New in iOS 8 Weather: 10-day forecast, Today summary

iOS 7 weather app icon

If you’re a fan of weather apps, you’re going to love the minor but welcomed changes Apple has made to its stock Weather software in iOS 8. In addition to replacing Yahoo with Weather Channel for weather data, the stock iOS 8 Weather app now finally gives you a 10-day forecast as opposed to the current five-day forecast in iOS 7.

Moreover, it’s now easier to get an at-a-glance overview of daily weather conditions right inside the Weather app…

The image below sent in by iDownloadBlog reader Ian Spryn gives you a sense of the aforementioned changes. Notice a 10-day forecast and the new Today view at the bottom giving you an overview of today’s humidity, temperature highs and lows and so forth.

iOS 8 (Weather, 10-day forecast)

For reference, the screenshot below shows Weather in iOS 7 with 5-day forecast.

iOS 7 (Weather, 5-day forecast, iPhone screenshot 001)

It should be noted that the information iOS 8 Weather provides in the new Today section is also available in its iOS 7 counterpart, by tapping on the current temperature.

Yahoo’s excellent Weather app, a free download for the iPhone and iPad, offers the choice between a 5 or 10-day forecast by tapping on the ‘5d/10d’ button in the lower half of the screen.

Yahoo Weather (10-day forecast, iPhone screenshot 001)

Its interesting that Apple decided to switch from Yahoo Weather to The Weather Channel even though the former is using the data provide by the latter. As my colleague Cody noted, Apple is really just “cutting out the middle man here.”

Speaking of The Weather Channel, it’s recently updated its iPhone and iPad app with all new iOS 7 styling so make sure to give it a whirl, it’s free in the App Store.

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