Pebble smartwatch apps (teaser 001)

Last month, Pebble launched its dedicated smartwatch app store with over 1,000 apps and watch faces. Few of the apps were noteworthy, but the company promised that it was working on landing titles from high profile developers.

And today it made good on that promise, as its launched 3 new smartwatch apps from well-known tech giants. Pebble owners can now access their eBay and Evernote accounts, as well as their TWC equipment, right from their wrists…


The new Evernote app allows you to sync up with your account and view notes, shortcuts, tags, check lists, and reminders. You can even tick off items in your check lists using the Pebble, and the data will seamlessly sync back to Evernote.


The eBay app gives users direct access to their eBay Feeds, allowing them to discover new items and add them to their Watch lists. And the Time Warner app acts as a remote for Intelligent Home users to control their thermostat, lights, and more.


Looking for other apps from major companies? Well both Yelp and Foursquare were Pebble Shop launch partners, and Mercedes Benz recently added a new app called ‘Digital DriveStyle’ that offers Benz-owners live vehicle and traffic information.

Pebble also launched its app store for Android users today, noting that it took “a bit longer than expected” in order to ensure that the platform was up to par. If you’re a Pebble smartwatch owner, you can find the iPhone app and app store here.

  • Sokrates

    I’m sorry, but this looks just ugly.

  • Antzboogie

    I Love Pebble and trust me they will only get better. Apple please buy this company and make the Ultimate watch!! Thanks.

  • Martynet

    If they continue like this, they should do something about the storage. It’s just too small at the moment. With all those apps coming out recently…. we need more space.

  • Meh, accessing all these app’s contents are more convenient on my iPhone’s screen, IMO. So far, only useful functions of SmartWatches are:
    – quick glance at weather
    – quick glance at time
    – quick glance at which app sent a notification
    – quick universal remote control
    – fitness tracker

    The rest (reading and acting on app-notifications, secret voice memos, calls, text messages etc.), I’ll gladly trade-off ~2 seconds (to pull my iPhone from my pocket) for clarity and ease of use. When a SmartWatch can last a week on a single charge and offers the above 5 functions, I’ll be interested in paying up to $200. So far, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is the closest match that I know of; lacking 4 days of usage and price, that has yet to be announced, but wouldn’t be surprised if it cost $300.

  • J Dan

    Gee Whiz! Pebble is gaining app support faster than WP is…..
    That should REALY say something.