iPad Pro backplate (Weibo 001)

With all the talk surrounding Apple’s next iPhone(s), the rumor mill appears to have neglected the iPad Pro meme. Last we heard about the purported device was nearly two months ago when a DigiTimes story asserted a 12.9-inch iPad would see the light of day in the second half of this year.

And then, silence. Until today, that is. A user on the Chinese microblogging service Weibo has posted a photo that appears to depict a backplate of an obscenely large form-factor iPad…

The Weibo post was first spotted by French blog NowhereElse.fr [Google translate].

The image appears genuine, judging by the Apple logo etched on the aluminum backplate. Also, the iSight camera hole seems to be just in the right place. I’m not entirely convinced, however – this part just seems ridiculously oversized to my.

This immediately comes to mind.

iPad Pro (fun pic 001)
Image via Panic co-founder Steven Frank.

For all we know, this could be one of the backplates the firm was possibly testing in the past in order to determine the best form-factor for full-size iPads. Or, it could be a part for a Chinese iPad knock off.

And even if the part is genuine, there are no guarantees that the iPad Pro will be hit the market just yet because Apple tends to test several designs before deciding on a final form factor.

On the other hand, with upcoming new iPhones thought to be moving into the phablet territory, it would make sense to add a large iPad to the stable. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already proved to the world he has no religious issues branching into multiple form factors (hint: iPad mini).

Therefore, an iPad Pro does remain a viable possibility.

Besides, Samsung has been promoting its 13-inch Galaxy Pro tablets rather successfully and they have a tablet event scheduled for June 12, just ten days after Apple’s WWDC keynote, which makes me think Apple has a few aces up its sleeve in terms of large-form factor iOS devices.

And with iOS 8 apparently set to bring a split-screen multitasking mode to iPads (landscape only), what better device to exclusively showcase this feature than an iPad Pro_

So what do you guys think?

Could this be the real part or is it just an elaborate hoax?

  • Byron C Mayes

    Eventually the iPad and MacBook Air will merge. This is foregone IMHO. ONly a matter of when.

    • Making the “refrigerator toaster” a reality in the iWorld would be AWESOME

  • Thx Christian 😉

  • Willie

    Sorry as much as I love carrying an iPad, I don’t want to look like I’m carrying a newspaper around with such a big ipad

  • jack

    Before tablets became a reality, people already dreamed of tablets (Star Trek, Star Wars, some news channels, etc). What are people dreaming about now? I’m sure it’s not big iPads nor iWatches. Maybe it’s paper-thin, paper-light, paper-flexible, semi-transparent screens like Minority Report / Oblivion

  • Ahmed Karoui

    Feels too bulky! i’ll stick with my MB Air 🙂

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I doubt there’s any truth in this. My personal opinion is that tablets need to be tablets and laptops need to be laptops. I doubt Apple is going to come out with some sort of iPad Pro anytime soon since what would be the point. If you want a tablet for games, music, movies, etc then the iPad is great but if you want to do any serious work you want to either opt for a Macbook Air or a 13″ Macbook Pro…

      • Ahmed Karoui

        Absolutely! i love using my iPad! but if they’re going to release an iPad this big then i will not be getting one! if i needed something this big i’d use my MB! 🙂

  • Daniel Beecham

    So not true

  • Mohammed


  • n0ahcruz3

    Looks magical and revolutionary!

    • Kurt

      Dont forget “Resolutionary”

  • Oh nice , but large ipad is difficult to carry

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    It’s fake

  • Looks like yet another XL dumb tablet (like the Samsung Note Pro), guaranteed to be overpriced.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I couldn’t agree more. Apple doesn’t want to make a larger screen iPad or a larger screen iPhone. However increased consumer demand could force Apple to make something they don’t want to just to stay relevant for the subset of users that want larger screen devices.

      • blastingbigairs

        So true. I’m staying away from an iPhone bigger than 4.7″, and a bigger iPad would just be silly unless it has full OSX capabilities, expandable memory, and some crazy battery life, and even then I still don’t need it.

  • Cerebral

    Damn that big a$$ iPad tho

  • Litchy

    Just thinkin’… what if the iPad Pros killer feature wouldn’t be being big and like a Laptop… what if the iPad Pro ist just as big as a normal sheet of Paper and you could finally write on it like on a real piece of paper. Switching into write mode would let you use a stylus or something and touching with your Hand wouldn’t do anything anymore. Smooth, fast, sharp writing and making notes. That would blow everyones minds

    Bill Gates once said to Jimmy Fallon that writing on tablets is the one thing he thought would be possible by now…
    I can’t be the only one who would love a digital piece of paper.

    btw. yes I have heard of Sonys ePaper thingy. Nice but not perfect

  • infiniteglider

    clearly that’s an ipod touch 6.