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Episode 17: We discuss what Tesla’s meeting with Apple could mean for the two tech companies, more on Facebook’s strategy for its 16 billion dollar WhatsApp acquisition, Apple’s iOS 7.0.6 security release and the conspiracy theories surrounding it, and a brief touch on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 unveiling.

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  • Max Rojas

    So i upgraded to ios 7.0.6 and jail broke again but when i downloaded some tweaks such as ifile, springtomize and activator they don’t show up on my home screen;ive tried re-stalling but that didn’t work; can anyone help ?

    • JustMeJip2

      u have 1 tweak no compatible with em

      • Sandy Cook

        No. If that were they case, it would go into safe mode, and still display any icons associated with the tweaks

      • JustMeJip2

        not neceraly, to me it happened like 3 times, and when i got 1 non compatible tweak i dont get even safe mode, it goes instantly to black screen and i have to put into safe mode and then turn it on

      • Sandy Cook

        A black screen isn’t a normal home screen with the tweak icons missing is it?

    • Coleman Lee

      Happened to me on 704 and 706. I just have to restart it a couple of times and they come back.

    • Cool

      download iwipecache, I heard it helps.
      Edit: Nevermind, it only works with the Absinthe jailbreak.

  • Straw hat

    I miss the old idb website view. This one feels kind of glitchyish. Just an opinion.

    • Ricky

      I cant opened in new tab anymore… Maybe just a bug. Please fox it though thanks. Eachtime i hold an article, i click open in new tab and it opens but the current tab also open it…. Please fix

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      No problems on my MacBook or 5s (I bet my iPad 3 would glitch though)…

  • Naman Jain

     Whatsapp doesn’t charge me the yearly fee !

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Is this subsidised by the NSA?

      • Naman Jain

        How am I suppose to know ?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I was being sarcastic 😉

      • Dri


      • Mark

        Haha 😀

    • felixtaf

      If u have bought whatsapp before they announced the subscription plan, then its free for you. I have whatsapp with 2 numbers registered (life-time service).

      • Naman Jain

        OK 🙂

    • Mark

      Did you get WhatsApp before they started charging?

      • Naman Jain

        I don’t remember when i got whatsapp
        but i remember buying it from the appstore

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Excellent show guys! I’m very impressed with Tesla, they are an excellent company! And as for the S5, I’m not too impressed with it.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    Meh. I use Kik

    • Josh Dyson

      kik would be more popular if it wasn’t abused.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        What do you mean? The bots?

      • Josh Dyson

        Bots, people who use it as a dating site, yeah. Espeshally on chat roulette sites.

  • Sandy Cook

    I always thought IDB sounded like a Camera+ ad at times, now I see why

    • Except Camera Plus and Camera+ are two different apps… Jumping to conclusion definitely doesn’t work in this case.

      • Sandy Cook

        You are right, they are separate apps. One was probably named after the other to be deliberately misleading. So still lolworthy

  • Courtney Macfarlane

    Jeff’s hilarious haha

  • siddique

    so bad IDB version in mobile site….cant open separate safari taps.

  • Jonathan

    Could someone help me with this question? How do you gift a paid theme to someone that you created?

  • Mario

    Hey guys I really enjoy listening to your podcast. Yours is the only audio-Podcast I listen to. Never thought I would.
    In this show I especially laughed out loud when you Sebastien said ‘this is no democracy, this is censorship’ :D. And I wanted to say I totally agree with you. I mostly use Feedly to read my news. If the headline doesn’t interest me or I already know how to do whatever is explained in the post, I just move on. I don’t get why people would be complaining about certain posts.
    So in this special case I’m for censorship 😉

  • Ben

    Don’t feel discouraged guys!! Keep up the good work with and continue to provide great content. Would be great if you guys could answer some questions, for example jailbreak tweaks related stuffs.