One of my favorite things about Android is the “OK Google” command that allows you to perform quick voice searches on a whim. Now iPhone users can (sort of) join in on the fun.

OkSiri is a brand new jailbreak tweak that brings always-on voice recognition to iOS 7 devices. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside for a demonstration of how it works.

After installing OkSiri, you’ll need to venture into the Settings app to configure it. The first thing you’ll need to do is setup Activator and setup a keyword.

OkSiri Settings

OkSiri uses Activator to enable listening and for executing a specific actions once the keyword is detected. The keyword defaults to “Ok Siri” but it can be changed via the tweak’s preferences.

OkSiri Activator 3

I setup listening to start after a double-tap of the status bar, and I setup Siri to launch once the keyword was detected. Now, whenever I say “Ok Siri,” Siri should launch and be ready to take my command.

OkSiri Activator 2

In theory, it’s possible to setup OkSiri to launch any Activator action once it hears the keyword, it’s not just limited to Siri. You could make iOS launch the compose new tweet pop-up whenever you say “new tweet” or you can combine some other keyword/action combination; the choice is up to you.

OkSiri Activator

With all of that being said, I found that OkSiri didn’t work as reliably as I expected. It failed to respond to my voice commands many times with the tweak active and listening, and even when it did, I found it to be buggy and unstable at times.

Once the tweak is working reliably, OkSiri will be a fairly powerful way to execute actions at any time via voice commands. Even with the irregular responses, I recommend giving it a try, because it’s free on the BigBoss repo.

What has your experience been like with OkSiri? Is it working fine for you? Sound off down below in the comments.

  • a2k

    Wonder how big of a hit will the battery take on this?

    • That’s why they have the Activator gesture there so you can disable it when you don’t want to use it. But yeah, I see what you’re saying.

      • So… Activator gesture to activate OkSiri -> “OK Siri” -> activate Siri. Why not just Activator gesture -> activate Siri then? Am I missing something?

      • Damian

        You are not missing anything. This tweak is pretty weird. However the activator gesture probably sts a specific amount of time for the listening period.

      • Nico Jan

        Actually, as a frequent bike rider, I’d use this feature while I’m riding. I’d just quickly turn it on before I start.

    • Le Trong Sam

      Me too!
      I am worry that the battery can not stand it and quickly ran out.

    • rockdude094

      Im not sure about this, but the m7 processor should also be assigned to speech recognition on the iPhone 5s. Not sure if its customizable though.

    • Your Mother

      probably none at all, it doesn’t effect my HP Envy or my S5 at all.

  • CAS

    This is not a feature that I need in my iPhone/Android phone.

  • Shawn

    This is such a wonderful feature on my Moto X test phone. I wish every phone had this feature.

  • Lucas Caputi

    Sounds like a good tweak besides the bugs, but I don’t think it would be that useful for people like me that don’t use siri often… Plus it would probably drain battery… It comes down to if you really will use this tweak often or not.

  • ✯Mike✯

    I would bet a good sum of money this would not be a consistently useful tweak. I love the idea but I don’t think the processor could continue such a power-hogging task in the background without putting extreme stress on the battery

  • patmack

    I used Hands free control with IOS 6, I wish this were updated for IOS 7.

    • Damian

      It was amazing tweak

    • Miguel

      Ive tried to talk to the developers without luck..

  • GaugePrower

    Well when you look at the big picture here its completely useless, considering you need to perform an action first in order for it to listen… Why not just hold your home button then? Lol ill admit though its a fun novelty to show off to your Android buddies for a good laugh. Say ok glass to siri and she makes a smartass remark thats funny too. 😛

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Well technically you could use the ‘Unlock’ action to enable it and the ‘Lock’ action to disable it…

      • GaugePrower

        Oooh I like that one i didnt think of that. I guess that would make it a little more intuitive. Even though you can invoke Siri by a home button hold even when asleep, but i still by habit wake the screen with the sleep button anyway. Ill give this a test run afterall

  • M_thoroughbred

    You could always enable raise to speak in the settings pane under Siri.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      In my experience this is buggy. Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t…

  • Once this is working better; we can add the command ‘Turn on the lights” and it would in theory activate the Hue on/off controller

    • Ali G

      Same it crashes my ipad.

  • Guest

    If you are worried about battery. Go buy a batterypack or check your tweaklist and remove useless tweaks cause i feel like this is the one more useful tweak when it comes to having your phone used handsfree

  • John

    It won’t let me download this or a lot of other tweaks that I paid for already. Can somebody tell me how to fix this?!?


      Remove bigboss source and readd it again from the “list of cydia sources -from cydia app home page”

      This will solve your cydia cache problem that you are having now, some may suggest icleaner but this is easy and better

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • John

        Thank you. It worked


        Glad it worked 🙂

    • Ali G

      All you have to do is install activator from the BigBoss repo (in this situation)

  • Jerwyn Feria

    TBH I would fork over a lot of tweaks if I must to keep my phone battery functioning and have this tweak. Best handsfree tweak since HandsFree Controls

  • Ex mea sententia

    Too bad Hands-Free Control doesn’t work on iOS7. Now that was great. There used to be so many neat tweaks for Siri and now there doesn’t seem to be much.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      TOTALLY agree! And I paid for Hands Free Control. Little upset it’s not updated, but oh well

      • Coop1701

        I agree.., I was looking forward to getting the Hands-Free tweak back. The OK Siri thing works ok. I have tried it. Battery drain is not noticeable. But I do not like when it plugs in, that is shuts the service down. and as they described in the review. It doesn’t pick up the keyword that easily.

  • Colin Steiger

    Love the idea, and it’s a good start, totally. However it is by a long shot no where near as fantastic as the senior jailbreak tweak Hands-Free-Control for iOS 5 and 6. Similar to the way that OS Experience isn’t nearly as good as Quasar for iOS 5 on the iPads. Glad to see some of my favorite tweaks coming back at all though. Hands-Free-Control was hands down my favorite package in Cydia history so it’s nice to get (even if just a little) some of that functionality back.

  • Dan

    I’ll keep using the home button. With Auxxo I barely use it anymore 🙂
    This tweak makes invoking Siri longer than stock.

  • Alex

    This is stupid. Bring back Hands-Free Control.

  • Jonathan

    Nice, very nice. Just one problem, I invoke Siri with “Ok Siri.” and speak my command. Then I say “Ok Siri” again, and she doesn’t respond. So apparently I have to close Siri first then say the phrase. Weird.

    • Chris

      yah thats the problem for me hopefully it will get fixed

      • Jonathan

        Hopefully. I’d love the feature for say I’m grabbing a shower (awkward) and I want to play a different song.

    • works better with one word command. Make sure you activate/deactivate by making the mike icon appear and disappear with whatever activator action you use

  • There is some issue with activator that is causing repeated crashes. Please fix this; as this app has potential.

  • Got it working; and switched my command to “Toggle the Lights” then it invokes the activator action for Hue toggle the lights and I’ve now got voice controlled lights.

    • טỉחỉ

      How do you get the hue toggle?

      • I think it was called huehuehue

      • טỉחỉ

        I got it! Tks!

  • I once forgot to turn off the activator gesture; and it drained the battery fast

  • Mark


  • Anthony Talbert

    Just jailbroke my iPhone 4S. The Activator tweak says iOS 7.1 not supported yet.

  • Salvatore

    oksiri crash = ios 7.1.2 iphone5S

  • Zain

    The tweak works really well for me, except for one thing. Siri doesn’t stop listening after given a command. I have to actually touch the screen, which totally defeats the purpose especially in an emergency situation. I hope the developer continues to work on this app and fixes the bugs…

    • HiGhGuY

      Same problem for me. The whole reason I got this tweak was for hands free use In my car. But because of this problem, I still have to use my hands.

      • HiGhGuY

        I just discovered that this seems to be an incompatibility with activator itself, not “oksiri”. I set up an activator action to open siri (not using “oksiri” at all), and the same thing occurred. It would not stop listening after giving a command.

  • Stephen O’Neill

    as of October 20th iPhone 5s iOS 7.1.2 OK Siri version 1.0-1 it crashes all the time i haven’t had it work once quite sad i really had looked forward to use it as a “Hey Siri” substitute