Knock Cydia

The LG-inspired KnockOn feature seems to be a big hit amongst the jailbreak community. We’ve already seen Elias Limneos’ KnockOn inspired tweak called SmartTap, and now we have Knock.

Knock is an Activator add-on that adds two new gestures to the mix: the ability to knock on (hard tap) the sides of the iPhone or the front and back of the iPhone. Knock uses the device’s accelerometer to detect knocks, and a lot of work has been put into its development to prevent false positives. Have a look at our video demonstration for more details.

After installing Knock, go to the Activator settings panel and you’ll see two the new gestures to assign actions to.


I found that, while a lot of diligence was placed into eliminating false positives, the gestures still suffer from a lot of them. For example, when sitting my phone down on the soft bed, it caused the front/back gesture to be invoked and launch the Camera shutter, which is the action that I have assigned.

With that said, I’m still impressed that the developer was able to isolate the side events from the front/back events. I’m sure that creating this add-on took a lot of work and testing to get it to the point where it is. Perhaps some sensitivity settings can be added to a future Knock update to help fine tune its response to device movement.

As it stands, it’ll probably be hard to use this on a daily driver without being interrupted by a lot of unintentional actions. If you’d like to try out Knock for yourself, then go to the BigBoss repo on Cydia and download it today for $0.99. Once you do, please share some of the use scenarios employed, and share your overall experience with the release in the comments.

  • Slim Shady

    Help, Today I jailbreaked iPhone 5S… and after that i noticed that the animation of opening and closing apps changed to a slower one !!! i don’t know why !. I only installed two tweaks “Simplock” and “tabless” … please , how can i fix this ?

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Search for the tweak in Cydia called noslowanimations. I have discovered that a setting of 25 is nice for me, however you may prefer something else.

      • Slim Shady

        I tried that … but that’s not what i need ! what i need is, the old animation back

      • Leviscus Tempris

        Is your only problem the speed of the animation? If it is slower than usual then the tweak that I have suggested should work just fine for you, all you have to do is play around with the speed of the animation. For something else I would Google search for alternatives to the tweak because I know for fact that there’s at least one or two more that do similar things

      • Slim Shady

        that tweak works fine ! I just want to know what caused that problem !? Is it the jailbreak ?
        and does noslowanimation use much battery ?

      • mynamesuxlol

        Use hiddensettings7
        Go to animations overrides
        And turn on slow animations
        Change the factor to a number lower than 1
        .78 for example
        And hit done in the upper right
        Animations should be faster for opening closing apps
        In the preference panel for it there’s a ‘no reset slow animation factor’ toggle which prevents this setting from reverting

      • Brittany Lawrence


        ☢☢☢ ☢�☢☢ ☢☢☢ ☢�☢☢ ☢☢☢

      • Tom

        Remove mobile substrate then check the animations.

      • Leviscus Tempris

        The amount of battery consumption with Cydia tweaks is dependent on how active the tweak runs in the background. The more CPU cycles it takes up the more calculations it needs and the last battery you’re going to have overtime. With that said there will be many more tweaks that you will encounter that do a hell of a lot more than this one does. In my experience setting your animations to be pastor is not going to consume more battery, however it is more likely to reduce how much battery is consumed over time. The faster your animations are the last time it takes to calculate each frame of the animation, hence lower calculations means more battery lifetime. I had my animations speed set to zero time and noticed that my battery lasted easily an hour longer than normal. That means a lot to me since my battery is only 60% efficient right now.

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      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Jailbreaking as in breaking out of jail or jailbreaking as in modifying an iPhone? 😉

      • Slim Shady

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      • Jonathan


      • Slim Shady

        that was ARABIC written with ENGLISH letters 😀

      • Jonathan

        “I am in the death of Eminem”?

      • Slim Shady

        i don’t know how you translated it , because it’s a little bit right !!! but the meaning is ” I Love EMINEM To Death”

      • Slim Shady

        Well i just used Google translation and found out how you did that . lol

      • Jonathan

        I put in the text, and set it to Arabic to English. However, the arabic text was English characters. But, below it said “did you mean: *Arabic letters here*” so I assumed it meant that. =P

  • Shingo

    is this good to use knock for opening screen?

    • Sicheng Xu

      this is sort of an activator-buildin tweak so it won’t go with the screen-off condition.

  • Sicheng Xu

    I think this is a pretty cool tweak but it works not very well. As the author said in introduction, it works VERY VERY well…I think the author should add some thing like double-knock gesture or other features to prevent accidental input.

  • MDMtheKID

    Yeah , I noticed that but I thought it was normal , thank you so much . You the BEST

  • Diego Milano

    Does it work even if the device is locked and the screen is off?