htc one m8

Following Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S5 last month, HTC today introduced its new flagship smartphone: the HTC One (M8). The handset is the direct descendent of the critically-successful HTC One, and it encapsulates the company’s latest effort to boost flagging device sales.

The new One is both bigger and faster than its predecessor. While it keeps the same gorgeous all-metal body, the display has been bumped from 4.7 to 5-inches, and the quad-core processor runs at 2.3GHz. It also sports 2GB RAM, an UltraPixel camera, a 2600mAh battery and more…


Again, from a distance the new One looks very familiar. But it’s a little bit larger and a tad bit heavier than the original, and some elements of the case have been rounded out to make the handset more comfortable to hold. The display is of the 5-inch, 1080P variety and uses LCD 3 technology.


The processor is Qualcomm’s 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor (2.5GHz on the Asian version), there’s 2GB of RAM, a 2600mAh battery and a micro SD card slot for expandable storage. The device also houses a best-in-class front-facing stereo speaker system called BoomSound.

But perhaps one of the most impressive components of HTC’s new One is the camera. It’s similar to the 4 UltraPixel shooter from last year’s model, but this time it’s coupled with a secondary camera that captures depth info and a new Smart Flash 2.0 feature for taking better low-light shots.


The One runs Android 4.4 (KitKat) with HTC’s Sense 6.0 skin on top of it. Manufacturer skins typically add unnecessary features and sluggishness to the Android OS, and Sense isn’t much different. The Sense keyboard is awful (though you can change it), and most of the UI tweaks are annoying.

HTC also revamped its BlinkFeed news/social media aggregator for Sense 6.0. It does a slightly better job this time around, but it’s also still very ugly and ultimately inefficient. Despite the fact that you choose what kind of content you want to funnel into the app, the signal-to-noise ratio is terrible.

Overall, the handset doesn’t offer a ton of software features like the Galaxy S5, but there is one cool new addition involving Lock screen gestures. For instance, you can double-tap the screen to wake the One up, swipe down to jump into voice dialing, and swipe up to pull up your BlinkFeed app.


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The HTC One (M8) will come in three colors: Gunmetal Gray, Glacial Silver, and Amber Gold and will be available at most of the major carriers starting today—except for T-Mobile, which won’t be launching the device until April. Pricing ranges from $200-$250 subsidized, or $650 unlocked.

Now that HTC and Samsung have revealed their hands for the 2014 smartphone season, you have to wonder what Apple’s response is going to look like. Rumor has it that the Cupertino company is finally going to join the 5-inch handset club this year with a redesigned, more powerful iPhone 6.

  • Jasmeet Singh

    lol now every smartphone will have a gold version -_0

    • hkgsulphate

      Fingerprint sensor, gold phone…all led by Apple yet Apple never the first manufacture for these stuff -_-

      • Sunny

        Don’t act like Apple never stole any ideas from Android

      • hkgsulphate

        like the notification center? android isn’t the first OS to include it either

      • GarrettBones

        Apple wasn’t first anyways.. I had a gold Razer flip phone in High school.. just sayin

  • Nick

    Another Gold colored phone. As flattering as it is for Apple, can they not come up with their own ideas?

    • Tommy

      When Mobile X does it, it’s considered normal. But when Apple does it, it’s considered cool. We’re all cool people.

    • Sunny

      Lmao at you stupid apple fanboys think of the many things Apple copied of Android!

  • CAS

    HTC ONE 2?

    What does the M8 stands for?

    • Kenny Woodard

      M8 is just the code name. Last year it was the M7. Since the name is still the HTC One, it is more efficient to go by the code name M8.

    • Matt Collin

      M8 stand for Metal Eight

      • CAS

        What a terrible name.

    • Asiz Koju

      HTC One M8 stands for HTC one Metal and 8 stands for the 8th Mobile Metallic device from HTC.

  • Ara Rezaee

    I like every thing about this phone except for Android and the camera

  • Framboogle

    The colors and flash are a blatant ripoff of the 5s.

    • Kash Gummaraju

      And you’re dumb as hell. Everyone has stopped with colors and stuff by now. And the flash? It’s the next version that any company would implement. Upgrading flash isn’t a ripoff. The tech is up for any company to use. Blatant ripoff? If upgrading flash is a ripoff then guess who ripoff again? Surprise surprise, Apple. Nokia has been using the dual led flash in its phones for years. All the way from the low end ashas to the high end lumias.

      • Anytime someone says Lumia, I smilie. Love those cameras. I really hope my next phone has OIS. I love my DSLR’s IS lenses, I’d love to have it on my phone.

    • @sexyhamthing

      i guess i cant use any gold or silver coins now then -_- ffs… apple dont own colours

  • Kenny Woodard

    The writer was extremely opinionated about BlinkFeed. You Can turn it off. Or like me, use a launcher over the default. Sense is the best UI skin for Android there is. Samesung TouchWiz is really bad, but I have noticed no drawbacks on my M7 compared to stock Android. The M8 is the best Android phone that has been released in 2014.

    About the camera, it has been proven to be exceptional in lowlight performance. And the duo camera has been heralded so far in early reviews.

    • Kash Gummaraju

      The best skins are in order
      The Xperia skin
      LG skin
      At the bottom

      • Kenny Woodard

        Its really personal preference when it comes to the first 4 you listed. Touchwiz is a joke tho haha.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        Yeah the first 4 can be rearranged, but they are regardless of order, the best 4 manufacturer skins

      • Touchwiz has multi-window and s-pen support so for me it shoots it to the top. Thankfully I have 3giggers of RAM though

      • Kash Gummaraju

        Yeah and it takes up 8.6gb of your storage and is laggy as hell. Thankfully there’s a ROM called OmniRom that does all that, s-pen is a stylus meant only for galaxy, like how lots of Apple made products are only for other apple made products.

      • Note 3 is known for no lag. But it does use a lot of RAM. But since my phone has 3 gig I have plenty left. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can root my phone. I’d like to give other ROMs like OmniRom a try. I have N900K version. Hopefully, one day 🙁 Thanks for the info!

    • Michael Stair

      I already updated my m7 htc one to sense 6. By far my favorite ui of any phone. iOS is next but it’s hard to decide really I’m not a fan of android but htc one is quite a phone that deserves attention they put a lot of work to make it smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

    • s0me

      Did you expect an unbiased review? Everything and anything that anyone other than Apple makes is pure crap in here.

  • Wow, such hardware, much gold, so beauty, do want.

    I must say, that’s the most gorgious gold phone I’ve come across. Nothing like a band-aid, no out of place colors, just boss gold. Well done HTC!

    • felixtaf

      Everything good, except their dual 4MP cameras…

      • Agreed.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Why is that?

      • felixtaf

        1. Still the same 4mp camera.
        2. The use of dual camera is for refocussing, but it performs very poor in first impression videos. Have to wait for software patch for that.

      • Ishaan Malhotra


      • Michael Stair

        It’s actually 4 ultra pixels not 4 megapixels there is a difference and it’s quiet nice I have an htc one (m7) and it takes amazing pics. Megapixels have nothing to do with picture quality.

      • felixtaf

        Ultrapixel is a markettign term jus like retina display. Its still a 4mp camera with better sensor. I know it takes nice pictures. But for me, i print my photos big and i crop photos. So, am not happy with the 4mp snapper. Plus, the phone takes nice pics in night but daytime pics arent nice. I have seen it.
        Apart from the camera, i like every aspect of the phone. Absolutely love both the models. But I will skip this too.

        I always had iOS and an android device. I will stick with note 3 for now.

      • Michael Stair

        Marketing terms or whatever the pixels are twice the size of most cameras. But I took some beautiful shots with the m7. But I do see what you mean when you say you blow up the pics it can effect it but I only stream it to my tv and it looks great. But it comes down to software mainly with cameras. I was on AA earlier and they said it produces better colors in pictures then the original the m7 which is a plus for me less editing of the pics. But in day light I think htc one shines IMO.

  • Vighnesh Manick

    Honestly, if I was to switch from an iPhone (probably not happening) I would choose this one. It looks aesthetically pleasing, the UI is nice and its a nice comparison to the iPhone. Still going with my 5 though. Good job HTC. Not bad at all.

  • SimonReidy

    “captures debt info”

    Think you mean “depth info” (although by all means use it to capture your debt as well 😉 )

  • Decio Arruda

    This is evidence of how much HTC, Samsung and other phone manufacturers take from Apple, even HTC sense got flatter -.-‘
    What pisses me off is that they can get away with such obvious copycating.

    • @dongiuj

      If you’re suggesting that this phone looks like an iPhone then I think you’re on crack. All phones get thinner over time. It happened to household cordless phones, it happened to mobile phones and now it’s happening to all smartphones.
      What pisses me off is when little sissy applefangirlies complain about everything not apple. You use the product. You’re not married to it and you don’t own the company. Grow up and get on with your life.

      • Did Apple copy other phone manufacturers for going up to 4″ and now are they copying again going up phablet range? Also, don’t forget iPad mini.

      • Decio Arruda

        Well, since you clearly can’t read… I said “”HTC sense got flatter” Sence is the name of their “skin” which they put on top of android. Samsung has TouchWiz, HTC has sense..

        And nowadays it’s different from the early days of technology. People patent their ideas and/or expect them to be respected and not copied. Nowadays people expect their work to be only theirs, unlike the past.

      • @dongiuj

        I stand corrected and I apologise for that but the last part i leave unchanged. Apple copies too. All companies copy and there’s no denying that by anyone. Get over it.

    • grumpyfuzz

      By “They” I hope you refer to both HTC and Apple… Because Apple copies all the time.

    • Kash Gummaraju

      This is evidence of a brainwashed stupid Apple Fanboy, with no knowledge of the world outside of Apple. This is also evidence of how Apple takes from all the OEMs in the consumer market, with iOS 7 even Apple has a flatter design. -.-
      What pisses me off is that Apple can get away with all their obvious copycating.

  • felixtaf

    But Y HTC… The phone is awesome looking with two crappy eyes on the back jus for refocusing??? What were they smoking? I had high hopes on this phone as I skipped HTC One jus coz of the 4MP camera. Even the front has a 5MP snapper!
    Although the memory card expansion, cool accessories, that gunmetal model are awesome!
    Note: Jus saw some first impressions on youtube. Refocusing is not that good!

  • @dongiuj

    That last sentence is for all you brainwashed people. Bad sales rep Cody.

  • Eni

    lol, this devices are uglyy, s5 and this too, even if apple launches the 5s again whith anything new it will still beat this ugly things. anyway just my thoughts, no hate

  • tariq

    Sooo, Ima Sony fan. And I think Xperia Z2 is much better, considering external memory and waterproof and 3GB of RAM and better battery.

    • Kenny Woodard

      Agree for the most part. Sony had a big chance to wow, but failed where HTC won. The Z2 is specd like a boss, but that Sony UI and the design of the phone is what keeps them behind the other major manufacturers.

      And the M8 has an SD card slot.

      • Jacob Danielsson

        well iPhone 5s won when it comes to best Selling phone

  • Eni

    what’s about with those bezels anyway, its an 5 inch phone that uses only 4 inches, poor htc with that crappy android software

  • Kenny Woodard

    I think if Apple goes with a 5″ smartphone, that will hurt them. 4.7″ in 1080p would benefit them more IMO. Plus iOS would look really stretched on anything 5″ or bigger for sure.

    I went from an iPhone to an HTC One recently, and the one thing I missed was the quick and compact keyboard. That will be affected with screen size as well.

    • I won’t buy a 4.7″ iPhone. But I could seriously consider returning for 5″. My hopes are for larger.

  • 2.3 GHz? That’s crazy!

  • Rowan09

    I like the look of the HTC One and this phone is also beautiful. If I was thinking of getting another Android, this would be it.

  • n0ahcruz3

    The design is absolutely beautiful, its one of the best if not the best( One = 5s designwise). The only flaw is the HTC logo below the screen wtf are they thinking. And camera geez they think the ultrapixel moniker lives up to the marketing hype. The camera sucks htc!

  • diggitydang

    Oddly enough, I like this phone – first
    one I’ve said about an Android device. If I was to go Android (I’m not), I’d try this one over Samsung (which I have tried)… something about Samsung screams
    direct copycat and uber-cheesy, but HTC seems to do what Apple does and takes ideas and
    tries to at least make it their own. I can respect that. I like the camera options, but want to see reviews on picture quality and how that new flash works in low-light (I hate the long delay on my 5s when the flash is on). At the end of the day, it’s still an Android though, and I love the idea of customizing, but hate all the crappy designed apps that look totally different and function differently across the board, with settings and options in all different places. BUT, that all said, it’s personal preference. I’d love to get my hands on the HTC One (M8) to test drive it though.

  • jack

    Great hardware and design (kinda thick as 2010’s iPhone 4 though) but it has one prob: Android

  • blastingbigairs

    If I were to switch back to Android at some point this would be my first choice over any Samstunk device. HTC is quality through and through, from it’s build quality to its forward thinking Sense UI. And now with the SD card option coming back this just makes for am amazing device. I’m likely going to upgrade to the iPhone 6 especially if it boasts a larger screen, but this device is an option for sure. Nice job HTC!!