Geohot “makes it ra1n” on Android with a rooting tool for the Samsung Galaxy S5

By , Jun 16, 2014

Towelroot Make it Ra1n

Geohot—a name that’s virtually synonymous with iPhone jailbreaking—has taken up quite a few different ventures since departing from the jailbreak scene. He’s dabbled in Playstation 3 hacking, and working at Facebook. He was even rumored to have been on the precipice of an iOS 7 jailbreak, but nothing formally materialized from him.

But yesterday, Geohot (real name George Hotz) made his name known on an even wider scale when he released a new rooting tool for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Android devices. The tool, which is called Towelroot, is a downloadable package that allows Galaxy S5 users to quickly root their devices. This is especially helpful for GS5 users on Verizon and AT&T, because those two mobile carriers lock the bootloader.

I’ve tried out Towelroot on my Galaxy S5, and it works just as described. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Hotz’s past jailbreak tools. Check inside for all of the details.

Like his previous mobile phone forays, Hotz’s latest tool is a simple easy-to-use and straightforward mechanism for opening up the phone to customization. In fact, Towelroot is a simple APK that can be downloaded on supporting Samsung hardware just by visiting the website Once there, the procedure for rooting a device is extremely straightforward, as anyone who’s used Hotz’s prior tools would expect.

Given Hotz’s longstanding legacy among iPhone users, I figured it would only be right to show off a tutorial showcasing how easy it is to root the Galaxy S5 (and other devices listed below). Here’s how it works:

How to root your Galaxy S5 with Towelroot:

Towelroot 1

Step 1: Go to on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Tap the Towelroot image in the middle of the page to start the download. You will receive a warning that the .apk filetype can harm your device. Tap OK.

Towelroot 2

Step 2: You will see a brief “Starting download” message. Swipe down on the status bar to invoke the Notifications list, and tap on the tr.apk download to launch Towelroot.

Towelroot 3

Step 3: You will receive an Install screen. Tap on the Install button in the bottom right-hand corner. You will receive another warning stating that Towelroot contains code that attempts to bypass Android’s security protections.

Towelroot 4

Step 4: Tap the checkbox that states that you understand and still want to install it, and then tap Install anyway in the bottom right-hand corner. Towelroot should install. Tap the Open button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Towelroot 5

Step 5: Once Towelroot opens you will see a button that says “make it ra1n,” which is, of course, very familiar to us iPhone users who used Hotz’s blackra1n jailbreak tool back in the day. Once you tap the button, Towelroot will reboot and you should come back with a fully rooted device.

Given how complicated some Android rooting and hacking tools are, I think Towelroot is an awesome step in the right direction for Android users who want to get more out of their devices. Us iPhone users have had the privilege of enjoying some extremely simple tools like JailbreakMe in the past. While this tool isn’t on that level of simplicity, it’s not too far off.

This isn’t the first time that a prominent member of the iOS hacking community has done things for Android. If you can remember, Saurik, creator of Cydia, dabbled with Cydia Substrate.

Here are the devices that Towelroot supports thus far:

  • AT&T Galaxy S5
  • Verizon Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S4 Active
  • Nexus 5
  • AT&T Galaxy Note 3
  • Verizon Galaxy Note 3

What do you think about Towelroot?  Are you Android user, and have you used it? What do you think about Geohot developing hacking tools for Android now? Sound off down below with your thoughts and opinions.

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  • Matt


  • Julio

    Sorry, but why is this news on iDownloadblog…

    • Jeff Benjamin

      Because, it’s Geohot, who is perhaps the most famous hacker of all time for the iPhone. This is the guy who brought us iPhone jailbreaking. That guy is now working on what some presume to be the “enemy”. I don’t consider it to be that way, but some do. I think it’s a worthy news item. Just like when we covered Saurik making things for Android a while back. That’s a big deal.

      • Chris

        Good read thank you going to pass this on to friends who have s5
        Don’t listen to em there apple fanboys if ain’t apple they not intrested

    • felixtaf

      Read the first paragraph!

      • Jeff Benjamin


    • Kurt

      Guess who came up with the term “Jailbreak”? Yup, that guy.

      • Ethan Humphrey

        Whoa I didn’t know geohot came up with that!

  • MajorSHARK

    Wtf iDB.

    • Beat Modz

      i love it, not everybody is stuck to one device bruh !!!

  • felixtaf

    Will he make it ra1n for iOS again?

    • Jeff Benjamin

      Well, according to some sources, he almost did with iOS 7, but was beaten to the punch. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. Unlikely, yes, but definitely not impossible.

      • felixtaf

        This guy is talented…. I mean Multi-talented in multiple platforms….

        Yes, I would love to have him in the community!

      • Jeff Benjamin

        He’s extremely talented. iOS – PS3 – Android… What next?

      • felixtaf

        WP – Seriously it needs him!!!!!

      • Elias Chao

        It would be awesome for all its user, WP would be a great choice with a ‘jailbreak for WP’.

      • Matt Taylor

        iOS8! I have a strong feeling he saved exploits that he was going to burn on iOS7 when he was beaten to the punch by the evaders and will use them towards an iOS8 jailbreak within days of its 8.0 public release! This is he’s style in so many ways… He will get a lot of spotlight, which he loves, and he will be able to stick it back to the evaders, which he will also love!

      • Arsanny Lintang


      • regkilla

        PS4? jk it wont happen.

      • coLin


      • justme

        PS4? ;)

  • abdullah575

    copying jailbreak LOL !!

    • felixtaf

      Say what??????!?

    • RarestName


  • felixtaf

    For those who are bashing and crying over this news, know the history about this talented hacker and his contribution to iOS jailbreak….

    Or atleast read the First Paragraph of the article!

    • MajorSHARK

      Yes, he’s undeniably a talented individual. But we come here for Apple news. Not Android-related.

      • Eni

        so don’t read it

  • bugsbunnay .

    I’m liking it (the android coming into idb I mean). I have an android next to my iPhone and I don’t mind seeing articles for both phones in one place. The tool said it works with all phones. Now does this mean it only work for all S5 phones or does this work with any other android phones?

    • Jeff Benjamin

      It works with the GS5, the GS4 Active, and the Galaxy Note 3 for sure. I’m sure it works with other devices as well. I’ll try to get a full list.

      • bugsbunnay .

        Great. Also does the device have to be on kitkat to be able to use this program? Can it be used with older versions?

      • RarestName

        Worked for my Nexus 7 (2013) with a locked bootloader. I had to install CWM to update SuperSU binaries but that was it.

    • felixtaf

      He claims that it shud work with all android devices with kernal before June 3. That means before 4.4.3.

      An user in another blog claimed that it doesnt work on his M8. But u can give it a try.

      Good news – it wont trip KNOX!!!

      • bugsbunnay .

        Good to know!

      • Kurt

        All I want to do is get rid of the horrible sounds on the Stock camera when it focuses and takes a picture. So loud and irritating!

      • felixtaf

        True… I dnt use shutter sounds…. not only that, almost all touchwiz sounds are funny and annoying.

        I rooted mine already with Kingo app and removed bloats from my tmobile Note 3 and configured for hotspot!

      • Kurt

        I’ll probably go to TMobile when I move to the states. I got rid off all the camera sounds except the focus sound. I changed the names but focus still annoys me with its sound :(

      • felixtaf

        There is an app in Play Store called Camera Sounds Off! Give it a try… It may help you… (Its still in beta)….

      • bugsbunnay .

        checklist after rooting;
        - remove loud, annoying tmobile bootup sound
        - remove camera shutter sound
        - remove preinstalled, completely useless apps
        - remove/disable features found useless, resource hogs, and battery drainers
        - add ad-blocking hosts file
        - replace original youtube app with modded to watch in 720p and 1080p
        - pirate (optional)
        - grab a beer and enjoy your phone you have control over!

      • Kurt

        Did you succeed in getting rid of the focus sound? I got rid of all the other sounds for shutter (pics/video) but that annoying focus sound is still there. Note 3 here

      • felixtaf

        Have done everything u mentioned except shutter sound, youtube mod and pirating!

        Can do this one by one or do it in a single step by installing a full featured custom rom!!!!

        I love rooting and tweaking. Have done in almost every android device I owned or sold!

      • bugsbunnay .

        I have completely forgot one very extra single most important thing in android history: Carrier IQ. The very reason I root my android phones is because of this. Sure I have nothing to hide, but doesn’t mean I consent to giving away my info, phone activities, keystrokes, text messages… Everything you do on your phone is logged! Your account info, password, credit card info, all sent unencrypted to boot! Including when you pressed the power button or the home button! I value my privacy very much. Root your phone and delete that crap. Turning it off won’t do a thing and I don’t remember if greenify would do any good either.

      • Kurt

        Unfortunately it didn’t work. Thanks for letting me know about that app though!

      • DogeCoin

        I’m sorry, but can you explain to me how the android kernel works, because it runs the Linux kernel, but the very latest stable kernel release is 3.15.1 …… Which is less than 4.4.3

      • felixtaf

        You misunderstood. 4.4.3 means android version 4.4.3, not the kernal version.

        Geohot mentioned that if your device kernal was released before June 3 (before android 4.4.3), then this tool can root it.

        If this root tool fails, try Kingo root (desktop windows app). Google it, download and install it in pc and connect your device, follow instructions. Its easier and less confusing!

      • grumpyfuzz

        kernel version on 4.4.3 is still before june 3.

      • Rogerson Torrel Miotto – RTM


        Rogerson T. Miotto
        Enviado do meu video K-7
        Gmail on Android
        Em 16/06/2014 19:18, “Disqus” escreveu:

      • felixtaf

        I jus posted what I read in other blogs and from Geohots post.

        Cant check on my device. Its on 4.4.2 and already rooted with Kingo Root app!

  • klashvx44

    Noob Question – what can u do with a rooted android device? It already has all the tweaks and widgets u need. I’ll love to see what other possibilities are there for this.

    • felixtaf

      Install custom roms, remove bloats, install additional tweaks and themes… Have system wide control! And many more!

    • Matt Dowdy

      Being rooted or “jailbroken” in android opens up the ability to use xposed framework which allows you to tweak parts of your phone that you wouldn’t normally be able to tweak if you don’t have root access, an example would be adjust the size of the navbar and add additional Icons and functions, there’s so many that you would be better off googling xposed modules, also there is titanium backup and the ability to uninstall carrier bloatware, plenty more uses for root but that’s just a couple of examples, best of all is even if you’re rooted and have the stock firmware installed, as long as you disable xposed you can still get ota updates then you just re-enable it afterwards, I too use apple and Android and I like to see news from both camps here on idownloadblog

    • Eni

      i don’t know it too, but i’m searching on google for articles that can explain that, you should do the same

  • Yasser Kaskas

    Whats a rooting tool? What does this change?

  • Branimir

    Not working on Galaxy S4 i9505 LTE

  • Beat Modz

    I Love the news !! thanks Jeff i myself have an iPhone and Galaxy s5, i was waiting for this.. Now time to install some roms and remove bloat !!

  • Sanil Chitrakar

    Great news for Android users. but, doesn’t root Japanese Docomo note 3.

  • NekoMichi Kobayashi

    I have an Android device running 4.4.2 and a kernel from May but so far nothing can root it, not even Towelroot. :(

  • Ricky

    I suppose this support other samsung phone or other android phone?

  • wiety

    Hmm.. correct me if im wrong but some time ago i noticed there has been a sort of bounty challenge which has been related directly for a tool which would root the S5. So basicaly who will first release and deliver a working Root tool for this newest Samsung device, that guy would be awarded with quite lot of cash :) So if this is really true i guess he did that mainly for that reason…anyway, he is a top hacker and his skills are sth we can be only jealous on :D

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Wait, why do you need to root an Android device? So much for it supposedly being open…

    • felixtaf

      Shh… They will always have excuses to say and stock android to counter you… Lol

    • Dan

      While it’s true rooting is not required, it allows for even more control:

      Installing Incompatible Apps.
      Over and Underclocking the CPU
      Ad Blocker (blocks adds in any apps, even free ones)
      Android OS Updates (and custom roms)
      Device (and app; ie: game saves from device to device) Backup
      Uninstall Anything (even stock apps)
      Automate Everything (when gps comes on, wifi etc)

      and a lot of other things

      • RarestName

        I just want my Greenify (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        I spent the entire day playing with Xposed, then switched back to ART because I still can’t stand the navigation bar button lag.

      • Anthony3595

        For custom firmware and kernels you only need a recovery.

  • Jerry

    So after you root. What can you exactly do?

    • RarestName

      Remove bloatware.

    • grumpyfuzz

      Google is your friend, but there’s tons of things you can do.

  • E Jom

    IOS users are as dumb as my butt…… Lower IQ ignorant fools

    • Capirexz

      Then What user are you , sir?

    • RarestName


    • E Jom

      I so glad i ditched IOS and switched over to Android! Will never come back to IOS

      • leart


      • bugsbunnay .

        You could just embrace both… I’m one of them out there that does, but hey whatever floats your boat.

  • Duc T-ra

    from iDevices blog, now we started talking about how to root an Android phone. . . just saying

  • Yujin


  • mlee19841

    Wow. Good job. But let down on the iPhone side.

  • Merman123

    Welcome back, Jeff.

  • Guest

    Make ir rain? :O

  • David Villamizar

    make it rain??

  • Joaquim Nascimento

    Not compatible with Moto G, though. Just tried.

  • Jason Jones

    I can confirm it works on VS980, Verizon variant of LG G2

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    What is Galaxy S4 “Active”? Is this a different model?

  • Rogerson Torrel Miotto – RTM

    works on internation Galaxy S5 variant?

  • Sebastien

    No your comments was not deleted, but because so many people downvoted you, it got removed and queued up for moderation. I manually approved your comment, so it’s back here now.

  • nonchalont

    Great article Jeff.

  • Kurt

    Sorry for the dumb question, but how do I know if it worked? Note 3 KT version here

    Edit: just downloaded an app on the play store called Root Checker and I ran it and it says I have root access :)

    • Shady

      I rooted Xperia V 4.3 but there is no SuperSU you have root access but no SuperSU

  • felixtaf

    You will be missed here for sure….


    • Leviscus Tempris


  • Jeff Benjamin

    Why does that make you so mad? You can choose not to read that particular post, you know? It’s not like we have an Android tutorial post every day, every week, or every month, even. In fact, it’s probably the first one we’ve ever posted.

    • Kelvin Lieu

      Jeff posted a short android-related thread and everyone is going nuts. He clearly stated in tutorial that this is only only here due to a recent update for geohot’s work. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. You don’t have to open every single article on this site.

      • Chris

        You tell em

    • Chris

      Well said Jeff

    • Derik Stroisch

      I think the reason it is making people so mad is becuase this is where they go to get “iDevice” info. Not Android info. Honestly i could care less. I’ve used both Android and Apple and still prefer Apple. Some Android news every now and then wont kill anyone… well hopefully it wont.

    • Danny Laycock

      I think it’s good to expose iPhone users to things happening in the world of Android every now and then… props to you Jeff! I have been 100% iPhone since the 3G and have JB every single one…. though in saying that I have had a couple Android phones to “stay in the loop” so to speak. I currently have a Nexus 5 and must say it’s a very compelling device for the price and think i’m going to have a go at Rooting with Geohot’s new solution.

      Samsung phones on the other hand are pretty terrible device when stock, laggy and bloated are the best way I can describe them.

    • Joe Tattoo

      Well, I think you’re awesome for it. Good news on an original jailbreak-king. I’d just ignore the comments in all honesty. A lot of these people don’t understand the point of the topic and choose to freak out about nothing.

  • Andrea Verocio

    Why the galaxy S5 ? The HTC One M8 is such a much nicer device!

    • mlee19841

      Already able to root and unlock the bootloader on the m8

    • Rogerson Torrel Miotto – RTM

      unfortunately on Brasil we don’t have official vendors of HTC Phones…

  • Brian 

    Super Apple fanboy speaking, and I still clicked on the article and enjoyed it. This didnt change the phone im using or affect my jailbreak, or my life for that matter so what is there to get upset about? Get your head out of your you know what….

  • DWZ

    Just rooted a sprint LG G Flex with no difficulty, geohot rules!

  • Alberto Espinal

    Great stuff but whatever!!

    • Kurt

      Excellent input lol

      • Alberto Espinal


  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Just by reading these comments everyone on here is clearly a Apple fan boy. Like it’s so wrong to report from both companies

  • xavidj

    Does it work on samsung s4 I9500

  • Bosco

    Nice article Jeff. These are the droids I’ve been looking for.

  • Bruno

    What I really wanted is to unlock my xperia J. It’s already rooted

  • gerland hardin

    DOES NOT WORK on Verizon Note 2 AT ALL!!

  • William Velasquez

    Does it work for Samsung Pro 8.4? i really need this for my tablet..
    A have an Iphone too, but i dont really wanted to get another apple product since they are all the same..!
    thats just my opinion …!
    theyre both great products just trying something alse ( differnt)

  • Ken

    It worked on Verizon s3 this is my first rooted phone and I will never have a unrooted phone again

  • arvindb02

    I wonder if anybody actually read this comment.

    • Yuri Birfer

      You did ;)

      • Guest

        Well…I read half of

      • Yuri Birfer

        Man of few words huh

  • dmacleo

    verizon galaxy s5 android 4.4.2 rooted in 5 minutes max :)
    titanium installed and freezing the bloatware now :)

  • Marine Core Tactician


  • mitra lalla

    also on t-mobile s5

  • Don Arness

    freaking awesome works on my lg g2 flex 4.3 keep up the good work geo

  • Lynn Kelly

    Worked perfectly on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy s4. Didnt even have to reboot. Took all of 5 seconds. Very impressed!