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Something I like about the iPhone and just about any Apple product is their simplicity. You can just pick up any of their device, and without much technical knowledge, you’re usually able to figure things out pretty quickly – my mom is the living proof of this.

Simplicity usually comes with trade offs though, and the iPhone is no different. For example, have you ever tried to precisely resize an image on your iPhone? While you can crop the image, effectively reducing its size, you can’t change the resolution of a picture to a specific size.

This is where third-party apps come into play. There are many apps out there that will let you change the size of a photo on your iPhone so I’m not saying the one I used in this post is the one and only, but it’s one that I’ve found to work particularly well.

In this post, I will show you how to resize a picture on your iPhone using Image Resizer+, no computer needed!

UPDATE: we have published another tutorial showing how to batch resize iPhone photos and videos. Because it is a newer application, we definitely suggest checking it out as it might perform better than Image Resizer+, which hasn’t been updated in a while.

How to resize a photo on iPhone

Step 1: Download Image Resizer+ from the App Store (other options are provided below, but Image Resizer+ is my favorite)

how to resize image on iPhone

Step 2: Launch the app, and tap on the “Photos” option. It will bring up all the albums on your device, including Camera Roll and My Photo Stream (as you can tell from the above screenshot, you can also load an image directly from your Dropbox). Select the album and then pick the photo you want to resize.

Step 3: Once the image has been loaded into the app, slide to the right in order to bring up the resizing options. At this point, you will have the option to resize the picture in percent or in pixels.

resize iPhone image

Adjust the resolution in percent (left screenshot above): If you want to resize in percent, just use the slider to reduce the image size to your liking. You will notice that as you slide to increase or decrease the size, the width and height of the image will be adjusted automatically.

Adjust the resolution in pixels (right screenshot above): If you want to get exact control over the size of the picture, you can choose to resize in pixels. This will let you type in the exact width or height you want your image to be resized to.

Note that by default, the app is set to resize the image proportionally, but you have the option to make it unproportional, as you can see on the screenshot above.

Step 4: Once you’re done resizing your image to your liking, hit the “Resize” button. As you can tell from the screenshot below, not only the picture has been shrunk to a smaller size, but the file size has also dropped from 8.7 MB to 3.2 MB, while keeping the same aspect ratio.

change image resolution

Step 5: Once the image has been resized, hit the Share button and select what you want to do with it. You can of course save it to your Camera Roll, but you can also share it to various services including Twitter, Facebook, etc.

change size of image

It’s as simple as that. Of course, as I mentioned above, there are many different applications that can allow you to change the size of a photo on your iPhone, so here are a few other options:

More tips about iPhone pictures:

If you’ve found a better way to change the resolution of a photo, please feel free to share it down in the comments below.

  • Thanks! Its great advice!

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Sir , It got 2 ratings!! How this could be a nice app? :O
    (No offence)

    • None taken.

      I didn’t say it was a nice app. I said it was one that worked best for me and had an updated design. This is also the reason why I listed other apps at the bottom.

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Yeah! well said.. Choices may vary..:)
        Still i’m gonna try this one as it worked for u 😛 🙂

      • Spire.

        Is there a reason you have not left a review/rated it? It is still without reviews.

  • Justin Mahone

    Great thanks

  • Eric M

    Photos app. Edit. Crop. Tap aspect at the bottom. Pick your size. Done.

    • Typical comment of a person who read the headline and jumped straight to the comments. This post is not about cropping an image.

      • Breezy

        Really do not understand why you have to get so sassy with him by saying he is irrelevant. The guy gave a tip, and all of a sudden you call him out and say his stuff is irrelevant. He may be wrong but seriously show some class. He reads your blog. Your blog is a company. You as a employee should respect your “customers”.

      • diggitydang

        Apparently, he DOESN’T read the blog:

        “For example, have you ever tried to precisely resize an image on your iPhone? While you can crop the image, effectively reducing its size, you can’t change the resolution of a picture to a specific size.”

      • I don’t think I was sassy. I just pointed out that something he mentioned was unrelated to the topic of the post, especially when I dedicated one sentence of the post to specifically avoid that kind of comment. Commenter @disqus_fsR7eQcVZg:disqus has copy/pasted this sentence below.

  • Justice and Malice

    Anyone know an app like this but for video?

  • Framboogle

    They should make a tweak like this integrated into stock.

    • Adithya Sairam

      It might happen…

      • Jonathan

        iOS 8. Hopefully. :/

  • JulianZH

    None of those apps got rating or good rating. I will stick with photoshop touch for resize.

    • Jonathan

      Yeah. It does the trick. Bought it last year and have been happy ever since. I thought it would gobble up my battery in an hour, but it really doesn’t take that much power.

  • Antzboogie

    Complicated for some of us and yes Im tech savy. Apple making us pay for something that was easily available on ios 6 smh they took a loss on this one.

    • I don’t believe you were ever able to change the dimensions of a picture in iOS 6. I think you’re thinking about the cropping feature, which is still available on iOS 7.

  • Abdl

    Off Topic: Any tweak for ‘find in page’ on safari yet?

    • No tweak necessary. Load a page. In search bar, start typing what you’re looking for on the page. Scroll down and look for “on this page”

      • Abdl

        Never knew of that. Thanks!

  • Jonathan

    Random question, but hopefully someone knows the answer. I’m having an issues where Stock Mail (and probably a few others) have a white status bar instead of black. I tried clearing cache, etc, etc, and even restored. I’m currently restored with no jailbreak and the status bar is still white! What do I do? It’s annoying. -_- It seems to be since Eclipse was updated and enabled it started to happen.

    Edit: new thought, maybe it’s not completely uninstalled, where is Eclipse installed in iFile?

    • Marcus

      Try clearing you status bar cache in iFile ~/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
      That does the trick with Zeppelin problems and theming problems related to theming the status bar. I’ve done it before and it worked with other things.

      EDIT: I forgot to mention, don’t delete the entire UIStatusBar folder. Just delete the contents inside but leave the folder!

      • Jonathan

        Hmm. I’ve tried that twice before and it still didn’t work.
        Why shouldn’t I delete the folder? I’ve done it before, resprung, came back and the folder reappeared, so it can regenerate the folder after all.
        Also, why is that when I have about 12,000 directories, but when I restore, jailbreak, and install all the same tweaks and themes, it says I have about 5,000 directories? What happened to the other 7,000? That’s part of the reason I’m restoring, to clean up whatever that stuff is. iCleaner Pro didn’t get rid of it.

      • Marcus

        I’m not sure why it didn’t work. Based on things I’ve seen from other people they all said not to delete the entire folder, just the contents inside.
        And for the second part of your question, I have no idea why that happens.

      • Jonathan

        Well, I’ll try finding the folder of Eclipse and see if deleting it fixes it. It happened only after I enabled it..

  • Nuno

    OneEdit resize image in batch and more very powerfull

  • CAS

    So I bought Image Reziser+ for this post and it won’t open on my iPhone 5 (jailbroken) 7.0.4 :-/

  • Kal-El

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  • Malih

    Photogene for iPhone does everything for me,
    Editing, retouching, annotate, lens blur, remove geo tag, resize image, even configure JPEG compression.
    All these changes are non destructive… for the same price as this app

  • Yarın Gazetesi

    No multiple image support? Big disappointment!

    • James

      This is an important issue for me. It takes too long to resize individual pics. On my PC, I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to do this. Does anyone know if there is an App that will reduce multiple images on iPhone?

  • Thomas Guenther

    The program can not size in inch or cm that for useless to use as resize for printing direct from phone.

  • ethan11james

    really amazing app tp resize image and use them. We know that pictures clicks from digital camera having too big in size and pixels also. if we want to share them on social media or whatsapp need to be resize them at that time without using PC we can resize them via app really great feature thanks for it.

  • Faris Albishi

    What a fantastic App, thanks a lot