Pebble launches smartwatch app store with over 1,000 apps and watch faces

Pebble smartwatch apps (teaser 001)

As promised back in December, Pebble launched its dedicated app store today. The store, which can be accessed via the official Pebble iOS app, features over 1000 apps and watch faces that can be installed on the company’s line of smartwatches.

Like other app stores, the Pebble Shop pulls together all third-party apps developed for the Pebble and organizes them into categories like Fitness, Notifications and Games. This makes it easier to browse through existing apps and discover new ones…

Here’s the announcement from Pebble’s blog:

“We’re extremely proud to announce that the Pebble appstore is now live with over 1000 apps and watchfaces. The appstore is built into the Pebble app on your iOS or Android device, and lets you find, browse and download Pebble apps and watchfaces directly from your smartphone.

Pebble’s mission is to make products that mesh easily with your life. Until now, Pebble users discovered apps and watchfaces through several awesome third party resources like MyPebbleFaces. The Pebble appstore changes all this by providing a simple one-stop-shop for you to discover, manage, and install apps and watch faces.”

The app store has separate areas for apps and watchfaces, and apps are divided into 6 categories: Daily, Tools & Utilities, Notifications, Remotes, Fitness, and Games. Once installed from the iOS app, the store can be accessed directly from the Pebble.

Users can also use the app store to manage their smartwatch apps. Unfortunately the Pebbles are only able to hold 8 apps at a time, but the company has developed an App Locker, which allows for the quick installing /uninstalling of your top apps.

The Pebble app is free, and available in the iTunes Store—if you’re not seeing today’s update yet, check back later, it’s currently rolling out. The smartwatch can be found on the Pebble website, priced between $150 and $249 depending on the model.