iTunes 11 (Albums)

Apple tonight released a minor update for its iTunes desktop client, bringing the app to version 11.2.1. The update doesn’t appear to offer up any new features, but it does seem to fix the hidden /Users folder bug.

Following yesterday’s release of OS X 10.9.3, some users complained that their /Users folder had disappeared. We passed along a simple workaround for the bug earlier today, but now an official fix is available…

itunes 11-2-1

Users can update to the latest version of iTunes by opening the app and selecting > iTunes > Check for Updates, or by launching the Mac App Store and selecting the ‘Updates’ tab. The download is a hefty 233MB.

  • Brian Voll

    233mb to fix a hidden folder?

  • sadaN

    “Called Apple about this, and was told it was intended behavior.”
    This was commented in the other article about this issue, obviously whoever said this to the commenter didn’t know what the **** he was talking about.

  • David Gitman

    only for mac?

  • heya good, for mac??

  • Noah Mospan

    Cody, assuming the picture at the top of the article is taken from your library would you consider doing a “what’s in my itunes library” story? I found some great albums in there that I had never heard before. I allready downloaded the Rebelution album and am loving it