Fleksy keyboard (teaser 001)

After releasing its predictive touch keyboard, Fleksy, in partnership with select launch partner apps such as Launch Center Pro, GV Connect, Blindsquare and Wordbox, the San Francisco-based startup behind the software has moved the SDK out of private beta so now all iOS devs can incorporate Fleksy as an alternative soft keyboard within their apps.

The Fleksy SDK requires no sign up, allows for different keyboard themes and is now available completely free of charge…

According to Fleksy, the SDK allows iOS developers to implement Fleksy’s alternative touch keyboard with predictions and auto-correct capability “with zero lines of code and without having to make any changes to their app at all”.

The keyboard uses proprietary technology to intelligently autocorrect words as you type and offers next-word predictions based on the unique way you use words together, meaning it gets smarter the more you use it and adapts to your typing style over time.

Here’s a quick video.

The keyboard is heavy on gestures, too: you can cycle through auto-correct suggestions by swiping up and down, insert spaces and punctuation by swiping to the right, delete words by swiping to the left and more.

Here’s Launch Center Pro with Fleksy integration.

Fleksy keyboard (screenshot 001)

Of course, third-party developers will still need to implement Fleksy keyboard functionality so this feature will be available an app-by-app basis. Those who do will be able to offer their customers a soft keyboard input method other than Apple’s stock iOS keyboard.

Switching between Fleksy and the iOS keyboard is also completely streamlined, as demonstrated by Fleksy’s own app, the free SwiftKey note-taking app.

  • Jeremy


    • @dongiuj

      Octopus keyboard

      • Kevin Osborne

        1) Octopus Keyboard is more like the Blackberry 10 keyboard.
        2) Octopus Keyboard hasn’t been updated to support iOS 7 yet.

      • bob


    • bob

      It’s already out on the Cydia store

  • Shaun Defense

    Any idea if there’s plans to take it to cydia?

    • bob

      It’s out

  • Luke Hampton

    How difficult would this be to implement as a jailbreak tweak to replace the stock iOS keyboard?

  • RebelAlliances

    There’s a problem with your mobile site. I can’t comment because the sign in/up part doesn’t appear…

    • Eni

      you just commented

      • RebelAlliances

        I’m sure you’re smart enough that you don’t need me to explain….

      • Eni

        and i’m sure you’re smart enough to understand that i was just making fun of you 😉

      • gittlopctbi

        You did notice that he did say “mobile site,” right?

      • Eni

        read above before you comment, ofcorse i noticed, i was just making fun

  • Jonathan

    if this was across the entire iOS, I would be the happiest user ever.

  • Jason Baroni

    SwiftKey has this function sort of and I don’t use it.

  • locomambo

    i was just searching this on cydia and online to see if i could add it to my keyboard..i want it now..

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    I’m more excited for Jormy keyboard in Cydia… The keyboard in Hipjot and Nintype

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      I’m SO hype for this!!

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        Yeah I’ve been DM the dev on twitter. He’s started to work on the port, since he completed nintype(a much simpler version of hipjot). Hopefully not much longer!

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Yeah I know I bought Nintype when it was released. I’m also following his timeline on twitter. I think he said 2 weeks for the tweak so we’ll see.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        Yeah but an extra week probably for arm 64

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Well I have just the 5 so that doesnt matter to me. lol but all I know is I’ll be texting, tweeting and facebooking more often with this keyboard. lol

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        Yeah I’m stoked. I like the idea of hipjot and nintype(he let me beta test) but I prefer pages for school notes due to the cloud. But loved using it for the keyboard; I just always copy paste to pages after

      • thephatp

        Who’s the Dev working on the tweak? I’d like to follow him so I can know as soon as this is available!

    • Diego Milano

      What’s this all about? I don’t believe I’ve heard about this before.

  • Justin

    Something tells me that Apple will pull down apps that use this API.

  • 211this

    this keyboard is going to be sweet. Just got the demo and coding it for ios 8 experiment…