ios 8 scanning

As folks continue to comb through the recently released iOS 8 beta, a new feature has been discovered in mobile Safari. When the updated browser detects a credit card field within a webpage, it offers to let the user scan their card with their device’s camera.

Scanning your credit card automatically enters its information in the appropriate text fields, saving you from having to enter it manually. It takes just a moment, and it doesn’t appear that websites will have to do anything special to enable the new feature…

As you can see, the process works a lot like Apple’s iTunes gift card scanning: you just have to position your card within the frame, and let the software do its thing. In my tests, Safari auto-filled the number in for me, but it didn’t do my name or expiration date.

With a little tuning, this could help you save considerable time as you make online purchases—something Apple users seem to be doing a lot of. Of course, you can still have Safari save and auto-fill in your details for you, but not everyone likes storing that info.

iOS 8 offers up a number of new features, which you can read about here, and is expected to be released to the public sometime this fall.


  • abdullah575


  • Frank Anthony

    Apple is digging it literally. More more please 🙂

  • ifthekar ahmed

    This is available on the Asos shopping app. When adding a new card payments detail it allows you to scan the card instead of manually inputting it in. Very good feature and oyeahh its on ios7.

    • Ben Klaiber

      So what? It’s only in that one odd app, limited to it’s confines.

      Being in Safari and possibly a system API makes it far more valuable and useful.

      • ifthekar ahmed

        There aint a so what to that. Im just saying, whats the need to be cocky? Its a good feature and hence why i uploaded a picture so people can see how it is being used at the moment.

  • jack

    nice…………… they are dumb not to show all these hidden new features in that “and there’s much much more” slide where all small features are shown in WWDC

    • Nightfall

      they didn’t have time and it was still in beta. They will show plenty of the new features once iOS 8 is complete for the next wwdc when they show it with the iPhone 6

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      WWDC stands for WorldWide Developers Conference. It would be stupid spending the entire Keynote talking about iOS and OS X and every single feature when the main focus of the entire event is development. This is why they spent a considerable amount of time discussing Swift and the updates to Xcode since to developers this is the stuff that matters…

      • jack

        in case you didn’t see the keynote, they put a slide with all the “small” features that they don’t have the time to talk about. they could’ve created a 2nd slide with all these hidden features ppl are finding out, and showed it for like 3 seconds. that’s all I said.

  • Dennis

    That’s rather useful.

  • Chris


    – You scan your card
    – You then double check the numbers are correct
    – You proceed with the payment

    Would that not take longer then it would by simply typing it, we can trust features like this all we want but nothing is perfect.

    • Guest

      Gimmick feature

    • Jerry

      That’s 100% accurate unless your in extreme low light which in that case why are you even trying to scan a picture lol. The bar code scanner apps for the store gift cards never failed me on accuracy.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I think this would only be done once to save your card and then once that’s done you’d just use autofill…

  • mlee19841

    keeps getting sweeter and sweeter every time i check this site for ios 8 news… they should have announced most of this stuff at wwdc but i guess they were on a time schedule

  • 0ʇılouɐɯ

    OK, and Automatic QR and barcode scanner from Camera?? Is it confirmed??

  • Brian 


    lol jk.

  • SEC89

    Apple n1