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Apple this morning quietly updated its ultra-portable MacBook Air family around Intel’s latest Haswell chips, switching from the i5-4250U to the i5-4260U CPU on the base model. Apart from this minor change – the new chips are slightly faster and more power efficient versus the previous generation – the biggest new “feature”, however, is a change in Apple’s pricing scheme – the new Airs now start at just $899, a hundred bucks less than before.

But if the though of burning $900 on a notebook is still unsettling, Apple’s online refurbished store is now offering little-used 2012 Airs for as low as $599, or just a $100 more than the entry-level $499 iPad Air…

Available here, the refurbished mid-2012 MacBook Air models have lower specc’d hardware compared to the current-generation. You can get your refurbished model in 64/128/256GB storage varieties and in 11 and 13-inch flavors, all featuring standard features like Apple’s backlit keyboard, 4GB of RAM, 720p FaceTime camera and more.

The computers are good as new, have been factory refurbished, include standard 1-year warranty and are eligible for the extended AppleCare three-year coverage. Refurbished products are only available through Apple’s online store and can be purchased for home delivery or in-store pickup to your nearest Apple retail store.

These deals typically go away fast, especially with prices like this. At $599, this is your best chance to date to get the biggest bang for your buck.

[via DanDeSilva]

  • This is pretty big. At this price even though it’s refurbished, I know some people who wanted a $600-$700 MacBook Air and now they have one. And since it’s Apple, you can trust that they looked at these machines before they put them back up on the store.

    • Frank Lopez

      Not just because it is apple. But because it is industry standrad to do as such. Every company have to follow the the same strict guidelines for resale of refurbished products. There is a standard tat all companies must adhere to.

      You make it sound like because it is from apple that they are the only ones who can possibly give you a quality refurbished product. No, the same steps taken by apple are the same steps by acer and even mom and dad shops.

  • coLin

    :)) I just bought a MacBook Air 2012 for $800 (like new with a brand new battery) about a month ago. Should have waited… lol

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      Same, I bought this mac for $1100 in 2013 when they didn’t come out with 2012, I have 2012 *cries*

  • Guy Marretta

    It appears that these numbers are wrong, apple lists a Refurbished 11-incher for $719.00… which I can only assume is before tax

    • Tony

      Yep exactly! Wasn’t planning on getting one but when I saw 599.99 was going to. But those aren’t listed, unless they had maybe 2 of those right away this morning.

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      Sold out

  • Guess this is an indication of a Retina MacBook Air on its way to the $999 price point…