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Over the weekend, Rovio posted a teaser trailer for an unknown, upcoming Angry Birds title. The clip was short, and offered up few details about the game outside of showing a bird wearing knight’s armor and announcing countries that would participate in the soft launch.

Well today, the studio revealed that the game is going to be called Angry Birds Epic and it’s not going to be the typical bird-flinger. In fact, far from it. The new title will actually fall into the ‘adventure role-playing’ genre, with a turn-based combat system and extensive crafting…


Kotaku has the report:

Angry Birds developer Rovio said they were teasing an epic new game, and they weren’t kidding. Soft launching in Australia and Canada this week, Angry Birds Epic is an adventure role-playing game with turn-based combat and an extensive crafting system. I did not see this coming.

Sounds like crafting will be an important part of the game as well, with players making armor, potions, and weapons using resources either won in the game or purchased via real currency.”

As the site points out, it appears that Australia and Canada will see the game launch this week, but the rest of the world will have to wait a few weeks. Rovio has another game in the oven right now called Angry Birds Stella, but it isn’t expected to be released until later this year.

  • Dan

    or purchased via real currency…
    That’s it, I’m out.

    • Agru

      They just love money..

      • Don’t you?

      • Agru

        No. They’re nuts for money. Their new games are just like those video poker machines in bars..
        I don’t love money.. And I hope you don’t too. There’s a big difference between loving money and needing it!

      • Freemium is a proven business model that just works on mobile. If it didn’t, they’d ditch it and just go the prepaid route. But then again, they have a business to run and they “love money” so…

      • Agru

        Yeah it works, but it’s a business model that doesn’t care about the quality of the game. And I can’t understand how all these people are paying bucks and bucks and bucks for nothing. Games like candy crush, and all the freemium games in general, should be classified just as poker sites. Where at least you can gain something..

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      It says OR you idiots… you dont have to spend a single dime if you dont want to. The current angry birds games you have to pay real money as well for certain powerups. Its always a choice.

      • Dan

      • nmpraveen


    • Game will more than likely be offered free — like other Angry Birds titles — with the option to make in-app purchases to “cheat” (like that huge falcon bird drop in Angry Birds).

      • Dan

        Yeah, it’s just I’ve noticed that games that are initially free, usually make it so that you HAVE to spend to move further. I have no problems with games like angry birds where you pay 2-3$ and choose to pay for ‘cheats’.

  • omrishtam

    or purchased via real currency

    gonna be shit game

  • Guest


    • Guest


  • Matthew Cleveland

    How has the Angry Birds craze not died off yet?

    • Has the Mario Bros craze died off yet?

      • Matthew Cleveland

        At least that one is worth the hype.

      • Andy

        How can you compare Mario games to Angry Birds?

      • Successful franchise. Company continues milking it year after year…

      • Dan

        Comparing angry birds to Mario Bros… Blasphemy.

      • Agru

        I bet you’re a ROVIO employee

      • Pssssh… Nope. But if Rovio wants to start sending some of that money they’re printing, I wouldn’t be mad at ’em.

  • Jason Baroni

    I just downloaded the AB Star Wars II because it turned free for a day.

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    This is completely off topic, but does anyone know which signal/wifi bar theme this is and which openNotifier theme options these are?
    Really appreciate it.

  • Nicole Wiebe

    has anyone else having problems logging in?