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Auxo is dead.

Perhaps that’s what some of you thought last June, when you first saw Apple unveil iOS 7 at its 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference. You weren’t alone. Even Sentry, the tweak’s prolific designer, sat with a temporary moment of dejection as he watched Apple unveil its newest stride in mobile computing.

Less than a year later, Sentry is back, and he’s brought along QusicS, a skilled developer who’s helped him express a brand new take on a legendary tweak. Whereas the original version of Auxo gained popularity from its full app previews, Auxo 2 is much more of an evolutionary take on iOS 7’s App Switcher as a whole.

Ultimately, this has proved to be a wise decision, because Apple’s version of the App Switcher is nowhere near the limited mess that it was on firmwares below iOS 7. Auxo 2 is a serious refinement and feature-filled update, and I believe you’ll find that it significantly improves the process of switching apps.

We’ve been testing Auxo 2 since Saturday. Does it live up to the hype? Check out our full review and video walkthrough for the answer.



Listen to Let’s Talk Jailbreak: episode 51 as we chit-chat with Sentry about Auxo 2, the development process, his favorite features, release date, and pricing structure.

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Quick Switcher

Auxo 2 comes bundled with quite a few options, but there’s one feature that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That feature, is of course, the Quick Switcher. There’s a reason why the Quick Switcher has been showcased in teaser videos. There’s a reason why Sentry calls it his favorite feature in Auxo 2. It’s because the Quick Switcher will change the way you use your iPhone.

The Quick Switcher allows you to switch apps using nothing more than touch gestures. Its precision and ease of use make it a feature that feels second nature after just a few minutes of hands-on time. It’s not a ground breaking idea per-se, but it makes more sense in usage than any app switching tweak that’s been released on Cydia to date.

Using the Quick Switcher

Position you thumb near the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and drag up. You’ll witness the current app zoom out and six app icons appear near the bottom of the screen. In one sweeping motion, drag your finger across the screen towards the right to switch between apps. As you switch apps, the full screen app preview will change to match the app icon appearing below. Release your thumb when you’ve located the app you want to switch to, and voila, you just switched apps in one beautiful sweeping motion.

Auxo 2 Quick Switcher

The Quick Switcher in Auxo 2 is quite the compelling feature

By default, the Quick Switcher allows you to switch between the last six recently used apps, but there’s an advanced option in the tweak’s preferences to allow switching between all recently used apps.

Auxo 2 Quick Switcher Unlimited Apps

Switching between all of the apps available using the Quick Switcher

The wonderful thing about the Quick Switcher is that it features fluid animation, it’s extremely precise, and it’s all accomplished in one sweeping motion that allows you to keep your thumb on the screen. Switching between apps with the Quick Switcher feels natural, not forced. It’s a function that is sure to cure the most striking cases of Home button dependency disease.


The next most notable feature to be found in Auxo 2 is Multi-Center. Multi-Center has done the obvious thing and combined Control Center together with the App Switcher. Multi-Center eschews the barren App Switcher view found in stock iOS 7 for a feature-packed view that features toggles, the App Switcher, and media controls.

Auxo 2 Multi-Center

Multi-Center features fluid animations and mixes Control Center with the App Switcher

Multi-Center is not the standout feature that the Quick Switcher is, but I believe most will find it to be a useful, if not an unheralded part of the package. Multi-Center allows you to retain all of the functionality of the App Switcher, but throws in additional features. You can use swipe-down gestures to select apps in one fluid animation, and access a kill-all-apps option when swiping up on the Home screen card. Auxo 2 is even smart enough not to kill apps that currently are playing music.

Auxo 2 Close All Apps

Closing all apps from Multi-Center

Inside Multi-Center you’ll find all of the familiar assets of Control Center. There are media controls for playing music, brightness and volume controls, Quick Launch shortcuts, toggles for Airplane mode and Bluetooth, and the AirPlay and AirDrop controls.

It was no small feat to squeeze everything into the Multi-Center view, so a few different measures were taken for crowd control. First of all, the Control Center elements are split up, with some assets, like toggles and AirDrop/AirPlay controls appearing at the top of the screen, and other assets, like media controls and Quick Launch shortcuts, appearing at the bottom of the screen.

Auxo 2 animation balance app switcher

Strikingly fluid animation 

In the middle of all of the action lies the App Switcher, and as you can see, the animation was done in a way to help maintain a feeling of balance. This can be vividly illustrated when using a swipe-down and swipe-up gesture on one of the app switcher cards as seen above.

Everything that you’d normally find in the App Switcher and/or Control Center has made the cut, but almost everything has changed when it comes to looks, location, and in some cases, function.

Auxo 2 Media Controls Album Art

Tapping on the song info loads swipe-able album artwork

For example, take the media controls that appear at the bottom of the Multi-Center. Tapping on the name of a currently playing song will display the song’s album art in the center of the screen, overlapping the App Switcher. You can then swipe on the album artwork to skip or go to previous tracks. Tapping and holding on the song information will launch the music playing app in question.

Auxo 2 scrubbing iTunes Radio

You can scrub iTunes Radio tracks with Auxo’s media controls

iTunes Radio users will find a sweet surprise when controlling music with the media controls. Not only can you utilize the star button to help curate your radio stations, you can also use the scrubbing feature to rewind and fast-forward through a now-playing song. As you might recall, the stock Music app does not allow you to scrub iTunes Radio songs whatsoever, so this is a nice perk for Auxo 2 users.

Hot Corners

Depending on how you have the rest of Auxo 2 configured, the Hot Corners feature is capable of doing multiple things. If you have the Multi-Center and Quick Switcher enabled, the Hot Corners will allow you to close any open app and go back to the Home screen using a swipe-up gesture in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Auxo 2 Hot Corner Dismiss

If you have Multi-Center disabled, the Hot Corners feature will allow you to swipe-up from the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to initiate the Quick Switcher, with a further swipe-up gesture launching the multitasking tray. The bottom-right gesture will still go back to the Home screen while in an app, and will invoke Control Center like normal while at the Home screen.

Auxo 2 Hot Corner 2

With Multi-Center disabled, Hot Corners can serve multiple functions

If you have Multi-Center and the Quick Switcher disabled, the Hot Corners feature will allow you to reveal the multitasking tray with a swipe-up gesture in the bottom left-hand corner. The bottom-right gesture will still go back to the Home screen while in an app, and will invoke Control Center like normal when on the Home screen.

Advanced Options

Auxo 2’s advanced options allow you to configure the tweak to your liking using a variety of different toggles and settings. Auxo is smart enough to recognize when certain toggles and settings are no longer applicable, due to its configuration. For example, if you have the Hot Corners toggle disabled, the setting to Invert Hot Corners will be greyed out. If you have all of the primary toggles disabled, effectively disabling Auxo 2 outright, then all of the advanced options will be greyed out.

Auxo 2 Disabled Options

Auxo 2 is smart enough to know when options no longer apply

Minimal Display

The Minimal Display toggle allows you to hide the AirDrop/AirPlay and track scrubber. There are several options and scenarios included when it comes to minimizing the display. You can choose to do so always, when no media is playing, when AirPlay is undetected, or when AirDrop is set to off.

Auxo 2 Minimal Display 2

The scrubber and Air options are still accessible in minimal mode, just hidden

Open to Last App

Auxo 2 Minimal Display

Open to Last app is useful when needing to quickly switch between two apps more than once

This option allows you to quickly switch between two apps when invoking the Multi-Center. This is a handy option to use when you need to gather information from two apps.

Quick Launcher

The stock Control Center features four different Quick Launch shortcuts for turning on the flashlight, launching the timer, Calculator app, and Camera app. These same Quick Launch shortcuts can be found in Auxo 2 as well.

Auxo 2 Quick Launcher

Notice the Quick Launch shortcuts at the bottom of the interface

The Quick Launcher features options to display, do not display, and auto-dismiss when media is playing or when no media is playing. There are also three auto dismiss intervals available to dismiss after three, five, and eight seconds.

Unlimited Quick Switcher

The Quick Switcher, by default, is limited to six applications. By enabling the unlimited Quick Switcher, users can access any of the apps previously opened, just like the stock App Switcher.

Auxo 2 Unlimited Quick Switcher

Enabling the Unlimited Quick Switcher

Invert Hot Corners

You can invert Auxo 2’s Hot Corners to access the App Switcher from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and the Home screen on the bottom left-hand corner.

Auxo 2 INverted mode

An example of Inverted Hot Corners

When you have Inverted Hot Corners enabled, you will not be able to use the Quick Switcher, which is, of course, a huge downside.

Disable in Applications

Not all applications, namely games and other full screen apps, will play nice with Auxo 2. With that in mind, an option is included to disable Auxo 2’s feature-set while in specific applications. You can even choose to disable Auxo 2 whenever a keyboard is open, no matter the app.

Auxo 2 Disable

You can disable Auxo 2 for any app installed on your device

Real World Usage

As I stated earlier, I’ve been using Auxo 2 on my daily driver for several days now, and I’m totally used to it. It improved the app switching experience, and makes it so I rarely even think about using the Home button.

I love the fluidity of the tweak, and I especially admire the Quick Switcher. The Quick Switcher is hands-down the standout feature in Auxo 2.

In our podcast interview with Sentry, I stated that the Quick Switcher is like having a desktop Command+Tab feature available on the small screen. It makes switching apps largely effortless, seamless and smooth. I love the fact that you don’t have to lift your thumb off the screen at anytime while switching apps with the Quick Switcher. It’s one thing to see it on video, but it’s a whole another thing to actually use it for yourself.

With that said, Auxo 2 isn’t perfect, but my main gripe with the tweak isn’t the fault of Sentry or QusicS. Sometimes you’ll encounter an animation lag when an app “settles” into view after switching between apps. This delay is caused by iOS’ animation, and results in input-lag when trying to quickly perform another app switching gesture right after one has been completed.

Most users probably won’t notice this flaw, which is actually more of an iOS flaw than it is an Auxo flaw, but nevertheless it is there. This issue becomes apparent, because the Quick Switcher makes switching apps so fast and easy, that it exposes iOS’ limitations when it comes to animation lag.

My last small complaint with Auxo has to do with the Multi-Center. As a minimalist, I find that the Multi-Center is a bit too busy for my tastes. The Minimal Display option makes a difference in this regard, and I highly recommend that you enable it in Auxo’s settings.

But even with the Minimal Display option enabled, I find that there still seems to be a little too much going on in the Multi-Center. I wish that there was an option to remove the app icons beneath the App Switcher cards, as that would assist with calming down the interface.


Despite any grievances that I may have aired, Auxo 2 is a winner, and you should purchase it as soon as it touches down on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Auxo 2 builds on the legacy of the original tweak in many ways. It doesn’t just try to replicate or emulate its predecessor, but it has evolved into a tweak that truly makes the App Switcher in iOS 7 a better tool. No, Auxo is anything but dead; it’s very much alive.

Even if you’d only consider using the tweak’s Quick Switcher feature, Auxo 2 is totally worth the price of admission. If you already own the original version, Auxo 2 will cost you $1.99. If you’re new to the world of Auxo, then prepare to pay $3.99.

For the functionality that you get, and the future updates that are around the corner (hint: free iPad support, listen to the podcast), Auxo 2 is an absolute must-have jailbreak tweak that shouldn’t be missed under any circumstance. After you give it a try, please check back here and leave a comment sharing your experience.

  • Stunning well done; awesome; but Im afraid to d/l it; because of all the other stuff I have to remove first. How does it play with all the other control center add ons. What tweaks have to be removed if any???

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    A3 said within the next few hours at 9:16am (EST)

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Now I know why cydia is not working. Auxo downloads jamming servers

  • Jonathan

    Is it just me, or is Disque acting up? I don’t see a vote nor comment button underneath everyone’s comment.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    Auxo2 live. I’m stuck in safe mode after installing. Already removed slide2kill and multitask gestures. So wth!!

  • sirgeorge

    can’t get out of safe mode-removed multitasking gestures-im stuck!

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      Remove cccontrols. That’s what stuck me

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    Doesn’t play well with cccontrols

  • sirgeorge

    no luck!removed m gestures,ccpinfo,ccloder,cccontrols…still stuck

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      Hmm. Any other control center or gesture tweaks installed?

  • sirgeorge

    i dont understand what conflicts it!i removed 4 others tweaks and still stuck!damn

  • disqus_wNlACTKGap

    I removed Everything with substrate addons with icleanerPro, and only run auxo2, still wont work:S

  • sirgeorge

    hahahahaha I’m thinking the same!!!!

  • Guilherme Ernesto Militz

    Just bought Auxo 2. After installing it my springboard crashed, and i keeps crashing no matter what i do. I had to remove it. Anyone having this problem?

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      Remove any CC tweaks

      • Guilherme Ernesto Militz

        I removed some tweaks, like vertex, to see if that was the solved it. But forgot about the CC tweaks.
        That did the trick. Thanks!

  • Geoffrey Hempfling

    cant invoke swipe gestures i keep getting normal control center with multi-center on

    • Stephhi

      me tooo!!!! the swipe gestures is just doesnt work..

  • Lys V

    Seems there are issues with CCToggles. On the lock screen, no toggles or quick launches come up. And on the home screen, the toggles (including custom ones) are fine, but no quick launches are showing up. Also, may be just me on my iPhone 5, but the Quick Switcher is very laggy when you first try to trigger it.

    Not sure if its worth having enabled now without the additional functionality CCToggles provides. Still an awesome tweak on its own, though.

    • Stephhi

      I cant even access to the quick switcher.. the multitasking function doesnt work..

      • aet

        i had the same problem! try uninstaling springtomizer 3 it worked for me

      • aet

        also try removing airblue stacks and sharing tweaks


    Is auxo 2 compatible with grid switcher? Can anyone confirm it please

  • Rick

    It was only $0.99 for me, not sure what qualified me for that price.. I’ve bought Auxo and recently, Polus..

  • Pablo

    I’ve installed it but control center is still showing even in multi-center option enabled, it doesn’t let me use quick start and hot corners

    • Zero

      Same here, I don’t know why :L

  • Adam Bowman

    I know this is a new release and all, but I’m having major issues. While I know that they are probably compatiblity issues with other tweaks, I kind of expected this tweak to play nice with others. Right now, I can’t get the Quick Launcher to work at all, and this is just the beginning of some of my problems. Plus, I loved how before Auxo 2, I was able to use tweaks that allowed me to access apps of my choice in the Quick Launcher, making my CC more convenient through customization.

    I’ll continue to play around and give it a chance, but I’m thinking about just going back to Multitasking Gestures.

  • lompi129

    what is the “pushNotify” app he has in the settings? Any suggestions on apps similar to open notifier

  • Mack

    Tried it today 4S no other tweeks installed – nothing but safe mode.

    • Sam Khan


  • TheShade247

    works great on 5S, but not working on my 4S. keep getting safe mode

  • Anthony Nguyen

    Heads up guys, if the Auxo’s Multi-Center and Quick Switcher are not showing up. You have to disable some tweaks that is making the status bar smaller, ex. LockHTML3 and Flex.

    • aet

      dont have any of these tweaks, still doesnt work

  • Took off all the CC related tweaks, multitask gestures, gridswitcher and pro widgets and it installed ok; except hitting the volume control slider will cause a crash

  • Alright, installed Auxo 2. Didn’t look right with QuickActivator so I switched to Polus and FlipControlCenter. Works and looks perfectly now. So smooth, so quick, I love it. Big thanks to Sentry and QusicS for the amazing work. Definitely worth the $3.99 in my opinion. 🙂

    • csterno

      This is the same setup I use and it works perfectly.

  • Riski Zero

    I cant swipe up from the bottom on auxo just control setting. How to fix it?

  • RV

    There’s no Quick Launcher on the landscape mode

  • Bojidar Lyubenov

    I have an iphone 4s running on ios 7.0 but it keeps going on safemode with auxo 2 can you help me ?

  • Vv26

    i cant seem to get the quick switcher working, the control center keeps popping up instead

  • John Doe

    Auxo was originally not a revolutionary tweak IMO. It was great, the cards were more aesthetically pleasing that actually functional – they were so small! But the settings toggles were awesome, and so was the improved look in the music control section. But these weren’t exactly revolutionary. Card UIs existed long before, and quick settings toggles were nothing new.

    Now, Auxo 2. I have to say that this is, to me, the greatest thing that happened to iOS 7 since Evasi0n7. It is so fluid one could think this was made by Apple as a native feature, it is beautiful, and truly shows Sentry’s ability to re-engineer his concept of an iOS app switcher after iOS 7 drastically changed iOS 6’s one.

    Also the effort and attention to detail in Auxo 2 is stunning. Greying out options as they become invalid due to other options, a nice clean settings panel, the ability to adjust every single thing on the fly, and again the animations.

    I paid $1.99 for Auxo 2 but I would have easily paid $3.99 for it. Heck, I would have paid 10 bucks for it too. Great job A3 Tweaks. I won’t be surprised if Apple comes knocking and buys the lot of you.

  • Kim Olsson

    This might be a silly question, but where can I access hiddensettings7 after Ive installed this? Cant seem to access it? Really need to lower the animation speed for Auxo to feel fluid instead of jerky!

  • Skillet

    Installed… Uninstalled… Crashed into safe mode all the time. Does’nt it work with Springtomize?

    • John Doe

      Springtomize itself was buggy. it messed up the CC in landscape mode. Even after I had disabled it, it would crash with Auxo 2 although in the crash report it would show springtomize. After I deleted it the crashes stopped.

  • asdlb4

    So, against my better judgment I downloaded and installed Auxo 2. I had a lot of problems with Auxo 1 last year and ended up uninstalling it, but based on all the attention it got from iDownloadBlog I really wanted to give Auxo another shot. (I really wish there was a way to get a try-before-you-buy option.) When I first loaded the tweak it sent my phone directly to safe mode. Ultimately, after uninstalling Activator, Springtimize 3, Infinidock, CCControls, and CCLoader I got it to work (still haven’t taken the time to see if all or just 1 of those we’re the culprit). And Now I don’t have nearly the Control Center options that I used to. And just like I thought, the swipe gestures work awful with protective phone cases. So, I guess the moral of the story is, Auxo 2 might be great if you aren’t already invested in a bunch of other tweaks, or a protective case like otter box or life proof. For all of the hype it got, I would hope that some of these caveats would have also been discussed in the iDB article for the sake of balanced reporting. I am getting a little tired of iDB overhyping tweaks, almost like they are getting paid for it…are they? It would be nice to know that too before I buy. One of the hazards of jail breaking is all of the money and time you stand to lose when downloading a tweak that doesn’t play nice with all of your other tweaks. And it would be great if the websites making money off of reporting on these things would practice more due diligence in this regard. I always get a sense that each tweak is only weighed against itself, as if no other tweaks existed. At least consider some of the more common tweaks that might conflict, like CCControls or CCToggles. You shouldn’t have story promoting how great one tweak is and then right after it promote another tweak, and not even mention anything about how they both conflict. Anyway, I would love to get my money back for Auxo 2, but I took the risk knowing the history, and again I was wrong. I don’t think I will ever buy anything made by A3 tweaks again. All the money, time, and energy isn’t worth it for me.

    • Take off all the CCstuff and replace with Flip Control Center; you’ll get back some options

    • caberon

      I had the same problem. I found out that if you put your cell on airplane mode and then respring, it should work.. I unistalled before activator and springtomize 3, and it still did not work, but after doing the airplane mode thing, it works! plus I reisntalled those 2 tweaks and it seems to be working fine. so def check it out!!!

  • Onyxus_Music

    To anyone having issues with cctoggles, I’ve been using ccsettings and it’s been working for me flawlessly.
    The only issue that I see is with the blurred dock from iOS 7. Whenever I invoke the default bottom right gestures to bring me backs to the home screen, the dock comes up with a blurred effect resembling the first colors that it detects and stays that way for the remainder of the closing. When it snaps into pace and the app closes, the colors from the dock change to the background of the wallpaper. It might be an issue that can be resolved or maybe the dock background will not be able to change the blurred background as the app is closing. The only way I was able to get this to not happen was to remove the dock background with springtomize 3.

  • Steve Charnick

    I’ve noticed that HiddenSettings7 doesn’t seem to work with Auxo 2 – i.e., I don’t see the usual springboard settings button anymore. tried uninstalling and reinstalling both. To be honest, I’m not even sure HiddenSettings7 is necessary anymore with FolderEnhancer, ISX, and Auxo 2 – but has anyone else noticed this?

    Also, had Vertex installed before this and had to uninstall. Talk about clutter! lol

  • Khairul Alonso

    I have installed the tweak but none of the tweak works? Multi center is not working all of it when ever i swipe up it just give me the stock control center.

  • Sithik Teav

    It still come out with control center when I swipe

  • Kritika Singhania

    Argh, wish I wasn’t still on iPhone4 so I could try this out.

  • Sly

    Hidden Settings 7 doesn’t work on Auxo 2! We need an updated to get this to work on the control center….

  • Antti Soini

    How can I get black (or red as in screenshots) background for toggles in Auxo 2? Now I have just dumb grey one

    • Antti Soini

      Also I have weird extra empty bar above top icons in multitask view. Any ideas how to get rid of that?

  • Samantha Inlow

    I love this idea of Auxo 2 BUT I keep having my 5 crash over and over . I can’t figure out what other week it’s clashing with. It works great first time then won’t stop going into safe mode. I want this app!!! Anyone else having a problem?