Earlier this month, a report surfaced that Apple was working on a new feature in iOS 8 involving split-screen multitasking. Designed specifically for the larger iPad, the addition reportedly allows two apps to run side-by-side while in landscape mode.

Word of the feature spread quickly through the tech world, and many were hoping that Apple would demo it during its WWDC keynote next week. But don’t get your hopes up, a new report says that it won’t be ready for preview in time for the conference…

Here’s the mini scoop by Brian Chen of the New York Times :

Mark Gurman, who was the first to report on split-screen multitasking, said a few weeks ago that Apple had already begun work on iOS 8.1. And some of the notable stuff in the works for the first release of iOS 8 could potentially shift back to 8.1.

The feature could be akin to the popular jailbreak tweak OS Experience

The sooner the better. The iPad’s inability to properly multitask or display two apps at once has been heavily advertised by competitors—especially Microsoft. The Redmond company likes to tout that its Surface tablet is better for productivity than the iPad.

Even if we don’t see the split-screen multitasking feature next week, Apple is still expected to talk about a wide range of new products including iOS 8, OS X 10.10, and a new connected home platform. The keynote begins at 10:00am PST Monday, June 2nd.

  • Framboogle

    This is expected considering they are probably hard at work overhauling OS X. Also, iOS 7 wasn’t even ready for iPad last year, so it’s no surprise they haven’t focused much on it this year as well.

  • Foellarbear

    The first thing I’d like to see is an OS X UI overhaul. It’s much needed.

  • Guest

    I knew Samsung and their split screen multitasking wouldn’t be mentioned. Apple *trying* to follow and failing

    • jzack

      i dont think apple will make it split screen. it will come bigger than just a split screen. i expect will be just like os x.
      they never mention samsung because it has nothing to do with split screen.. why split screen when you can do it like a os x? lol