Tim Cook kicks off WWDC keynote with usual run of Apple stats

Tim Codd wwdc 2014

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. After months of rumors, reports and speculation, Apple’s WWDC keynote has finally begun and we are now moments away from finding out what the future looks like for the company’s OS X and iOS platforms.

As usual, CEO Tim Cook has taken the stage to kick things off with a barrage of figures and other updates regarding Apple’s performance over the past year. And as usual we’ve collected some of the more interesting stats and listed them for you right after the break…

  • 25th anniversary of WWDC. Started in 1990 with 1,300 developers.
  • Over 9 million registered developers, up almost 50% from last year
  • Over 40 million downloads of OS X Mavericks
  • Mavericks: 51% of Mac users. Windows 8: 14% of Windows users, despite shipping a year before Mavericks.
  • PC industry declined by 5% last quarter, Macs grew by 12%
  • iPad 200 million units sold
  • iPod touch 100 million units sold
  • iPhone 500 million units sold
  • 130 million new iOS users in past year
  • iOS 7 has a 97% customer satisfaction rate
  • 1.3 million apps in the App Store
  • 300 million people visit App Store per week