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Last fall it was reported that Apple was working on a new feature for its Maps application that could assist users in finding their car. Using the iPhone’s M7 chip, it was said the app could register the location of a parked vehicle, and then help its owner return to that spot at a later time.

The expectation was that this car-finding feature would turn up in iOS 8, but WWDC came and went with no mention of the functionality. It still could make its way into the public release of the software though, as new evidence shows Apple has indeed been working on such a feature…

9to5Mac shares the following screenshot:


As seen in the screenshot above, Apple’s latest mapping software contains six images dedicated to the parked car location feature, each a purple pin with a car-shaped glyph. It’s very likely that this is one of the many features cut from what is now the first public beta of iOS 8 late in development. 

As we discussed on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk iOS, a number of things we heard about in the run up to WWDC didn’t make it into iOS 8. Apple didn’t even really talk about the Maps app during its keynote, and it sounds like the subject is a sore one for the Cupertino company.

Still, the hidden icons shown above prove that Apple has clearly been working on the feature, and it’s very possible that it could still make it to market. We’re expecting to see several betas between now and the public launch of iOS 8 this fall, and we don’t imagine 8.1 will be far behind.

  • Sachin

    Please improve the maps. There’s not even turn by turn navigation in my country.

    • Framboogle

      Apple is an American company so…

      • Adriano Henrique

        it’s an american company indeed, but it does have stores all around the world so…

  • KNS

    Please, those icons are just pins that indicate parking spots. How can you just jump into conclusions and say that, ‘Oh, sneaky Apple, trying to hide these Parking Icons from us. They must be a new feature for iPhone to find you car!! Great, imma take 2 cents from 9to5mac and then say the same thing about it.’ Like c’mon, nothing of those pins prove that they’re for finding your cars, rather, to indicate that this space is a parking lot.

    • Indian Food

      When do you see random pins laying around on the map?

    • James Gunaca

      I think it’s a logical conclusion to jump to, but agree that it doesn’t need to be referred to as “hidden” like it required some secret to unlock…just looking at the resources for the app and there they were.

      “Hiding in plain sight” isn’t really hiding.

      • KNS

        I think its more reasonable to assume that for example, when you search ‘Car Parks’ or something like that, those pins starts to pinpoint car park locations near you. Rather than it finding where you parked your car, which is a stupid assumption. Think about it, this is a mapping service. What kind of map would show you where your car is at? Its more logical to say that those pins on the map show car parking spots.

      • James Gunaca

        I’m not sure I agree with your thinking, but it is a good guess. What you suggest would introduce pin types for a single type of location instead of serving as a function of where you’ve been or where your car is (that’s more a feature worth programming for).

        For example, red pins currently indicate a selected location/business/destination. Purple pins indicate a dropped pin, not necessarily tied to a business location or pre-entered destination. What you’re suggesting would introduce a new type of destination pin. That seems less likely than what the author is suggesting which is a pin to serve as a function, say dropping a pin for where you parked, so doing a search for “where’s my car” would yield a pin drop on the map with a car on it. It seems more likely Apple would create a pin for that kind of feature rather than a specific type of destination, such as a parking lot, in your example.

  • James Gunaca

    If it’s in the app resources package, is it really hidden? Or is it just waiting to be discovered?

  • rockdude094

    Its okay i don’t need this.. Its really not that hard to spot my lamborghini