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Episode 21: We talk about the iPhone 5c’s sales figures for the winter quarter, some of the awesome things we learned about iOS’ stock Music app, the rumors that Apple is thinking about developing for Android, and we discuss Google and Motorola’s new wearable computing initiatives.

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  • on3simpleclick

    Apple develop Android Phone. What on earth are you thinking Wozniak? -_-
    Apple has always been it’s own brand, with it’s own operating systems.
    Steve would roll in his grave at the thought of an Android powered Apple device.

    • YalllSuckBallz

      Bleedin’ yaw bawSack!! 🙂 Madafaka!!

  • I did a quick edit on the leaked photo of the iPhone 6 better illustrating the size difference with the 5s screen on the iPhone 6. To me this iPhone 6 looks fake. Does anyone have additional info?

    • YalllSuckBallz

      Yes!!!! your input is very well depreciated!! 😀 Madafaka!!!

    • Jonathan

      Can you provide a source of the photo?
      The only thing I don’t like about his is the fact the top is still thick where the speaker and camera are. If Apple actually did design the iPhone 6 that way, it would be a very large phone. Too large. So if they went with like the other rumors with a more Samsung top design, which is only a few centimeters tall from the edge of the screen, it would fit in pockets better.

  • khmi

    Living in the Bay Area I have only seen three 5c’s in “the wild”. Two of those we’re being used by Apple employees at Apple sponsored events.

    • YalllSuckBallz

      The rest of them were used by yo M0mma’5 KunT!!! 🙂

  • YalllSuckBallz

    YEEEEEE Lets get this party started MADAFAKAS!!!!!!!! Android users 5uck my iC0ck!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha bleedin’ on UrAnus!!!!!! 😀

  • Noaaahh

    Twitterific 5 for Twitter is now free as of app version 5.7 too!

  • Repiuk

    Hi guys,

    You were talking in the “Let’s talk iOS” ep. 21 about the homesharing feature not really being significant in the music app but I strongly disagree on that.

    Let’s say you have an older MacBook without Airplay Mirror feature (pre-2011) or your Mac is located away from your TV or HiFi set. On top of that there is also still a bunch of people not using iTunes in the cloud for their music and this feature still lacks movies in the cloud etc. For them the homesharing feature is great!

    Sure your Mac needs to be turned on to do this but it provides a ton of possibilities.

    I have the following setup at home to exactly use the homesharing feature to help me around with a lot of stuff.

    I turned on Homesharing on all my iDevices and Macbook. Have the Apple Remote app installed on my iDevices. And have my AppleTV hooked up to as well my TV as my HiFi set.
    From the Remote app I open my iTunes library on my Mac, from then on I have access to my full library on my Mac. Meaning I can get to my TV shows, Music, Movies etc. I can now choose whatever I want. When I make my selection I just hit the Airplay button in the Remote app and the contend is instantly playing over my AppleTV using my HiFi set for music and my TV for playing my movies etc.

    For me personally this is great when using in iTunes imported TV shows, movies for my kid that are not available in the iTunes Store. I now have the option to play those on my TV using homesharing.

    Sure you can copy all your contend to your iDevice and use airplay from there but you would need a big on memory iDevice to copy your full iTunes library to. Mine is currently, without apps, 156 GB and there is no iDevice large enough to hold that much data. So there you go Homesharing is perfect 🙂

    The thing is that you don’t need wires to connect your or move your devices around before you can using this set up. And the best thing is that I no longer the need to give my kid my expensive iPad or iPhone! 😉

    Hope this puts the Homesharing feature in a different light and that it is not so insignificant as was shared during the “Let’s Talk iOS” podcast. The Homesharing feature in the music app can be to very good use if you know how to combine functionalities of apps and hardware 🙂

    Again great podcast enjoyed it once again!!!! Hear you guys next week.

    • Actually, didn’t Jeff say this was a significant feature?

      • Repiuk

        Just went back to the podcast and you’re right! Sorry about that.

        For me, as a Dutch guy, it did come across different the time I was listening to it. 🙂 But he did indeed say it is a significant feature.