Resized Photo Booth

Photo Booth—it’s one of the iPad only apps that sort of gets lost in the shuffle when talking about stock apps. It’s an app that people play with when they first get their iPad’s only to never really touch it again. Despite that, there always seems to be a concerted effort amongst members of the jailbreak community to port Photo Booth to the iPhone.

Two years ago, Photo Booth was ported to the iPhone 4S with much fan fare. Today, it’s been ported to iPhone’s running iOS 7. The good news is that it more or less works like you’d expect. The bad news is that, at least in its current form, it’s a buggy mess devoid of many of the effects found on the iPad version. Have a look at our video walkthrough past the break to see what I mean.

How to install Photo Booth Port:

Step 1: Add the following repo to your Cydia sources:

Step 2: Install Photo Booth Port from the Photo Booth Port repo.

As I stated, the Photo Booth port is extremely buggy. The app crashed many times, and as you can see from the video, only a handful of the effects present in the iPad version are available for use. In other words, this is more of a “hey, look what I can do,”  more than anything else.

What do you think?

  • Marcus

    It’s interesting that you did this video Jeff. It’s on a “myrepospace” repository and you’ve said in the past that many things on there are sketchy and you recommended to stay away but you have done tweak reviews with packages on those sources. With this the port is very buggy but I guess the only reason you did the review was because of the concept. Anyways, as always, great review Jeff!

    • I still believe that, and we generally avoid covering items from those repos, but this is something that we think a lot of people would want to know about, so we made an exception.

      • Marcus

        That’s what I was thinking. If someone were to make something like this though and it wasn’t ported and wasn’t called PhotoBooth but still had a ton of bugs and glitches would you review it? My guess would be no because it would be a myrepospace and also with the bugs and such. Did you just review this because it was ported and because of the name/icon? I’m just curious.

      • Dani Hayes

        You want us to use a broken app that we would have to reinstall when it crashes and doesn’t even work properly?? I have some magic beans I’ll sell you.

  • Christian Mejía

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    • ConduciveMammal

      No one cares about your propaganda bullshit. Get a different hobby

      • Christian Mejía

        Whoa whoa whoa. Simmer down. It’s not propaganda rather a conspiracy.
        Good day sir.

      • jefffff

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    • Eni

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      • Jason Baroni

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  • AwesomeTech2000

    I tried converting the DEB file I got from the developer into an IPA file and then syncing it over to my non-jailbroken iPod touch 5th gen. but iTunes is seeing it as an iPad app. 🙁

    • Svs

      Try using ifunbox

      • Jonathan

        He’s not jailbroken though, so he can’t modify files, right? Or can you install applications that way?

      • Svs

        On some application, yes

      • Jonathan

        Oh, okay. =)

    • UIDeviceFamily in the Info.plist must include iPhone (1) and not just iPad (2).

  • Jerry

    Had this before. It was horrible

  • Gucciipad

    Hey Jeff. Yes the tweak crashes when u share the file but it saves the images to the camera roll.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    It is a fun little app to play with but as you said its boring after a few minutes

    • Svs

      Its fun when you have friend. take a picture of your friend’s face and post it on facebook

  • Svs

    Ibooth from appstore is a great alternative for photo booth

  • GTAsaGuide Ita

    Can you do a “What’s on my iPhone”?

  • Aditya

    You can use all the effects. What you do is open photo booth, select any effect and press the home button. Now go to settings, photo booth and select the effect you like and open up photo booth. You’ll see the effect you chose in settings as the current effect on photo booth.

  • Ugh. Don’t encourage sharing of Apple’s copyrighted files.

  • Wyeth Dion

    Coolstar just released a fully legal “port” for iPhone/iPod Touch. It should be on Cydia soon, but he posted a link to it on his Twitter account. He has proof that it is legal, and I tested it myself.

    • iPT MSTR

      Was gonna post the same thing….

      • iPT MSTR

        It is now on the bigboss repo