FitBit Force (image 001)

FitBit released its Force fitness tracker last October, but not all of the planned software features were ready for the launch, namely notifications for incoming calls. According to a company representative, Called ID functionality is currently being worked on and is scheduled for delivery in February 2014 via a free software update.

They’ve also shared a video showing Caller ID integration on the Force and I’ve included it below the fold for your viewing pleasure…

Here, check it out.

It’s quite handy: if you receive a phone call while jogging, Caller ID will make it easy to just glance at your wrist and see who’s calling, without ever needing to pull out an iPhone from your pocket or pause your run.

Now imagine something like this on an iWatch…

It’s interesting that Caller ID integration will be an iPhone exclusive feature, SlashGear learned. Caller ID will require an iPhone 4s or newer due to the need for power-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 networking and iOS 7.

The Bluetooth 4.0-enabled wrist-worn accessory records steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed, calories burned and active minutes, measures the quality of your sleep and more.

Here’s a promo video highlighting the Force’s key features, from three months ago.

And another one.

The Force has a nice  built-in OLED display that of course shows time, data pertaining to your activity, motivational reminders and stuff like that. It’s got accelerometer, pedometer and altimeter sensors and packs in a vibrating alarm function.

The Force fetches $129.95 a pop, available in Black and Slate, over at the Fitbit store.

  • chumawumba

    Release the iWatch already!

  • jacobkwright

    Sweet…this should hold me over until something better comes along.

  • Techsticles

    Seriously. What’s there to demo? It’s one line of data. Release the update already.

  • sikra

    Now if only the update would contain a stopwatch mode and a countdown alarm sitting, it will be near perfect.

    I actually see possibilities in the force being able to show a lot more information from your phone. Say your about to make ready for you run, and you just tap a few times on the watch button to get to a weather-update page??

    • micrich3

      If you hold the button on the Force it will go into stopwatch mode. It’s used to track sleep but you can edit your session as not sleep from the app when you’re done.

      • sikra

        It just seems a bit stupid to use the sleep tracking as a stopwatch instead of having a dedicated stopwatch..

        I’d give up caller ID any day if I could instead have a stopwatch and a countdown alarm option.

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    Whats The benefit of this if you just see whose calling rather than It will be more excited if it recieves call too

  • The slashgear Video sucks

  • kaliente

    Fitbit is ugly, UP does same and look better