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Google officially started work on Chromoting, a remote access technology for its Chrome OS, some four years ago.

Later rechristened to Chrome Remote Desktop, the VNC technology resembles Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection software and is designed to allow folks to access virtual desktops.

An Android Chromoting app has been in the works since last year and now a blogger has discovered evidence in the form of support documentation on the Chromium issue tracker website which indicates that an iOS version is also under development.

Why should you care? Read on…

The Chrominum issue tracker suggests Chromoting will allow users to remotely access their desktop computers using an iOS client as a conduit for the connection, explains 9to5Mac.

Chromoting is “a client for Andriod & iOS which lets you control your computers from other computers”, Google explains in the Chromium issue tracker post.

The iOS version is “very unpolished” at this stage and the search giant expects it will ship after the Android client “given they are in different stages of implementation”.

It’s interesting that the Android client “uses native icons which are built into the OS”. How do they expect to get away with this?

The biggest advantage of Chromoting over the existing crop of remote desktop management apps for the iPhone and iPad would be its price: free.

Keep in mind that popular VNC utilities such as Screens, pictured above, typically start at $9.99 for basic functions and go all the way up to as much as $129.99 for high-end apps like LogMeIn Ignition.

Screens 3.0 is in the low-range, $19.99 on the App Store.

Will you be giving Chromoting a whirl when it comes out?

  • Jonathan

    Teamviewer is the best.Easy to use, clean, and can connect from anywhere.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Splashtop is better since it supports audio and video streaming so you could listen to music from iTunes for example or better yet use flash websites (yes they should have died a horrible death a long time ago but they sadly still exist)…

      • Jonathan

        I can transfer audio as well. videos are choppy, but they work.

    • Adam Bowman

      Yeah… Been using Teamviewer for years. It is good.

    • Jack Wong

      Teamviewer is the best for remote IT support/assistance across pc/mac.

      But not the best solution for personal remote, for my iOS/Mac setup, I have iTeleport.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Why is there a picture of the Screens remote VNC application when this article is about a remote desktop app by Google

  • flayzeraynx

    i paid logmein ignition $29.99 couple years ago and i see that is now $129.99.. how?!?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I thought logmein was free and the reason you pay $129.99 was for use commercially the same as with Teamviewer or am I wrong?

      • flayzeraynx

        I mean i bought it for $29.99.. And never been free as far as i known. How is that possible it is now $129.99?

      • flayzeraynx

        when i say “free” i am trying NOT to say the IOS app.. i know some part of the logmein is free (option with PRO), but the ios app was (AFAIK) NOT free since its release

    • marcus1324

      I got it for free about 4 years ago.

  • NaSty

    Apparently Google Chrome iOS app stores synced passwords unencrypted, plain as a text file (search)….you guys might wanna make a post on this and not credit me for giving you a heads up

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I read this too on Reddit but you and whoever made the post are misunderstanding. They are stored unencrypted but unencrypted in the keychain the keychain protects the passwords and the only way the person that found this out could see the passwords is because they decrypted them using the keychain. Bottom line is this only really affects jailbroken users and Google probably couldn’t care less about people that jailbreak their devices…

      • NaSty

        lol my bad then….

  • Jack Wong

    It will die in one of the Spring.

  • Free is good, but only if it’s a good app.
    I’ve bought and extensively tested about five $5-$20 screen sharing apps, and I’ve found that Jump is the best, especially if you use their client. It’s extremely fast and it offers lots of options in regards to control mechanisms and connection speed styles.

    • But it’s true, Chrome Remote Desktops is great for remote IT.

  • Aliasgar Babat

    Yeah, Google has been outdoing themselves lately, and my hat’s off to them. But for a business like mine where I’m handling such sensitive information, I need better security, so I use RHUB remote support and web conferencing appliance. It provides me everything in one box.