Every now and then we are blessed with big-named tweaks and apps like Auxo or ProWidgets or biteSMS. While having releases like those are nice, we realize that they’re more the exception than the norm. Far more often, we find ourselves reviewing smaller tweaks like CustomSpotlightText—a new release that makes it possible to change the default text found in the text box after invoking Spotlight.

But that’s okay, because these are the type of tweaks that sustain the community and keep it fresh until the next big release. These are the type of tweaks that make jailbroken devices so varied and diverse. With that in mind, step inside, as we walkthrough CustomSpotlightText on video.

Once you install CustomSpotlightText, you’ll need to venture over to the stock Settings app and find its preferences. Inside the tweak’s preferences, you’ll notice a placeholder text field for entering your custom text. Once your custom text is entered, you’ll need to tap on the save button below it to submit the changes.


After saving your changes, the alteration takes effect immediately. You can then invoke Spotlight search and see your changes, no respring required.

If you’d like to revert back to the stock Spotlight text, you can go back to the tweak’s preferences, delete the text, and save. Again, the changes should take effect immediately without needing a respring.

If you’d like to try CustomSpotlightText, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download it for free. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments about the tweak down below.

  • Jonathan

    A small, but nice change. 😀

  • Jonathan

    It should be included in tweaks like Springtomize. Hope it will! Don’t see the point to download the tweak for that minor change. (Just my thought)

    • Jonathan

      Why are you copying my name and pretty much my image as well? If it’s your common screen name. That’s different. 😛

      • Jonathan

        My name is Jonathan so..
        and my picture, I have had since the jailbreak came out, so no copying here 🙂

      • Jonathan Ramirez

        Hey look, were all Jonathan’s here.

      • My Wasted Fantasy

        I wish my name was Jonathan 🙁

      • Jonathan

        It could be a nickname..

      • Jonathan Liu

        Hi there XD

      • Jonathan

        Ah cool! 😀 I thought my account was hacked at first.
        I thought
        “I didn’t add a lock icon to my avatar. and why have I made only 6 comments?!”
        Then I realized it. xD

      • Jonathan Ramirez

        It’s a congregation of Jonathan’s,

      • Jonathan

        Best. Disque group. Ever. Period.

  • Eni

    i never use spotlight anyway

    • Rahimo

      I need the Spotlight sometimes !! But writing my name there is not a great idea for me !!!

  • Ryan

    that’s just creepy

    • Jonathan

      So is your profile pic.

  • Should say “Sup Dude?”

  • Mark@Disqus

    Pretty neat but I don’t use spotlight.

  • Noaaahh


  • s0me

    My tought: useless tweak and a ridiculous “review” for its uselessness.