s got no depth to his characters, picks awful actors and couldn’t talk his way out of a paper bag. His visions of past successful projects aren’t good at all. Take away the effects and you’ve got what? Absolutely nothing.

      • Dan

        Must be why he has a net worth of 400 million as of 2014.

        I’m not saying his movie are oscar worthy. Imo, his movies are good ‘popcorn movies’. Turn off your brain, sit back and enjoy the ride. Obviously a lot of people agree.

      • iPodDroid

        Well duh! Michael Bay has proven that he isn’t capable of making of Oscar worthy movies that is a fact. But he does make great action movies. You can’t expect Bay to make to Oscar films and if you are then your only letting yourself down. I like the Transformers movies for the ACTION not plot, or love story, all I care about is the Robot action that’s it. I’m not really expecting a good plot because it’s Bay, and even if I did I would be disappointed. Again, you don’t have to watch his movies. The thing is I don’t understand where this hate is coming from. The people who say” Michael Bay ruined my childhood” are kind of hypocrites, since those people are the ones expecting oscar worthy films from Michael Bay.