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When Apple dropped iOS 7, some of you may have noticed that the now-playing indicator that resided in the status bar was no longer a thing. It appears to have been removed per Apple’s sweeping design changes for iOS 7.

NowPlayingStatusBar is a jailbreak tweak that adds the now-playing indicator back to iOS’ status bar. Along with the triangular now-playing indicator comes additional option—each of which can be configured by means of the tweak’s settings. Have a look at our video inside for a deeper look.

After you install NowPlayingStatusBar, venture over to the stock Settings app to configure it. Once there, you’ll find two toggles: a kill switch, and an align-left option. No resprings are required when toggling any of the settings found within NowPlayingStatusBar’s settings, but you will have to stop and start your music app of choice for the changes to take effect.

NowPlayingStatusBar Original vs Round
Original now-playing indicator vs round indicator

Along with the normal “play” indicator, you’ll find a circular indicator, and custom options. If you select the custom option without actually going into the file system and uploading your own icon, you’ll be presented with a Beats Music logo as a placeholder of sorts.

NowPlayingStatusBar Custom vs Left
Custom Beats indicator vs left justified indicator

During my usage of NowPlayingStatusBar, I noticed a small bug that prevented the status bar indicator from disappearing when music ceases. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s a problem you should be aware of. There is also an issue of the status bar indicator disappearing when opening up 3rd party apps. Developer Marvin Schwalzik acknowledges that this is a problem with libstatusbar and is hoping to have it cleared up in a future update.

If you’re desperate to have the now-playing indicator back in your status bar on iOS 7, then look no further than NowPlayingStatusBar. It’s a free jailbreak tweak, and it’s available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Please share your thoughts and comments down below.

  • Worth noting that this is still temperamental at the moment, the icon is still absent in the RapGenius app ‘Genius’ for example (one of many, I’m sure).

  • David Gitman

    Too bad apple didn’t make an icon for connected headphones.

  • I thought Apple paid attention to detail. Turns out i was wrong!

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Uhm unless you’re deaf why do you or anyone need a status bar icon to recognise the fact that something is playing. Just use your ears or open the control center…

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  • Priyank Nauni

    added this under my *BS* tweak list…

  • Shingo

    i prefer arco..

  • Tobias9413

    Feel like this is something I should be able to find in Springtomize

  • Joe

    Is there an ios 7 tweak that shows a mute switch icon. I forgot what tweak had it back in ios 6

    • jmh2002

      Yes there is. Oddly enough it’s called “MuteIcon”…

      • Joe my defense, i never had that tweak installed…I always used the icon that Intelliscreen or Lockinfo provided (I forget which one). MuteIcon doesn’t play too nicely with ios 7. The speaker icon is barely noticeable and the bell icon isn’t noticeable when the statusbar is black.

      • jmh2002

        MuteIcon has been updated – give it another try 😉

      • Joe

        Haha, it’s almost as if he heard us. It’s definitely much better but it still disappears on some status bars.

  • Matt

    I just purchased Flex 2. Once I installed it and download patches my phone decided to die -__- I turned it on and the app was gone. Same thing has happened to is file before.
    Doe anyone know why it’s doing that?

    • Jamie Tilden

      r/jailbreak for your questions

      • Matt


    • Fred

      Same thing happened when I installed Flex 2 on my iPhone running iOS 6. It would randomly crash my iPhone (usually when I’m waiting for an important call or message) and I would end up with a blank screen like the phone was off. The only way to restart the phone was to hold the home and power buttons. Some days my iPhone wouldn’t crash at all and other days it would happen all the time. Flex 2 completely disappeared from my iPhone and them mysteriously appeared 2 weeks later. I tried uninstalling all the Flex tweaks that I had installed but it made no difference. Now I’m on iOS 7 and would love to install Flex but at the moment don’t feel it’s worth the risk. As much as I love tweaks, a stable iPhone is so much more important.

    • Mistrjon

      How the hell does that have anything to do with this article?

      • Matt
      • Mistrjon

        Fact: This post was posted about phones. So how do I toot an Android phone?

        …This post has nothing to do with Flex 2.

  • Prasoon Singh

    Why the heck do you need an icon to let you know music is playing? Seems pointless.

  • Yes I love apple

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  • Matt

    Thank you. Gonna check it out.