Towelroot Make it Ra1n

Geohot—a name that’s virtually synonymous with iPhone jailbreaking—has taken up quite a few different ventures since departing from the jailbreak scene. He’s dabbled in Playstation 3 hacking, and working at Facebook. He was even rumored to have been on the precipice of an iOS 7 jailbreak, but nothing formally materialized from him.

But yesterday, Geohot (real name George Hotz) made his name known on an even wider scale when he released a new rooting tool for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Android devices. The tool, which is called Towelroot, is a downloadable package that allows Galaxy S5 users to quickly root their devices. This is especially helpful for GS5 users on Verizon and AT&T, because those two mobile carriers lock the bootloader.

I’ve tried out Towelroot on my Galaxy S5, and it works just as described. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Hotz’s past jailbreak tools. Check inside for all of the details.

Like his previous mobile phone forays, Hotz’s latest tool is a simple easy-to-use and straightforward mechanism for opening up the phone to customization. In fact, Towelroot is a simple APK that can be downloaded on supporting Samsung hardware just by visiting the website Once there, the procedure for rooting a device is extremely straightforward, as anyone who’s used Hotz’s prior tools would expect.

Given Hotz’s longstanding legacy among iPhone users, I figured it would only be right to show off a tutorial showcasing how easy it is to root the Galaxy S5 (and other devices listed below). Here’s how it works:

How to root your Galaxy S5 with Towelroot:

Towelroot 1

Step 1: Go to on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Tap the Towelroot image in the middle of the page to start the download. You will receive a warning that the .apk filetype can harm your device. Tap OK.

Towelroot 2

Step 2: You will see a brief “Starting download” message. Swipe down on the status bar to invoke the Notifications list, and tap on the tr.apk download to launch Towelroot.

Towelroot 3

Step 3: You will receive an Install screen. Tap on the Install button in the bottom right-hand corner. You will receive another warning stating that Towelroot contains code that attempts to bypass Android’s security protections.

Towelroot 4

Step 4: Tap the checkbox that states that you understand and still want to install it, and then tap Install anyway in the bottom right-hand corner. Towelroot should install. Tap the Open button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Towelroot 5

Step 5: Once Towelroot opens you will see a button that says “make it ra1n,” which is, of course, very familiar to us iPhone users who used Hotz’s blackra1n jailbreak tool back in the day. Once you tap the button, Towelroot will reboot and you should come back with a fully rooted device.

Given how complicated some Android rooting and hacking tools are, I think Towelroot is an awesome step in the right direction for Android users who want to get more out of their devices. Us iPhone users have had the privilege of enjoying some extremely simple tools like JailbreakMe in the past. While this tool isn’t on that level of simplicity, it’s not too far off.

This isn’t the first time that a prominent member of the iOS hacking community has done things for Android. If you can remember, Saurik, creator of Cydia, dabbled with Cydia Substrate.

Here are the devices that Towelroot supports thus far:

  • AT&T Galaxy S5
  • Verizon Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S4 Active
  • Nexus 5
  • AT&T Galaxy Note 3
  • Verizon Galaxy Note 3

What do you think about Towelroot?  Are you Android user, and have you used it? What do you think about Geohot developing hacking tools for Android now? Sound off down below with your thoughts and opinions.

  • DJ_CodeBlue

    How closed minded are you? Jesus stupidity at its finest.

  • DJ_CodeBlue

    so you get pissed off when there’s one android related post which was like never done in years? bro are you really that bored? Geohot is pretty much the founder of jailbreaking iPhones to begin with. What’s wrong with you and what’s wrong with a small post to remind us of his existence. Now if this post was an article about a in-depth review about the S5 then yeah, you can preach.

  • Rob

    Had total root access with towelroot for 5 days or so then this morning when I woke up I noticed that root privileges had been revoked. I tried reinstalling the towel root app and it doesn’t install. Does anyone know a way around this to obtain root access for AT&T gs5 models? Any help will be appreciated. I can be reached at Thanks

  • Smith minmin

    I can’t root my Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 204 Android version: 4.4.2 SM-G313M using this tool. How come bro. A little help!!!

  • 72z27

    My Samsung galaxy sm-s765c is evidently currently not supported.

  • nikol

    It says my phone is not supported and then to support it I need like all the fancy computer shit

  • Kaylee

    tried and told me my verizon s5 isn’t supported 🙁

  • John

    When is the Note 4 root going to be available?

  • Jayson

    This may be a silly question, but will this work with the straight talk Samsung 5S, Sm-S902L?

  • Sherwin Jacob Trinidad

    towelroot v3 is not applicable on my samsung grand 2.. i cant root my phone because the oldest one which is the towelroot v1 can only make my phone rooted.. so please give me a apk of towelroot v1.. tnx

  • dhey59

    can I root att Samsung sm-g807a active
    android version 5.1.1