Having issues with Cydia Substrate? Try this

By , Dec 31, 2013

Cydia Substrate Barrel

I woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise: Mobile Substrate had been updated to support iOS 7 on ARM64 CPUs, making it compatible with all of the latest Apple devices like the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina Display. As you can imagine, I rushed to the office without even brushing my teeth (I know, gross) and installed the new Cydia Substrate package that appeared on Cydia.

Unfortunately for me, none of the tweaks and apps that I had installed began to work after Cydia Substrate was updated. I think it may, and I’m just grasping at straws here, have to do with the fact that I was impatient, and already had a bunch of stuff installed that didn’t work in the first place. To fix this issue, I took a fairly logical approach; I completely uninstalled Substrate and reinstalled it from scratch. Have a look inside for more details.

Step 1: Uninstall Cydia Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode

This should completely remove Cydia Substrate and any of its dependancies. This means that many of the tweak and apps, if not all of them, will be removed from your device. This is okay, we’ll reinstall them later.

Step 2: Reinstall Cydia Substrate

This will automatically pull in Substrate Safe Mode along with it.

Step 3: Install a known working tweak

I recommend using Barrel, because I can vouch for it working on 64-bit devices.

Here’s our video showing Cydia Substrate working with Barrel:

Afterwards, you can start reinstalling any other tweaks and apps that you rely on. Remember, though, that if they haven’t been updated to support the hardware in Apple’s newest devices, then they may not work.

Let me know if this was able to help you at all in the comment section below. Now, it’s time to break out that toothbrush.

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  • sanjeev chahar

    that was me, i guess!!

  • Xy19

    All my tweaks screwed up after I updated Cydia substrate. Zeppelin, controltask and etc =/ Tried re-installing jailbreak and it is still the same. Not sure whether is it really the update of subtrates though. Someone please enlighten me?

  • Scarydude766

    Weird, I somehow managed to keep all of my tweaks. I think I reinstalled cydia substrate and then turned off my iPad and turned it back on again, it took about 5 minuted to boot but all of the tweaks worked again.

  • Tommy Sadler

    I’m not able to use any tweaks on my 5s. I’m sure the same goes for many others. I get the preference bundles error and the tweaks are unusable.

  • Shamaine Samsi

    Does activator work on iPhone 5? I’m so confused.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Works on my 5S.

  • Ravi

    I installed the cydia substrate on my iphone 4S but many apps are removed like (celender and calculater ) have any same problem

  • disqus_6P6SZGVlie

    My phone keeps crashing when I pull down spotlight to search. Anyone els having this problem? Any way to fix it?

    • George V

      yeah i noticed this too no idea whats causing it

  • sloanq

    Seems that while in “Safe Mode”, the restart doesn’t work, i had to restore my iPhone.

  • Sai

    Will this work with ipad 2? I jailbroke but I didn’t have substrate….

  • George V

    Has anyone noticed longer boot times? not sure if its only me

  • Ben Barros

    When is color keyboard gonna work on iOS 7

  • http://www.friv2friv3friv4.com/ friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    you have to re-enable it in the notification center settings for some reason they keep getting turned off…

  • crazyride

    Really need help here, tried everything (but not restore, rejailbreak etc..) but still cannot make anything work with cydia substrate on my ipad air … don’t really want to restore because I have so many things installed already, so if anybody had the same issue or know how to fix please help !!! thanks mates !!

    • crazyride

      Well, finally got it to work after doing the procedure about 5 times, weird issue … But still have the same issue as other guy, the error in preference that make some tweaks don’t work .. probably waiting for some more updates will fix it …

  • faisal

    okay,.. so you use a 64bit ARM device and you go around installing all the tweaks possible from cydia before even checking if its compatible ?? good luck with you guys.

  • Catchhafeel

    still i have problem with preference bundles error on my iPhone 5s like transparent screen ,carrier piegeon,killbackground7 and some more tweaks l

  • MaK™

    Whats with this ad redirection in cydia? Is it happening to anybody else?

  • kelvis

    Cydia substrate is gone . I removed mobile substrate but I don’t see Cydia substrate. Running iPhone 5 please help

  • lanceuppercut47

    Worked for me on my iPad Air, was baffling how even Activator had been updated, it wasn’t working.

    I was about to do a full backup/restore/restore/jailbreak there, thanks Jeff!

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Cant take the benefits of jailbreaking, as this is all i get when i try to use cydia repo, hence no cydia substrate. Have restored and rejailbroken, still same. Stuck for a week!!
    Help would be appreciated.

  • Rab

    Tried that but barrel still not working on my I pad air

  • Sister Lucy

    This may be a dumb question but, my iPhone 5 is running iOS 6.1. I have updated everything when I see changes in Cydia.

    I want my phone to remain jail broken but I also want to be able to get Apps from App Store written for iOS 7. Right now I cannot do this.

    What do I do?

    Thank you

  • Cameron

    My tweaks still stop working after reboot, I thought this update would have fixed that issue. Is anyone else having the same problem ? (I have an iphone 4)

    • Ed Ablola

      Do as I did, restore using itunes then rejailbreak using Evasion Hold off updating to Cydia Substrate.

      • Sister Lucy

        Will all of the jailbreaks tweaks (apps) that I have installed still be available and will they work? Thank you.

      • Ed Ablola

        Restoring and rejailbreaking will wipe it all out. You need to reinstall them.

        All of my apps and tweaks are now working perfectly, no hiccups…for now.

  • Ed Ablola

    No go for this fix for me on my IP4s. Had to restore on itunes and rejailbreak using Evasion 7 1.0.1. Will hold off updating to Cydia Substrate.

    • Ed Ablola

      My IP4s & a friend’s IP5 & 5s is happily chugging along.

  • Milad

    I had thé same problem , but i only removed the safe substrate and reinstall it and everything back to normal :)

  • Alex Blaha

    I updated MS and a bunch of other tweak updates that were release because of the new MS, this bricked my phone. I will never know the exact reason why it did that, I have my phone jailbroken and working fine now. I think it was because I installed “Bootstrap” and forgot to uninstall it before updating MS. Beware of this. Anyway now that my phone is working and jailbroken again, my notification center is blank, anyone else have this problem? Any fixes? :(

  • Arpan Ghosh

    Hi.. I m using iPhone 5s, mobile / cydia substrate not working on my device.. Whenever i try to install it gives me some error then “return to cydia” tab comes up.. Shall i re-jailbreak my device ? Or should I wait for an update …..

  • Muhammedl

    Help!? My iPhone 5 running iOS 7 .0 .4. Normally he was turning on (rebooting) in about 30 seconds. But after I installed Cydia substrate it started rebooting
    In about 3 minutes!? I restored and re – jailbroke but there is no cure.
    Someone help!?

  • rahilboy basharahil

    hi, i did what you said but i got another problem which is that after installing the cydia substrate and the tweaks, the tweaks worked but some default apps like (mail calculator safari) stopped working. can you pls help me and tell me what to do.

    Thank you

    • Ed Ablola

      This has happened to me. The only solution that worked for me, restore using itunes, rejailbreak using, then reinstall all tweaks and apps and upgrades that are ios 7 compatible.

      Using an iphone 4s by the way

      • rahilboy basharahil

        thanks for the reply, i’ll do so hop it will work for me to coz am using iPhone 5s.

      • Ed Ablola

        I did this to a friends IP5s. Worked fine. Hope it will work for you.

  • Monica Kapoor

    Hi folks & Jeff Benjamin… I m using IP-5s,
    Cydia substrate not working on my device.. Whenever i try to install it gives me some error then “return to cydia” tab comes up (enclosed pic).. Shall i re-jailbreak my device ? friends please help me ^_^

    • Wood1030

      Reinstall of Cydia is not necessary, Cydia servers are probably just busy.
      I would just wait awhile and try to load again later. :)

      • Monica Kapoor

        Thanks !
        I just re jailbreak my device but still same problem :-(
        Whenever I’m trying to refresh it gives me error … now Cydia is also not upgrading …. agrgrr !!

      • Monica Kapoor

        Even I removed ultrasn0w repo.. still problem……..

      • Ed Ablola

        Exit cydia and restart cydia…seems to me that the packages did not all load up, hence the error. Happened to me once.

    • Ed Ablola

      Restore using itunes then re-jailbreak.

  • Ian Lee

    After install barrel all tweak stop working
    And i follow all the steps to uninstall cydia substrate and reinstall again. But it still not working. Please help T.T

    • Ed Ablola

      Just uninstall the barrel tweak and respring.

  • siuagdiufh

    Yah I’m having trouble with preference bundles

  • Jason

    Everytime I install CCQuick on my 5S, it resprings twice, thus cancelling out all of my other cydia tweaks. Rejailbroken already, Cydia Substrate has been installed, uninstalled and installed again. It happens with a few more tweaks, but I can live without them. Any ideas?

    • Ed Ablola

      Just uninstall the last tweaks you installed that did not work and respring.

  • Sernchern

    My cydia substrate still crash when using search function. I am using iphone 5, ios 7.0.4 evasi0n jailbreak.

    • 1080pete

      The exact same thing happens to me on my 5. 7.0.4 too. Doesn’t seem to be a fix for it. Other than not searching.

  • Qasim Khurshid

    iprotect & other apps working but my problem
    is in-call when i got another call on waiting my phone go on safe mode.any solution?

  • Qasim Khurshid

    with these apps i got problem i have 6.1.2 on iphone5.when i remove substrate safe mode my phone will be fine,after install 1 of them while call waiting my phone go on safe mode

  • tyler

    Having This issue on my iPod Touch 5th gen on iOS 6.1.3. It happened after I updated Cydia Substrate.

  • Keshava

    This doesnt work for me is it because i am on an ipad mini

  • Danny Davis

    Im having a problem with getting my themes to apply on my 5S that I have just jailbroken. The themes i select ARE compatible, and dont apply after selecting and tapping respring in winterboard, also tried summerboard..these particular themes work on another 5s..

  • Ashvin Savaliya

    The real problem is my Cydia and all other tweaks are not working and cant even let me go into Safe Mode in my iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4….Is there any other option to go to Safe Mode or Uninstall Cydia??

  • Horrid Baby Names

    Winterboard keeps crashing my phone. I’ve had to uninstall it after several crashes in an hour span.

  • CJ

    I am having the same issues! I hope they update soon I only have 3 tweeks that work now :(

  • sham ibrahim

    i am having iphone 4 gsm and its restarting as i have installed
    activator tweak, i am not able to get to the home screen in cydia ios 7

    its restarting again and again as i slide the lock screen..

    and its shuts down with a flash light at backside. and when it restarts it is in flight mode and dnd.

    please help me.. please its a request

    reply me in – shamibrahim77@gmail.com

  • coolspyguy

    i get a preference loader problem every time i try to install anything, including preference loader

  • Ishan raghoebier

    Hi I have an problem cydia when I open it it opens wel bit in the sources there are nothing when I’m going to search nothing is coming what to do help me please with my problem can you send it to ishanraghoebier@gmail.com

  • Ishan raghoebier

    What is the name and source of the theme that you have

  • Prathit Pannase

    I need help every time my 4s crashes and goes to safe mode.
    All my apps get removed from notification centre.
    I am tired of going to settings and turning show on ” notification centre ” for every single app.
    Has anyone got any alternative to turn them all at once or anything else ?

  • daai

    my iphone is jail broken , i have tweaks but i woke up and now i cant find cydia

  • Tristan

    My phone kept having the voice control come up and the charging port kept saying that the charging cord wasn’t supported. I did what you said above and so far it has fixed the problem.

  • KiIIua_Zoldyck

    it keeps saying

    note:your device overrides the library path and moves /system/lib before /vendor lib,adding extra things to the path’ this brakes Substrate. Can you report this to saurik via e-mail? /system/lib:/lib:/usr/lib:/system/lib/ste_omxcomponents/:/vendor/lib

  • Andrew

    Look I really need help I deleted substrate safe mode and I lost everything and I can’t find most of the cydia tweaks for my phone