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Now that WinterBoard has been updated for iOS 7, themers are back on the wagon either updating their themes or coming up with new ones. WinterBoard is a buggy app, and even Saurik, its creator admitted so when it was updated a few weeks ago. In short WinterBoard for iOS 7 is still a work in progress.

One of the bugs that have been affecting themers is related to the Status Bar. The problem comes from a caching issue preventing the Status Bar theming of some themes such as Ayecon or Solstice to propagate correctly to the entire UI. In some cases, you might see the themed Status Bar when running certain applications, while the themed bar might be absent from the Home screen or other apps.

Fortunately, there is one simple fix for this…

If you want to fix the Status Bar not showing properly all across your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open iFile or SSH into your device and go to /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/com.apple.UIStatusbar

Step 2: Delete all of the files located in this directory.

Step 3: Respring your device.

After the respring, the themed Status Bar should be showing properly everywhere on your device. The problem might appear again after changing the theme, in which case, follow these steps again.

Hopefully, this is something that will be fixed in a future WinterBoard update.

Note that this problem is different from another Status Bar bug caused by the jailbreaking process and preventing the stock Status Bar from showing properly in certain stock applications such as Photos, Phone, etc. If you have this problem, make sure to check out our post on how to fix it.

For those wondering, the theme used in the image above is Solstice, one of the best WinterBoard themes for iOS 7. I use the icons and Status Bar from Solstice, a wallpaper from Ayecon, and I removed the icon labels with WinterBoard.

  • Prasoon Singh

    It’s a pain to get the original singal balls back. It was for me.

    • Oscar Nigma


    • Zod

      how did you get it back lol

    • ImLouis

      Rename directories, never delete them

  • Framboogle

    While this does work, there are still certain parts of the OS which retain the original status dots.

    • Chris Tangler

      Like when? I’m using Solstice theme and have the status bar theme enabled that comes bundled with it and I’ve never seen original status dots since applying the theme.

      EDIT: Maybe its the theme you’re using or something.

    • Sigurd Boe

      Only in Jailbreak applications that run as root

  • Stephen O’Neill

    my iPhone is all the sudden showing the old signal bar i want my circle signal bar back would this fix it?

    • That would only be causesd by the theme you are using. Man, some people…

  • MarcianooM.

    Is there also a fix for the theme mask’s. I bought Aura on cydia and everytime i close a app. It will show you for a split second the original icon mask. Which is kinda anoying once you see it. It basicly forces you to use the fade in and out effect which i’m not a fan of.

  • Dallas Groot

    I have contacted Saurik about this issue a couple weeks ago, he is going to release an update sometime to fix this. ALSO if people are having troubles reversing everything (want original signal dots) and have everything on winterboard disabled, you will need to deleted that directory again.

    • Anyone else losing patience with Saurik? He is so incredibly slow with updates and if he didn’t have the name he has, he would be considered a deadbeat developer. Look at all of his tweaks and how iOS 5 is as far as he ever updated them.

      • Dallas Groot

        Have you ever had the consideration of how much effort he puts into his stuff? Previous iOS versions were a snap because not much had changed. iOS7 Chanced everything from the names of items, to location. So when you say ‘Anyone else losing patience with Saurik?’ I actually lose patience with people who are incredibly unthankful for his or other people work. I am super thankful for his efforts, the one that brings us Cydia and many other grateful things.

      • Yeah, so grateful he found the time to update Substrate and Winterboard after he got done throwing his temper tantrum… This fix for the status bar has been out for awhile now but god forbid he implements this simple fix with a quick Winterboard update. Figured I’d get bashed on here for not speaking highly of the egotistical god that is Jay Freeman…
        And do you really think he’ll ever update any of his tweaks? Doubt it! He has to worry about getting attention from Droid fanboys now too!

  • Matt

    If anyone knows — what themes is that?

    • Lexabia


    • Anyone who takes the time to read passed the headline know…

      • ErickMatheus

        How you remove icon labels with WinterBoard? I don’t find this option in Winterboard, thanks Sebastien.

      • Lexabia


      • Matt

        You got me Sebastian one of the very rare times I don’t read the thread but looked at the pictures

  • Francisco Perez

    What if the theme status bar doesn’t appear while on the lock screen even after doing this?

    • adamhuxtable

      Having the same issue 🙁 using the Aura theme

    • I never paid any attention to that until you mentioned it! I’m getting worried the Aura developers aren’t going to do much to update their theme. I have a few iOS 7 themes and they have all been updated at least once since the oh almighty Aura came out that everyone talked me into buying.

  • Abdl

    I’d rather stay away from Winterboard…for now

  • patmack

    Winterboard will not work on my ipad mini 1g. I’ve downloaded many things, they show on winterboard but that’s it.I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it 3 times, to no avail.
    Advice, anyone?

    • Jonathan

      A lot of themes aren’t iOS 7 compatible. And if they are, only certain devices. Example, I have an iPod Touch 5, and this theme I want to download shows it on an iPhone 4/4S (can tell by screen size and app layout). Keep in mind the iPhone is obviously running iOS 7. I install it on my iPod Touch. Nothing. Nothing works. So, first of all, do you have App Sync installed? It seems to be a big issue for a lot of users for tweaks and apps not working.
      2nd, uninstall the ones that aren’t working. Look for one that says in the description it’s compatible. Let me know if it works.

      • patmack

        Alas, none of this worked. I tried with icon shapes, which works beautifully on my ipod touch, but still nothing on my ipad. I reinstalled winterboard, so there were no tweaks to uninstall before icon shapes.
        However, thank you for your time answering my post!

      • Jonathan

        No problem. 🙂
        I know a lot of tweaks are only iPod Touch/iPhone compatible and not iPad as well. So that’s probably the reason.

  • Michel

    This is a great way to fix this issue and faster!! When you have chosen your status bar theme or theme like say ayecon! Open bytafont 2 and choose a font or the same one! This will change the theme! It works for me. If it worked for you please like!

  • dpacemaker

    How about a tweak that gets rid of the “slide to unlock” on the lock screen. I already know how to unlock it, really don’t need the hint anymore. If theres a tweak out there I’d appreciate it.

    • JR


    • redjazon


  • JR

    So after applying this “Fix” my Biocentered theme (changes “>” for slide to unlock to a fingerprint(5s) is no longer working. I’m trying to figure out how to fix it but not sure how.

  • ʝσмαяι⚡️

    Yo, when you guys using byta font try to use the normal stock font then try other fonts that work this work for me

  • Guest

    Bonjour Sebastien! What theme are you using there for your signal and wifi?

    • Mohamed Shuaadh

      Read the complete article and you will know

  • mwpitt52

    I cannot believe you received questions asking which theme was on device.

  • Blake

    Do I delete both?

    • Yes and then respring.

    • Lexabia

      Images folder 🙂

    • Justin DeCarlo

      how did you change the bar at the top?

      • Blake

        The status bar? Im not sure that’s just how it is when I open iFile.

  • Prathik Nair

    What is this app on Sebastians phone

  • Nino 0raham

    For those wondering, the theme used in the image above is Solstice, one of the best WinterBoard themes for iOS 7. I use the icons and Status Bar from Solstice, a wallpaper from Ayecon, and I removed the icon labels with WinterBoard.

  • erkut demir

    How do I make it ?

    • Lexabia

      That is the wifi bar 🙂

  • Imran Ar

    After cleaning up using icleaner pro the status bar issue is gone.

    • Meg

      Thank you! I hope this works! I deleted the var/mobile/library…apple…UI status bar files and resprung but it didn’t work, three times in fact. I even turned summerboard mode on just to make sure. No luck. If your advice doesn’t work I’ll just wait until cydia adjusts more to iOS 7.

  • Allen Greathouse

    How do I fix the status bar from showing the wrong color of text? Specifically in the camera app it shows up as black text on a black background when prior to my JB it showed up white. What gives? And more importantly, what’s the fix?!

  • Westly Santiago

    Worked perfectly. Solstice is really nice.

  • Michael

    How do I get it back?

  • Mix

    Eh, the theme not showing in the lockscreen, any solutions?