Logitech PowerShell on Amazon (listing 001)

Logitech’s PowerShell iOS 7 controller has been heavily criticized for its high launch price ($99) and there have been some complaints about build quality and features. But if you’re serious about iOS gaming, you should consider this accessory as a worthy first entrant into the iOS 7 controller market.

Gamers who have been on the lookout for a nice deal on the PowerShell are in for a treat as Amazon is currently offering the accessory for just $49.99, with free shipping included. That’s a nice 29 percent discount over the online retailer’s normal asking price of $69.99 and a cool $50 savings from its suggested (and rather insane) retail price of ninety-nine bucks…

You can find the Amazon listing for the PowerShell here.

The accessory has a built-in 1500 mAh battery that charges your iOS device when docked and includes your regular action buttons, in addition to shoulder bumpers and a directional pad. An adapter allowing you to connect headphones to the accessory ships included.

If you’d rather buy some other controller, consider Razer’s upcoming Kazuyo MFi controller, SteelSeries by Stratus or Moga’s accessory.

If you have tried one of  the available iOS 7 controllers, I’d appreciate if you could kindly share your impressions with fellow readers down in the comment section.

  • Bob

    3 and a half stars = dog feces

    • Al

      You already tried it?

  • Sachin

    If only if was available at that price in my country. Here it cost $110. Bloody tax duties.

  • EpicPal

    Tryed it a couple months ago and buttons were not very responsive. I wish it was better because is a damn good looking controller and perfect for GBA4iOS, but as said buttons were a bit hard to use.

  • Dan

    almost tempted at this price, can always return for a refund it within a month if I don’t like it

    edit: not offered in Canada, FU logitech

    • Sachin

      Not offered in any of the world except US. Bloody racist. 😛

  • Ethan Humphrey

    You wrote “SteelSeries by Stratus” but it should say “Stratus by SteelSeries” or “SteelSeries Stratus”. Just a heads up.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    $50 in the US and only a measly £129 in the UK. Seems fair…


  • BipolarByDesign

    I love my Moga Power Ace controller. Then again, I got it for $30 on eBay

    Not digging the lack of analogs on this Logitech though