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Episode 30: With WWDC 2014 less than a week away, Cody and Sebastien break down the latest Apple rumblings, discuss their most anticipated products, and drop knowledge on everything from Bitcoin to knock-knock jokes.

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  • iTumbledSea

    where’s the “lets talk jailbreak”?

  • Aleksander Azizi

    Could you do a live podcast + video when WWDC goes live?

  • Eric Miller

    Any chance Cody would do a full write up on cryptocurrency? How to get started, the apps, etc?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Apps – there aren’t any since Apple hates cryptocurrency in all forms. The closest you’ll get is a HTML5 web app.

      How to get started? Just buy some of the currency from an exchange either locally or online and then spend it!

  • Jon20

    Is it me, or did IDB skip a week of their 2 podcasts last week?

    • Melvco

      No we posted an episode of Let’s Talk iOS last week. We recorded Let’s Talk Jailbreak as well but a technical issue popped up in editing that kept us from releasing it.

      • Jon20

        I’m sorry. Your right. It was the “Jailbreak” one that was missing. So are you guys releasing a double podcast this week to be back on track?

  • dandy1117

    All this talk about how Dr. Dre would be a questionable figure as an Apple exec… Seriously, that would be like placing the fortunes of the company in the hands of a former deadbeat dad, drug-using, counterculture hippie! Seriously, Apple! Seriously #sarcasm

  • Judge

    I just got done listening to the latest Let’s talk IOS podcast and I loved the home automation talk. I have an IPhone and a Nexus 7 tablet and most of the things on your wish list can already be done with an app for android called Tasker. I use my pebble watch to open my garage door and to turn on my lights and even watch TV and movies. I can do it with my voice or thru an app my choice. Look on YouTube and see all thee wonderful projects that have been done. I even have my chromecast in the mix. The possibilities are truly endless. Love the podcast

  • Luis Martinez

    Yeah, so waaaaaaaayyyy to much time was wasted on Red Coin, Dog Coin, Bit Coin, etc.