Photowall for Chromecast 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Photowall for Chromecast 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Photowall for Chromecast 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

The Internet giant Google on Monday released a brand new iPhone and iPad application, Photowall for Chromecast.

Conceived as a collaborative photo sharing “Chrome experiment,” the software uses your iOS device and Google’s inexpensive $35 Chromecast HDMI dongle to allow anyone to beam their photos to a Photowall on your Chromecast-equipped TV, creating an interactive collage of memories.

What’s more, YouTube will automatically generate a video of your Photowall to show off to friends who don’t own a Chromecast. The app is now live in the App Store

As seen on the screenshots top of post, you can even doodle on your photos and annotate them before beaming whole collages of images to your big screen TV.

Contributors can add photos to your Photowall collection even if they don’t own the Chromecast, using a handy web app to upload images to your collection.

Check out the promo video.

From iTunes release notes:

Photowall for Chromecast is a new Chrome Experiment that lets people collaborate with images on the TV – using phones or tablets. Anyone can take a picture and send it to a Photowall to instantly see it on the big screen.

When you’re finished, a YouTube video of your Photowall is automatically generated. Perfect for sharing with everyone who took part.

It’s interesting the app made its debut on iOS instead of Android.

The Chromecast dongle has expanded its footprint to eleven newly added markets in Europe and North America – Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the United Kingdom – and is now available for purchase from Amazon, Google Play, Currys PC World, Elkjøp, FNAC, Saturn, Media Markt and other retailers.

Download Photowall for Chromecast free of charge from the App Store.

The installer comes in at just 2.9MB and is universal so the app runs natively on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 6.0 or later.

What do you think about Photowall?

Will you be giving it a try?

  • Shay Shtern

    I just got a new Chromecast and I have no sound when I stream..

    • felixtaf

      Check your TV volume. Chromecast uses the link from your device and do the rest by itself. So volume is definitely coz of TV.

      • Shay Shtern

        TV is working and the volume on the device also on
        any answer?

      • felixtaf

        Go to chromecast app settings and do a reset. Then setup as a new device.
        Which app you are streaming from? Youtube?

      • Shay Shtern

        yes. and also I stream from google chrome and..
        NO SOUND.

      • felixtaf

        Sorry… I have no idea… But try this, it may be a HDMI port issue.

        Plugin chromecast to a different HDMI port or plugin without the supplied adapter. The HDMI extension came with mine was giving issues, so I connected it directly to another port. So far no problems for me.

        Second – Try this link, they are suggesting something (I couldnt figure out this, coz I cast from youtube app not from chrome)

        forum DOT xda-developers DOT com/showthread.php?t=2482992

  • Stefano ‘Graziani’ Polo

    is it just me or is this app not in the app store yet? I’ve even clicked on the link within this article but it goes to a blank screen on the app store app.

    • Stefano ‘Graziani’ Polo

      finally seeing it in the appstore. Not sure why the delay when others in the US can see it

  • Why does Google insist on not using flat icons, that’s the reason I don’t use any google apps at all. They look out of place and makes it look like a shitty android layout.