Tap to Unlock

I’m not sure what’s all the rage about tap-to-unlock tweaks these days, but there must be something in the air. After the recent release of TapToUnlock7 and SmartTap, a new tweak called TouchPass promises to let you unlock your iOS device with just one tap. Well, to be fair here, you’ll still have to wake the device in order to tap to unlock so it’s not just a one-tap unlock solution, but close enough…

TouchPass is extremely similar to TapToUnlock7.  The only thing to set it apart is the design of the “Tap to Unlock” text on the Lock screen, which I must admit looks definitely better than what you’ll get with TapToUnlock7. As always though, your personal preference might be different from mine.

It’s worth noting that you will only be able to unlock your device with a tap, as the slide gesture will be disabled altogether.

Developed by Phillip Tennen, TouchPass is a free download in the BigBoss repo.

Do you use any of the tweaks mentioned above? If so, which one is your favorite and why?

  • CS

    Cool tweak for what it does I guess. I just think Sliding to unlock is apple’s signature. You can’t remove that from iOS…it’s just wrong

    • David Gitman

      I miss the old iOS 6 slider 🙁

      • Ipodpro

        You can get it back with “ClassicLockscreen”, it makes your whole lockscreen just like it was iin ios 6!

      • rockdude094

        Does it work with the 5s?

      • Ipodpro

        I’m pretty sure it does, just try it

  • im2slick4u

    I use smart tap daily

    • George Peter

      Actually I like the idea of SmartTap and I used it for a couple of days, but I couldn’t stand the issue of battery drain. I will wait for an update I guess.

  • Iliyan

    I simply double click my home button, which wakes the device and unlocks it (Activator FTW!). Don’t think you can get any faster than this. Another reason to love having a big, easily accessible hardware button in front.

  • David Peredo

    i have smarttap and its awesome but i disabled it because of battery loss and i only re enable to show off to my friends with non jailbroken iphones

  • RBM

    HELP. This tweak does not work on my iPad Air and I cannot unlock my iPad now.

    • blastingbigairs

      Same thing on my iPad 3. I finally got it to unlock by just touching the screen everywhere quickly and it unlocked. That was a little scary!!

      • Lucas Chan

        use siri to unlock ur ipad

      • Lucas Chan

        say open settings or something