Hello iOS 8

I’m in a hotel room Kyoto, Japan right now and it’s 5 am in the morning, but I wouldn’t miss this for anything. Like you, I just got finished watching the WWDC keynote, and I was blown away by what Apple unveiled.

Of course, there was no new hardware revealed at WWDC, but that was pretty much expected. What we didn’t expect, was to have our socks knocked off by iOS 8, as it seemed that this year was the year of OS X Yosemite.

It was, indeed, a big year for Yosemite, but I believe iOS 8 stole the show. Thinks like third-party keyboard support, the Health app, quick reply, and Inter-app communication stole the show.

With all of that said, I wanted to bring you a first video showcasing the install process for iOS 8. If you’ve ever installed iOS 7, then you pretty much know what to expect here, as its very similar. Check out our install video, and check back for more breakdowns of the new features offered in iOS 8.

As stated, the installation is very familiar, and doesn’t bring many new changes to the fold. iOS 8, on the other hand, is a huge update, and we’ll have more on its features all day today.

What do you think?

  • rosssimpson

    Got it on my 5 already :)!

    • Dare

      Did you have to use an iTunes 12? I saw that somewhere

      • Jonathan

        Let me know too please.

      • Siddharth Desai

        Nope. Works with the current public version of iTunes.

    • Stayo

      is it fast or really lags and dose anything crash?? Got to know before i update??

      • rosssimpson

        ive had only 1-2 crashes, but its fast and not buggy hardly

  • Andrew Roth

    Still waiting for stupid ATFDL to fix their links. My UDID is registered I just have no way to get the files. ๐Ÿ™

    • Ron Tal

      Use iMZDL/ ;D

  • Andrew Roth

    Could you please do an article with a list of everything that’s new? It makes my YouTube life a gazillion times easier.

  • Indian Food

    Well, Tweetbot works. I’m happy.

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Just waiting for links to all the ipsw’s so I can update my iPad air and then eventually my iPhone 5

  • jalexcarter

    Can you post ipsw’s??? Got my udid registered just need the download link

  • Chris Anson

    Running here, pretty buggy.. as to be expected.

    • Chris Tangler

      can you downgrade from ios8 to any version of ios 7?

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        no when you downgrade you just restore in iTunes and it will get to the most up to date version

      • Chris Tangler

        well i just read what i typed and i meant downgrade to ios 7…i know you wouldnt be able to downgrade to “any” version ios 7

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        then, yes, you can.

  • nsfw

    vs Knocked it out of the park with a foul ball?

  • Umut Bilgiรง

    Wallpaper anyone? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • jolehp

      Waithing to ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Mario

      here you go

      • Umut Bilgiรง

        You are da man

    • Mario


  • Kyle

    I have a question to the Developer community: When I sign up as a Mac Developer, am I also eligible to download iOS betas or do I have to pay another $99/year?

    Btw: Now that you lost your jailbreak, do we get any new tweak reviews?

    • Matheus Lisboa

      They have more then one device

    • Nathan Kalish

      Well, I par $99 per year for the iOS betas, and on the iOS download page it gave me a link to download 10.10.

  • Eikast

    I wanted to give it a try since I still have my iPhone 5s and now it looks like apple is holding my Sms messages hostage again ๐Ÿ™ I thought they mentioned fixing it oh well.

    • CS

      that’s why you don’t put a beta on a daily use phone ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Eikast

        Apple holding onto sms is on iOS 7… Apple said that they would be releasing a software update to fix it for iOS 7. I know that it’s a beta, the iPhone isn’t my daily driver. Stop trolling

      • Ninja Banana

        That wasn’t a troll at all…

  • CS

    Beta expires Wed, July 16th @ 12AM… can’t wait for the lulz on that day. everyone thas not a developer will be wondering why their locked out

    • Jad Boukai

      Those people will probably get IPSW’s for the later versions before then though.

      • CS

        You would think… but most people don’t realize for some reason

    • Anthony

      Last year it was an over the air update. I’d assume this year it will be the same.

  • solidsephiroth

    Hey Jeff, can you find out if there is a Quick Compose option on the lockscreen? Also, can you show us how Quick Compose works from the homescreen? Thanks in advance.

    • rosssimpson

      There is quick reply on both lockscreen, notification center and homescreen ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ninja Banana

        Quick compose. He wasn’t asking for a quick reply. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • rosssimpson

        Dayum, my bad!!

    • Siddharth Desai

      No quick compose.

  • iPodDroid

    Still keeping my jailbreak…..

    • Gucciipad

      Me 2

    • Anthony

      Other than themes I’m finding it hard to think of a reason to jailbreak now. I’m sure there still will be advantages but I can’t think of any.

      • Brian May

        Root access to any device is good enough for me. I’m sure the devs will work their magic as always. iFile is reason enough to jailbreak

      • Vince Reedy


      • Josh

        mine is biteSMS, Pandora hack (itunes radio hack also), MyWi

      • Oscar Mendieta


  • Merman123

    I’m curious to see what happens when you change message notifications from banners to alerts. Does the popup include a quick reply option?

  • s0me

    When is the IOS 8 jailbreak coming out? Joking LOL

  • QP

    Could u post the wallpaper? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maximโˆ‘

    I installed it on my iPad Air, lots of things missing on iPad that are on iPhone. I wouldn’t really bother installing it on iPad until beta 2 or 3

    • Al

      Can you be more specific as to what is missing from the iPad?

      I plan on getting the beta for my iPad.

      • Maximโˆ‘

        The health app is missing, new keyboards and some of the messaging/camera features. I also noticed control center seemed a bit incomplete.

        Im sure they will add the rest in beta 2 like last year, in terms of stability it does respring occasionally but nowhere near as much as iOS 7b1.

        “Hey Siri” is also working with the screen off ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Al

        Thanks! I might end up holding off.

      • Richard Xing

        Also, spotlight seems to have an orientation bug.

  • Do we have a feature-per-device compatibility list yet?

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Any problems to install it without an UDID registred?

    • Dr Zeeshan

      how to install without UDID?

      Plz add me


      • Preet Patel

        You shouldn’t show your udid publicly my friend! It is a secret code and you should keep it a secret. Please remove it

  • Fevostone

    Ive got it on my iPhone 5 it’s really buggy I wouldn’t waist ur time going back to ios 7 people crashes all the time

  • Antonakis Kipouros Nikopolidis

    Jeff can you check/test something for me…… i have a contact in my phone app with many, many numbers added and a custom ringtone. Each time i add a new number the ringtone returns to the original and i have to choose the custom one

    all over again.

    (The contact is labeled Do not answer, silent ringtone, no vibration and every telemarketer,bank,promo,research number has ever called me goes there)

  • Umar

    Downloading ios8 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nick Dee

    Still need jailbreak, have need to record phone calls with Audio Recorder plus a few great tweaks.

  • Y2J

    Can someone give me some advice? I have an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5s. Both are jailbroken on iOS 7. I use the 5s as my daily phone and I’m trying to sell the 5. I really want to install iOS 8 on the 5 to test it out, but my question is does having it jailbroken increase the value at all? Also, how much do you think I could get for it? 32GB, GSM, factory unlocked.


    • MrJohnBlaze

      it being jailbroken wont increase value even to nerds like us i sold my 5 in fall 32gb factory unlocked for 400 on ebay which paid for my 5s id imagine the value is the same or less right now depending on condition my was like new

      • Y2J

        Alright, thanks buddy.

  • Kilroy672

    Would love to try this out, but I’m to afraid to loose my jailbreak on my 5S. Is this worth losing a jailbreak over and then just wait until a jailbreak is available for IOS8? Or just keep IOS 7?

    • Vince Reedy

      Depends on the reason you have jailbreak.

      • Kilroy672

        Because I like to try out different things such a themes. And be able to make my own ringtones or get them through Cydia. Plus I find my self as a early adaptor,

      • Arjan Vlek

        You can make ringtones using iTunes…

  • Amr

    anyone found a link to iPhone 5 a1428? i can find every other idevice ipsw but not this one

  • A’s Network

    Looks like after Forstall got kicked out, iOS had changed a lot for the better, except for the colorful design which isn’t that bad. Looks like Apple will have a great year after all.

  • A’s Network

    We missed your hands Jeff!

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      i was going to say the same thing

  • Drake

    Do I just want to go to an old backup to downgrade?

  • TheShade247

    Nothing to exciting on 4S

  • Khalil Essayli

    I can register UDIDs!! message me at kessayli94@hotmail.com

    • Johnny

      I sent you an email! Thanks.

  • Tyty Chheang

    when my iphone lock icloude can i restore to ios 8 without apple id..?

  • Retero

    On my iPhone 5s AT&T 64 GB, the iOS 8 beta has a serious bug. Whenever I open an app every touch on the screen is moved half a screen to the right. The only solution I have found is to do a reboot but then I can’t use any apps because it will break again.

  • deepdvd

    What a waste of a perfectly jailbreakable iOS version. (7.0.6). Is this your primary device, Jeff?

  • ohdowload

    anyone need help regarding activating UDID to installing iOS 8? if you want to activate your udid and install iOS 8 you can shoot me at my email seppiak@yahoo.com

  • MK

    Anyone been able to take calls on Yosemite yet? I can’t seem to get it working.

  • MK

    My three screen setup has broken. Anyone else have this problem too? Managed to fix it?

  • MK

    WhatsApp isn’t working on iOS 8 for me. Anyone else with the same issues?

  • jalexcarter

    ugh i fuckin new i should’ve waited for at least beta 2 before i installed iOS 8 on my 5. soooo buggy, which i figured, but the worst part is i can’t restore back to 7.1.1 because i can’t turn of find my iPhone because wherever i tap on my screen it thinks I’m tapping like a quarter inch to the right! So i can’t use the caps keys or even tap half the letters in my password.

    aaaaand i tried connecting a bluetooth keyboard to my iPhone which worked and it types just fine in messages and notes and everywhere except the turn off find my iPhone field so I’m fuckin stuck like this until the next beta drops in I don’t know 2 or 3 weeks.

    gonna have to use my dads old 4S in the meantime cuz this beta is literally just unusable, smh.

    • jalexcarter

      ahhhh i fixed it! put my device in DFU mode and restored using 7.1.1 ipsw, thank fuckin god that worked!

      on a side note i feel like this is a easy way to restore stolen iPhones without needing passcodes or apple id password?

      problem, or a blessing?

      • Ninja Banana

        You can fix this by plugging your iPhone into iTunes and going to configure accessibility… And select neither for the zoom function. Or just turn zoom off ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rfghf

    Ios suckz viva android !

  • Ninja Banana

    Yes. Just be aware of the Activation Error, which occurs randomly and makes you restore your device.

  • Mathias Lurtz

    i have it too since yesterday night on my 5s its okay

  • Maaz Hurzuk

    Does whatsapp work fine ??? I read somewhere that whatsapp wont work on ios8. Can you confirm

  • Just installed and the entire left half of the screen is unusable :/

  • DanielRojass

    Phone died and got locked out!, and the back up I had got upgrade to iOS 8 so no back up for 7.1.1, anyone know of anyway to fix?