New in iOS 8 Safari: use your device’s camera to scan in credit card info

ios 8 scanning

As folks continue to comb through the recently released iOS 8 beta, a new feature has been discovered in mobile Safari. When the updated browser detects a credit card field within a webpage, it offers to let the user scan their card with their device’s camera.

Scanning your credit card automatically enters its information in the appropriate text fields, saving you from having to enter it manually. It takes just a moment, and it doesn’t appear that websites will have to do anything special to enable the new feature…

As you can see, the process works a lot like Apple’s iTunes gift card scanning: you just have to position your card within the frame, and let the software do its thing. In my tests, Safari auto-filled the number in for me, but it didn’t do my name or expiration date.

With a little tuning, this could help you save considerable time as you make online purchases—something Apple users seem to be doing a lot of. Of course, you can still have Safari save and auto-fill in your details for you, but not everyone likes storing that info.

iOS 8 offers up a number of new features, which you can read about here, and is expected to be released to the public sometime this fall.