In October 2012, we posted a few images from a concept by an up-and-coming designer called “Rethinking the App Switcher for the iPhone 5.” As the name suggested, the concept offered a different take on the then-bottom-loading app switcher.

That designer’s name was Sentry, who is now one of the most well-known figures in the jailbreak community, and that concept went on to become Auxo, perhaps one of the most popular tweaks of all time. And yes, folks, a sequel is on the way…

Over the weekend, Sentry posted screenshots and videos for the highly-anticipated Auxo 2 jailbreak tweak, which has been completely rebuilt for iOS 7. The photo above and the two Vine videos embedded below show what it looks like in action.

For those unfamiliar with Auxo, it’s a tweak that extended the functionality of the app switcher in iOS 5 and iOS 6 by adding thumbnail-sized app screenshots, music controls and Settings toggles. It was conceptualized and designed by Sentry and developed by Jack Willis.You can read our full review of the first Auxo here.

As for Auxo 2, we don’t know much yet besides the fact that it is now being coded by @QusicS, still under the design supervision of Sentry. It definitely looks interesting, but as for new features or how well it plays with the new app switcher, we’ll have to wait and see. There’s no ETA for the tweak yet, but Sentry says it should launch this month.

  • Leonard Wong

    That’s just look sick! Can’t wait to use it.

  • Trini

    smooth can’t wait

  • This month? Yesssssss please 😉

  • Domodo

    Did anyone see my jaw? It just dropped for some reason…

    • Liam Mulcahy


  • Ciaran O’Brien

    Can’t wait!

  • Rohit Gupta

    :O Shuttt Upp andd just Take my money already 🙂 =D

  • LOL, the only thing I hope is, that it isn’t as buggy as Auxo!

  • David Gitman

    How much will it cost if I have auxo 1

    • Jeremy

      No info has been provided about it yet.

  • Sam Khan

    Now watch apple copying it in iOS 8, and giving credit to Jony and Craig

    • Maxim∑

      very few things in this world today are original. deal with it

  • Willie

    Just a heads up: the second vine isn’t actually auxo 2.. It was one of his other multitasking switcher concepts he had

    • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

      its intergrated

  • Philipp

    Use Vertex instead! great alternative

    • eXoguti093

      Lol vertex is nothing compared to this, you have to double click the home button, not even drag up like on the concept, this does that

      • Philipp

        simply combine it with multitaskinggestures

      • Eddie Hines

        Vertex is the same exact thing. no double press of home button needed, PLUS vertex has the control center built in

      • Why talk about something you know literally nothing about?

        Vertex DOES have the swipe up functionality..

      • eXoguti093

        Sorry what, that’s literally swipe up and the rest is done for you, not slowly go into the switcher as your finger goes up the screen, different experience

      • eXoguti093: “Lol vertex is nothing compared to this, you have to double click the home button, not even drag up like on the concept, this does that”

        Shut up, you were wrong. deal with it.

      • eXoguti093

        Shut up? If you were smart enough you’d know or at least assume I posted that talking about the beta, which did not have the swipe up feature

      • I’m using the beta… if you were smart enough, you’d know there’s no public release yet.

      • eXoguti093

        There was an earlier version, with no settings at all, so stop just stop trying to defend your self ’cause you obviously had no idea what I was talking about at that time, and I still said like in the concept, meaning actually bring it up along with your finger, still not the same feature

      • Stop trying to dig yourself out of this, it’s embarrassing, you were wrong.

        You said “you have to double click the home button, not even drag up like on the concept”

        I said “Why talk about something you know literally nothing about?

        Vertex DOES have the swipe up functionality..”

        What is so hard to comprehend? you made a false statement, I made a correct statement.

        Just because you were confused, don’t try to make out you were right.

      • eXoguti093

        F it that comment won’t go through, anyways no, stop trying to be so damn smart, I got it right when it released when I checked cydia without any notice that it had been released yet, and that first version did not have settings, just the switcher with buggy app cards, don’t talk about something you don’t or didn’t know about, I posted that comment based on the very first beta, which you obviously never. got.

      • Did you or did you not say Vertex doesn’t have the swipe up function?

        Does Vertex have the swipe function or does it not?

      • eXoguti093

        Think damn it, when I posted that comment, to my knowledge vertex did NOT have the swipe up option, and I know because there wasn’t even a vertex settings section, what’s so hard to understand about that, you’re acting like I just posted that comment.

      • When you posted your comment, Vertex had the functionality that you said it didn’t.

        Just because ‘to your knowledge, it didn’t have that functionality’ you’re not right.. you’re wrong.. seriously.. are you trolling or in denial?

      • eXoguti093

        Lol neither, if theres no settings, then there’s nothing to turn that swipe function on… Right? With me here? Or are you still lost? What happened when I swiped up was that Control Center was brought up, had to double click to see the actual tweak, I’m so serious what don’t you understand. Did you have that version of the beta? No, “Why talk about something you know literally nothing about?” just stop dude, you don’t know everything in this case

      • Ian has given me every version of the Beta since announcing he was looking for beta testers..

        You didn’t know it had a certain feature.

        *I understand that*

        It doesn’t mean you weren’t wrong.





        I know it may be hard to admit, but if you can’t grasp the concept of being incorrect, you honestly may need to see a therapist or something. Your attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere in life if you consistently deny being wrong.

        Murder charge: “I didn’t do it”

        Judge: “We have you on CCTV”

        You: “No you don’t”

        See where I’m coming from? it’s embarrassing, erratic, and frankly, disturbing.

      • eXoguti093

        Embarrassing? Online? Nah I’m perfectly fine, I never have a bad attitude, I mean you came at me with an attitude, so who wouldn’t do the same back? No one ever believe I can have a crappy attitude, but I guess you don’t really care, you saw it once and it’s now “You need a therapist”, You’re just another one of those “smart” a ssholes, tell me it’s not true, don’t try to figure someone out online like that ’cause you never know that person’s personality, I can tell enough from that side of you, I’m not judging any other sides. Just stop trying to be a smartas when it’s something personal alright? I got the best attitude towards anything that doesn’t need a bad one, you just wouldn’t know that would you? ‘Cause you decided to be a dic k at first..

      • I’m not being a dick, you misinformed a user with false information, potentially taking revenue away from a great developer. IMO THAT is being a dick.

        I told you that you were wrong, which we have now established is true because you didn’t know a feature had been added.

        You had trouble accepting (possibly still haven’t accepted?) that you were wrong.

        – fin –

      • eXoguti093

        “because you didn’t know a feature had been added.” There you go, and I accept it, that was just my OPINION which was based on what I used, having an opinion is not taking revenue from a developer I thought it sucked, still think it kinda does, that’s it.

      • You didn’t know you were wrong, that’s fine.. that’s all you had to say.

      • eXoguti093

        I don’t know if it’s ’cause there’s too many comments and it’s not submitting the comments as quick, or if it is but I can’t see them right away.. But yeah.. we’re good?… I’d like like an apology for the attitude and therapy thing, if it’s not much to ask, ’cause I’m sure you can tell I’m alright.

      • eXoguti093

        Thanks for stopping.. Assuming that you saw it… Don’t get into someone’s personal life or something like what you said if you don’t know enough, my attitude is never bad, and that WILL get me places in life, specially when interacting with people, the one’s who don’t give you a reason to have a crappy attitude towards them.

      • mrgerbik

        wrong use of the word literally

  • Ryan

    I’d be willing to buy it for just the second video

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Seems waaaaay better thn vertex

  • Eni

    I don’t get it what’s all this noise about, Auxo is the same thing like the stock multiask. for me it’s just stupid to buy something that you arledy have, it’s not like i’m going to stay all day playing with multiasking :/

    • Maybe people want the ability to swipe up to access multi-tasking like Zephyr on iOS6 but don’t want to lose the CC toggles?

      Maybe people want to prevent use of their home button or their home button is already worn?

      Or maybe everybody is as braindead as you and sees no practical use for a useful tweak.

      • Eni

        ore maybe you are a madafaka, gtf out of my cmm.

      • wow what a great, eloquent comeback, I can tell you put a lot of thought into that one. idiot.

    • “…same thing like the stock multiask [sic]”

      1)Double press,
      2) swipe…swipe…swipe…swipe (or even more swipes)
      3) finally click on the app

      You haven’t been jailbreaking for long obviously because you would be able to see/feel how this will be more enjoyable and faster. I bet you would be against swipeselect too if you knew what it was

      • Eni

        yeah u fool i know that auxo is smth better that the stock multiask, but it’s not smth definitely uuseful in ios7 , i accept that in ios6 auxo was sometheng amazing and very useful. you have to accept this. anyway that’s my thought. and yes i know whats swipeselect is but i dont use it, i use flexy now 🙂

  • Terence

    Looks awesome! Reminds me of Blackberry’s UI

  • andy

    That’s fabulous 🙂 great work!!!!

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Wow!! Hope we auxo 1 users get a discount!!

    • Skyshoot85

      “Given that [Auxo 2] contains no old code, is made up of new concepts
      and is an iOS 7-specific tweak, it will be a new package and not free
      for old buyers of Auxo 1″

  • Steve

    Again, Auxo 2 is not compatable with iPad? At least at first

  • Franklin Richards

    I wasn’t convinced that jailbreaking my phone would be worth it… until now.

  • Jonathan

    Dat 2nd video. 0_o

  • Marcus

    I know the developers of this tweak are young but how have they not yet been hired at Apple? Honestly, I hope they eventually get hired!

  • Dan

    This would be great on iPad

  • Lurker22

    Given how sluggish the first one was on doubt i will try it

  • Maxim∑

    I cant breathe… sorry to leave you 7.1

  • Z_Atout

    Does anyone know of a way to show a sort of “History” for Cydia where I can see the most recently downloaded tweaks? Thanks 🙂

  • Sunny

    Nice now apple will steal this for ios8 crediting people in Apple who copied the idea like always 😀

    • Xavier Serrano

      did you just arrived into the whole silicon valley thing?

      • Sunny


  • firerock

    Auxo 2 comes out I’m updating to ios 7

  • David Fabian

    Looks amazing, and a perfect fit in iOS 7!

  • Prasoon Singh

    This looks amazing!

  • krill38

    Wow, that looks awesome! Can’t wait

  • Techno Ventures

    Luv it!

  • Frank Lopez

    If your video is blurry in 2014 – You have issues.

  • Alex

    Despite how much of an Auxo1 fanboy I was, Vertex looks better as far as Control Center integration. That will be the deciding factor for me when Auxo2 is released, as otherwise they are both basically the same.

  • rockdude094

    Cant wait >.<

  • This is pure perfection!

  • Richard

    I like the second one. So sleek and efficient. I need this ASAP!

  • Dhmì Suwidah

    I have ipad air jailbroken with 7.0.6 is it better than 7.1 beta with jailbreak ??

  • Skyshoot85

    “Given that [Auxo 2] contains no old code, is made up of new concepts
    and is an iOS 7-specific tweak, it will be a new package and not free
    for old buyers of Auxo 1″ say Dev..

  • Aehmlo

    Actually, that second video is of an entirely separate tweak, not Auxo 2. 🙂

  • Teshko Koyi

    above photo icon looks like the same on iOS 7.1 photos icon 🙂

  • Guest

    It’s almost end of March