With the release of iOS 7.1 beta 1, Apple introduced a new accessibility feature that would allow users to always have the dark keyboard by default, instead of having iOS display a light or dark keyboard depending on the background. This feature was gone from the next beta release, but it is coming back to life thanks to Bloard, a new jailbreak tweak, developed by GN-OS…

Bloard is pretty straightforward. After downloading the tweak from Cydia, it will be activated by default, which means that any keyboard showing up on your iPhone will be the darker version. It’s worth noting that the dark version offered by Bloard is the stock dark version. In clear, this is not a keyboard theme.

Jeff went hands on with Bloard:

The tweak can easily be turned On and Off thanks to a handy switch found in Settings > Bloard.

After using it for a couple days, I can tell Bloard works fairly well. However, I do notice a small lag from time to time to load up the dark keyboard. For example, if you go to Safari and tap on the unibar, the light keyboard will show briefly before switching to the dark keyboard. This problem also occurs on several other applications. While it is not a deal breaker, it is however a small annoyance for people like me who like things to work perfectly. Hopefully the developer can figure out a fix in a future update.

If you’re not too fond of the light keyboard in iOS 7, Bloard is a tweak for you. Besides the small issue I noted in the previous paragraph, it works very well.

You can download Bloard for free from the BigBoss repo.

  • Justin Mahone

    Аh, OK

    • box office

      You should check out a cool tweek called iTunes Radio unlimited …what it does is that it removes ads and gives you unlimited skips …. It works like a charm … some ads might still be showing but you can get allways the unlimited skips …
      iTunes Radio perfected

      • mrloko

        Any tweak for spotify??

      • jms17

        I saw today a tweak that removes the shuffle feature of the new free Spotify App it’s called Spotifree on the insanelyi repo 🙂

      • Sam Khan

        So basically you are saying we don’t need itunes match?

  • Prasoon Singh

    Didn’t they make a video for this before?



  • 123bob

    This is wow

  • Blip dude

    Right now, I have the tweak installed. However, the keyboard is still white. Typing in a URL or using it to search for an app within the device, a Black Keyboard will appear. However, when it comes to searching within the browser, or typing comments, the White keyboard will appear instead.

    • You’re right. I see that if I try to leave a comment on iDB, it shows the light keyboard. Ok, this tweak definitely needs a bit more polishing.

      • Ge0rges

        Sebastien we are working on a fix and should release an update with more features very soon.

      • Al

        I know I’m stretching it, but it would be awesome if Fleksy keyboard could be implemented.

      • Ge0rges

        An update went live. Maybe update the post? Also if you like Bloard support us by donating!

    • GN-OS

      We are sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on the update for Bloard…. To get notified you can follow us on twitter @GN_OS

      • mrloko

        Hi..the tweak needs more polishing for sure..also you should give an option for light or dark black..currently its not dark..its litle light..also you can give different color options

      • Ge0rges

        And update was released.

  • Jimmy Velletta

    iTunes Radio Unlimited — you’re welcome.

    • chumawumba

      I like it but sometimes it causes the music app to crash randomly.

      • Ge0rges

        Definitely not this tweak. Please check other tweaks.

    • mrloko

      Any tweak for spotify ?

      • Jimmy Velletta

        Haven’t seen one yet, no.

  • Anonymous

    Wish color keyboard would get an ios7 update

    • GN-OS

      We can be your Santa Claus!
      We something left in our bag and its colorful..
      To get notified follow us on twitter @GN_OS

  • Ben

    I’m downloading that

  • Ben

    Does it work on apps not yet updated for iOS 7?

    • GN-OS

      If the app supports the iOS 7’s keyboard, it will work..

  • OhSixTJ

    “It’s worth noting the…. Stock black keyboard”

    No it’s not. Stock is darker.

    • GN-OS

      Its actually the built in dark keyboard,
      we have made it possible to switch between the keyboard of your choice…. Its not a theme so it is all stock

      • mrloko

        But it looks a little lighter…

      • OhSixTJ

        Why does it darken to the darker (original dark) keyboard when you rotate the phone? I’m pretty sure this keyboard is lighter than the original dark. I just can’t remember where to find the original dark to get a screenshot

  • Andy

    Could add settings so that users can choose which keyboard color they want – keyboard is always white or dark.

    • GN-OS

      Andy, you can change the keyboard from settings….
      There are few issues with bloard but we have an update coming…
      To get notified, follow us on twitter @GN_OS

  • EDiTOR9

    Lol @ “how’s it hanging..?”

  • chjode

    A bug to note is that if you have a passcode on your phone, the little dots that appear when you type in your code are very dark and may be hard to see on a dark background.

    Aside from that (and the aforementioned occasional reappearance of the white keyboard), this is a great tweak.

    • GN-OS

      Thanks for reporting it! We appreciate that…
      An update is coming for bloard so we’ll get that fixed..
      To get notified, follow us on twitter @GN_OS

  • GN-OS

    After looking at few feedbacks, to verify that the black keyboard is all stock, i’ve taken a screenshot from spotlight and one from notes… You match them both are same also don’t forget iOS 7’s keyboards are transparent so background can make the keyboard look different..
    Thank you!

    • Al

      Any way of implementing Fleksy keyboard or providing some type of hack to get it standard through the OS.

      Would be awesome… Cool tweak by the way.

  • Joe Benning

    Awesome. I hated that Apple got rid of this. Thanks!

    • GN-OS

      Glad you liked it…. Thanks!

      • Joe Benning

        Sorry, I edited the last. I’m on 5s BTW. I did like the look, though.

  • Mark

    Any tweaks to enable unlock sound yet, did see a post saying the unlock sound file is still present in ios 7 just not enabled

  • jacobkwright

    Is this any different than KeyBlack? I currently have it installed and it seems to work just fine. Is this any better? Different? The same?

    • Joe Benning



  • Omar Wright

    I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like forever. Now all i need is BiteSMS. Comeooooooon BiteSMS.

  • Sam Khan

    Ahhhh, the tweak i’ve always wished for, after the introduction of ios7

    • GN-OS

      Glad you liked it, We even have a colorful surprise left…
      Follow on twitter @GN_OS to get notifed!

      • Khader Irshaidat

        Following you now 🙂 @kirshaidat
        It’s awesome and i love it 🙂

  • Jeremy Scott

    works fine for me

  • Cameron Connell

    once you go black…

  • Khader Irshaidat

    I really love this video 🙂 well, do i really need this Jeff? Hehehehe

    Bro, you have the best blog ever, i love idownloadblog and i open it daily just to see the elegance and the beautifull work you guys do. 🙂

    I really hope the best for you.

    Greetings and HAPPY 2014

  • Sandy Cook

    As far as I can tell it inverts the KB colour, white to black and black to white (eg: lockscreen advanced passcode)

    • Noaaahh

      I’m pretty sure in iOS there is an option for app developers (and Apple) to set white, or black keyboard.

      • Sandy Cook

        I know. What I was saying was, the original version seemed to simply invert the choice. White became black, but black became white (eg: advanced passcode on lockscreen)

  • sweet! how come i missed this?!?!

  • Doofus in Bey

    What an awesome tweak…I used to need glasses to use my iPhone, now I can use it anytime, even at night in bed. Thanks