The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

As promised, the official game of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie is now available in the App Store for iOS devices.

A $4.99 universal download for the iPhone and iPad, this open-world action-adventure wall-crawler has you saving New York City from the formidable villain Electro in the midst of a massive villainous gang war.

You will love lush environments and eye-candy graphics that make the most of your device’s hardware. Fans of action games won’t be disappointed as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers plenty of combo-based fighting, web-slinging, wall-crawling and fluid aerobic combat.

Hit the jump for your launch trailer and additional tidbits…

Your character can use special Spider-Man suits, including the Symbiote Spider-Man, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Iron Spider and Superior Spider-Man.

Compared to the first game in the series, developers have addresses complaints about the control scheme. Also, both the size and detail of a free-roam Manhattan have been vastly increased.

This being the official movie tie-in, the game features an original story inspired by the film, the familiar movie villains Electro and Green Goblin and other iconic foes inspired by more than 50 years of comics.

Check out the launch trailer.

Here are a few pretty screenshots.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

Key highlights include:

  • Web-sling, wall-climb and web-shoot as the fast and quick-witted Spider-Man
  • An original story expands on the highly anticipated blockbuster film
  • Go beyond the film with new characters such as Black Cat and Screwball
  • Unlock Spider-Man suits such as Symbiote Spider-Man and Iron Spider-Man!
  • Face off against famous villains such as Venom, the Green Goblin, Electro, and Kraven the Hunter
  • High-quality voice acting and cinematic cutscenes bring the movie experience to life
  • Intense combo-focused combat! Defeat Spider-Man’s greatest enemies – from street thugs to super villains – with crazy acrobatic fighting styles
  • Swing free through the city like never before, thanks to high-quality, fluid animations
  • Take the fight to the sky with action-packed aerial combat
  • Unleash devastating combos through enhanced icon controls for an intense action experience
  • Adventure in a larger open-world Manhattan with 6 detailed districts to explore, from the bustling Times Square to picturesque Central Park
  • Console-like graphics offer a bigger, better, and more beautiful experience
  • A deeper story takes you on an exciting adventure, showcasing 6 legendary villains and an expanded set of side missions
  • Spectacular social events, including battling waves of bosses and opponents in Mysterio’s Arena

Grab The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for $4.99 in the App Store.

The 689MB download requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 7.0 or later. A constant Internet connection is required to play the game.

Like most Gameloft titles, this one comes with plenty of optional in-app purchases for spidey suits, items and new abilities that you can also earn by progressing throughout the game.

  • David Gitman

    omg i just bought it 😀 you read my mind idb

  • Angro

    where is the theme thursday topic 🙁

  • jack

    Also available for Android so I bet they capped the game’s graphics on slow 32-bits chip so no A7 super graphics

    • Rowan09

      I was playing the NDS emulator on my note 2 since it has a better screen and it lags like crazy with sound. When I play it on my 5s it’s smooth with no lag. I don’t know what’s the issue with these premium Android phones. I was hoping it worked well on the Note 2 because it has a bigger scren and the setup is better on a bigger screen.

      • XboxOne

        Galaxy Note 2 is older than the iPhone 5s.

      • Rowan09

        Same thing with an iPhone 5, it runs smooth. Even on the benchmarks the Note 3, etc does horrible when it comes to graphics tests. I don’t know if it’s just an Android issue.

      • XboxOne

        Apple optimize their processors to perform top-of-the-line above the rest.

      • Bruce

        1080p screens need a lot more horsepower to perform.

      • Rowan09

        The Note 2 is not 1080. This is no excuse especially with quad core processors, etc.

      • Bruce

        What nds emulator? Make sure your using drastic that’s the only real one all the others are terrible.

      • Rowan09

        I’m using nds4 on both OS.

      • Bruce

        Try drastic its so much more optized will run great.

      • tanjiajun34

        Omg.. Really try drastic please, you will then think that your iPhone is crap….

      • Rowan09

        Don’t wont to pay money for it so I’ll pass.

      • Bruce

        What NDS emulator? Make sure you use drastic its easily the best, no contest.

      • DeAndre Enrico

        The audio subsystem in Android does not work very well. It’s nearly impossible to properly sync audio in certain situations. That’s why there’s a lot of quality music production apps for iOS and not for Android.

      • Duc T-ra

        I think it s because iPhone 5s uses 64-bit chip. The frame rate will be double as the 32-bit devices. My iPhone 5 run at 29fps but my ipad air run at 59fps.

      • tanjiajun34

        ….. So on PC, if you install a 64 bits OS, it is going to double the frame rate?…..

        It is not about the 32 or 64 bits. It is just the fact that the Apple A7 chip has a better GPU. It is powered by a newer generation of PowerVR chip.

  • One flaw: Internet connection

  • SMFH

    WTFFF is this always online bs that devs are using. FK this crap.

    • Info

      Requirement in order to be granted NSA Partner Membership.

    • Bruce

      Lol it’s so people, like me, cant hack it.

  • Nevertrending

    Usually Gameloft does a decent thing with graphics, but somehow this one is really underwhelming.

  • Jason Baroni

    Doesn’t even feel like a Gameloft’s hero game! It is really well made, better graphics and improved gameplay. I am loving it! Worth for every cent!

  • Donny Brosco

    if its always online with no offline play and and has iap it suppose to be free to play game they are robbing people of there hard earned cash and its not write if i payed for the game it should have offline play and no iap!!!!! then they get mad when someone hacks there crapp. i really hate devs!!!! power to the hackers!!!!!!!

  • Donny Brosco

    spell checkers kiss my a$$

  • Rares

    Runs pretty bad on my r mini on 7.1. Clearly not too optimized.

  • BlackSpidey

    i feel the game is ok needs improvement like any good game now everyone is trying and praying for a miracle in a world were devs need to make money to sure so sorry everyone alas you will never see this game ever in your life time with that being said The Amazing Spiderman 1,2 are really good games in this IAP world you really dont need to pay for extra content unless you sucks iron man 3 on the other hand i wish was more movie adventure based like the spidey’s runners are boring

  • Terrance Oneal

    Anyone know how to do that super combo I get like 98 Combo and it doesn’t happen is there a certain combination?