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Apple has introduced a new section in the App Store entitled ‘Browse by Category.’ Available in the Featured section of both the iOS and desktop versions of the App Store, the new area makes it easier for users to discover and browse app categories.

While users have long been able to browse apps by category, the past experience was fairly truncated: users had to click on the Categories label in the upper left hand corner and scroll through a drop-down menu. This way is far more visually appealing…

Once you click on one of the sections shown above, you’re taken to a page with apps from the category. Each page is broken down into various sections, such as Featured Apps, Best New Apps, Collections and various other category-specific groupings.

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The new Browse by Category section is yet another move in Apple’s efforts to improve discoverability in its App Store. And there are several more changes coming in iOS 8 this fall, including a new ‘Explore’ tab, trending searches and related searches.

Apple announced at WWDC that there are now over 1.3 million apps in the App Store, and over 300 million people visit the App Store per week.


  • Domodo

    How is this “new”, exactly?

    • Melvco

      As in, it didn’t exist in this form before?

      • Domodo

        It didn’t? I guess I got things mixed up…

      • Rickm_jr

        It’s definitely been there before. Just not in plain sight
        Edit: it was in a scroll and select before the individual icon selection

  • Dan

    about time, I’ve always found the app search system flawed (was used to android playstore)