Pencil by FiftyThree (teaser 005)

Fans of the awesome Paper drawing app for the iPad by FiftyThree and owners of the startup’s companion Pencil stylus will no doubt be looking forward to upgrading to iOS 8 in order to take advantage of a new Surface Pressure feature coming to Pencil and Paper this Fall.

Billed as an industry-first feature, Surface Pressure taps iOS 8’s variable touch sizing and leverages Pencil’s uniquely-designed tip to vary the pressure, thickness and width of lines you create, mimicking the behavior of real-life artistic drawing tools such as dry pastel chalks and charcoals…

FiftyThree explains how Surface Pressure takes advantage of the Pencil’s tip and eraser:

With Surface Pressure you’ll be able to control the lines you create based on how much of Pencil’s tip or eraser is in contact with your iPad.

Use the point for fine details or the angled edge for broad strokes. Surface Pressure unlocks new capabilities for each of Paper’s tools — fill faster as you draw, shade as you sketch, or carve away in varying widths as you erase.

Pencil is a smart accessory: not only does it pack in the eraser and the pressure-sensitive tip, it also does palm rejection, flip-to-erase and blend modes.

Here’s the video.

Again, Surface Pressure is coming to Pencil with the release of iOS 8 this Fall. The feature is unique to Pencil and FiftyThree has promised to unlock it for all existing users with a free software upgrade.

The Pencil is currently limited to the United States and Canada, but FiftyThree is working on bringing the accessory to international customers.

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Have you tried the Paper app or the Pencil accessory yet? If so, what did you think of the features?

  • Framboogle

    Sign of new technology in future iPads?

  • Tony

    Totally would try one but to me they just cost to much. But still cool technology.

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    Why Always The US and Canada Get The best First ?

  • Kristen

    I have a Pencil and I really like it, but this new functionality will be awesome!

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Feels like that sh*t is scratching the hell out of the screen.

  • swallace17

    Anyone know what it is specifically that allows this new functionality in iOS 8? Or is the iOS 8 release just when 53 is choosing to release the update?

    • Ilya Kos

      I think that they could have done it before if they wanted to. Basically it is the Pencil that does the work. It get the information that it is touching the surface, transfers it via bluetooth. then the software detects how big of a surface is touching the screen. At least that is what I think. Feel free to prove me wrong.

  • Bulky head and expensive pencil…