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Episode 16: Cody buys a Pebble Smartwatch, new rumblings about Apple’s upcoming iPad plans, how to play old-school NES games via mobile Safari, our thoughts on Microsoft Office for iPad, and we discuss some of the new apps we downloaded in the last week.

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  • mwpitt52

    Please enough Pebble watch advertisements!

    • Yeah, why don’t they make a poll woho is still really using a watch i the year 2014. I don’t need a pebble and i won’t buy an iWatch…

  • Vinr

    maybe this solves your notification problem: Pebble Profiles

    • Some of them, yes. Thank you 🙂

  • Leonard Wong

    I still see no need for a smart watch unless it can do a lot of things that will benefit the users. Also, the battery on these smart watch aren’t that great.

    • Jason Masters

      I agree the pebble is really not all that useful or even good to look at almost all the smartwatches out now are just betas or hobbies really all just a rush to get to the market to make some sort of business profit or business model before apple brings out their iwatch which will most likely dominate and lead the market and set the standard yet again