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If you’re a fan of weather apps, you’re going to love the minor but welcomed changes Apple has made to its stock Weather software in iOS 8. In addition to replacing Yahoo with Weather Channel for weather data, the stock iOS 8 Weather app now finally gives you a 10-day forecast as opposed to the current five-day forecast in iOS 7.

Moreover, it’s now easier to get an at-a-glance overview of daily weather conditions right inside the Weather app…

The image below sent in by iDownloadBlog reader Ian Spryn gives you a sense of the aforementioned changes. Notice a 10-day forecast and the new Today view at the bottom giving you an overview of today’s humidity, temperature highs and lows and so forth.

iOS 8 (Weather, 10-day forecast)

For reference, the screenshot below shows Weather in iOS 7 with 5-day forecast.

iOS 7 (Weather, 5-day forecast, iPhone screenshot 001)

It should be noted that the information iOS 8 Weather provides in the new Today section is also available in its iOS 7 counterpart, by tapping on the current temperature.

Yahoo’s excellent Weather app, a free download for the iPhone and iPad, offers the choice between a 5 or 10-day forecast by tapping on the ‘5d/10d’ button in the lower half of the screen.

Yahoo Weather (10-day forecast, iPhone screenshot 001)

Its interesting that Apple decided to switch from Yahoo Weather to The Weather Channel even though the former is using the data provide by the latter. As my colleague Cody noted, Apple is really just “cutting out the middle man here.”

Speaking of The Weather Channel, it’s recently updated its iPhone and iPad app with all new iOS 7 styling so make sure to give it a whirl, it’s free in the App Store.

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  • Martin

    Looks even more beautiful!

  • nazcorp

    @dujkan:disqus I really appreciate your articles here lately. I was not trying to come across as an arse or anything when talking about your articles and spelling – I have recently changed my profile name so you’ll need to see my profile to recall the other comments probably) but I was simply trying to better you and encourage you to take more pride in your work. This past week, with all of the craziness of WWDC – your articles have been flawless and extremely enlightening and enjoyable. Thank you. Btw, some interesting article suggestions for you are: 1. Will the Jailbreak Devs join the App Store now that they can integrate into the lock screen and notification centers and notification banners? What really left is there for Cydia, since mostly the only other things that you can’t do yet with iOS 8 is theming. Is there really that much room still for Cydia as it stands now? 2. And also, I am interested in knowing if you could do a compare/contrast on the WWDC of iOS 7 – the features that were revealed there and what actually made it to release (i.e. did they add more features) compared to what we think iOS 8 might have. I think both would be an awesome discussion.

    • nazcorp


    • sriram varadarajulu

      one of your questions that caught me is the one where you asked what is left for cydia.. well cydia is like a appstore for downloading jailbreak apps and extensions.. although iOS 8 has given us and the devs a lot it may have not given some certain requirements some people like me want. In my case i like to import songs using bridge and set ringtones using UnlimTones. I also like to use Ringdom to randomly set my ringtones. So there are some specific needs and some extensions that others may desire on iOS that apple currently does not let us have and that is where jailbreak and cydia comes into the picture.

    • Damian

      Cydia will always have unlimited resource of tweaks on no matter what ios we use.

      If Apple makes a beautiful keyboard, Cydia devs will make it even better.
      Same goes for other improvements.

  • jack

    Can anyone condensate all new iOS8 features in the Wikipedia article please?

    • 空白


      • BoardDWorld

        It was probably an iOS auto-correction.

      • 空白

        I was just messing with him.

  • Dontwannaknow

    It wont be accurate anyway. Weather forecast keeps updating everyday. Planning ahead based on weather app wont help or even worse ruins the whole plan.

  • Jim Mahoney

    I have the ios8 beta and for some reason weather is NOT showing up in the “today” screen. I do get stock quotes and calendar. I can’t find the setting in ios8 beta to turn on the weather so that it displays in the “today” section. Help!

  • Jim Mahoney

    I have the ios8 beta, but weather is NOT showing up on the “today” pull down, just stocks and calendar. I can’t find where in settings to add this. Can anyone help please!

    • Jonathan

      Open Notification Center
      Scroll down
      Tap edit
      In the “Do Not Include”, is “Today Summary” there? Tap the plus sign if so.
      If it’s not in there, and instead at the top, tap the minus button, and remove it, then add it again.

      • Jim Mahoney

        Thanks Jonathan that worked!

      • Jonathan

        Great. =)

  • test_11

    Quick question? Does it needs be weather app support for iPad?? :/

  • Donovan

    Lovely how they tweak the weather app, and throw Yahoo out. But the weather is and will still be inaccurate AF,

    Example; this weeks weather forcast for sunday changed from a sunny 30c (86f) to a rainy 24c (75f), in two days

  • blastingbigairs

    The one thing I miss about HTC Sense on my old Evo is the beautiful fully animated weather widgets, and how it would rain on my screen. I wonder if IOS will ever have that coolness factor???

  • Gary32283

    Give it radar and I’ll use it as my default app.

  • SEC89