Taig taiji

Chinese jailbreakers were up for a surprise this morning when they decided to run evasi0n7 to jailbreak their iOS 7 devices. Instead of finding Cydia installed on their Home screen as you normally do, they found a different installer named Taig – believed to be pronounced Taiji (please correct me if I’m wrong).

How does this Chinese installer get installed on your device? Why would Cydia be put aside for Chinese users? Did the evad3rs get paid one million dollars to strike a deal with a Chinese company? A few questions that I hope to answer in the upcoming paragraphs.

After talking with a reliable source close to the evad3rs, I was given some information on the confusion surrounding the release of this jailbreak. Note that this is me relaying this information as it was given to me. I am not saying everything you read in this post is the truth. What you read in this post is the information that was passed on to me by an incredibly reliable source with detailed knowledge of the situation…

How do you get Taig on your device?

People are wondering what this Taig installer is and how they get it on their device, or maybe more commonly asked, how to make sure they do not get it installed on their device.

If the main dictionary used on your iOS device is Chinese, then evasi0n will detect it and install Taig by default. Although I haven’t tried this myself, I am being told that you can still install Cydia during the jailbreak process, simply by checking a box in evasi0n7.

If Chinese is not the default language on your device, then Taig will not be installed.

Why isn’t Cydia the default installer?

From what I gather, many Chinese users do not speak English well or at all, and Cydia being a 100% English installer (although there are probably some Chinese translation tweaks available for it) makes it hard for the majority of Chinese users to figure out what they are doing on Cydia. As a matter of fact, after jailbreaking their devices, many Chinese users go on to install local installers via AFC2.

Giving Chinese jailbreakers the option to install a Chinese installer right off the bat is something that will probably be welcome by local users because Cydia isn’t really adapted for them to begin with. Imagine having Cydia in Chinese on your iPhone. That wouldn’t be very practical and I think that you’d probably be happy to get an installer in your own language instead. That’s what Taig offers to Chinese users.

Is Taig a repo for cracked apps?

Yes and no. From what I hear, there are some shady repos installed by default on Taig but I’m being told the company behind it will be doing a witch hunt and get rid of them, when possible. Please remember that I am just sharing the information I am given.

It must be noted that Taig is just like Cydia though. Although Cydia doesn’t offer pirated apps repos by default, nothing stops you from adding these repos manually later on. Taig is exactly the same in this regard.

This being said, Taig gave some guarantees to the evad3rs that they will not support piracy. As a matter of fact, I believe that some repos have already been removed from Taig this morning following piracy claims.

Are Chinese going to take over my device?

No, China will not take over your iOS device, neither will your information be stolen or anything of sort. Remember that Taig is only installed if evasi0n7 detects Chinese language as default on your device. While there are certainly many users in the US for example having Chinese as the primary language on their device, the bulk of users with this specific setting is obviously in China.

Chinese users installing Taig will have to be the one making the vote of confidence to Taig. Personally having no knowledge about Taig, I’d probably stay away from it, but Chinese users in China may have a different point of view.

But how can I be sure no rogue code is installed on my device?

The majority of jailbreakers won’t be able to tell, but I believe evasi0n7 will be under intense scrutiny over the next few days and weeks. If there is something fishy, it will be discovered. Now if you’re too worried, just don’t jailbreak your device.

Did the evad3rs get paid one million dollars to bundle Taig to evasi0n7?

Although we didn’t get a clear yes to this question, we also didn’t get a clear no. As always, the truth is somewhere in between, but if I had to take a guess, I’d say the truth is probably very close to $1M.

Could have the evad3rs communicated better?

Absolutely. There currently is a backlash against the evad3rs for releasing the jailbreak now, but maybe more importantly for working with a Chinese company. I think the evad3rs could have prepared a statement explaining their move, a few minutes before releasing evasi0n7. This would have clarified things up for everyone, and it would have probably avoided this massive confusion.

This being said, the evad3rs were in a rush to release their jailbreak, facing competition from different teams. From what we hear, there were two teams actively working on the iOS 7 jailbreak. Apparently, Saurik was part of one team, and geohot himself was part of another. This is just rumors so please do take this information with a gigantic grain of salt.

We’ll know more shortly as the evad3rs will take to Reddit to apparently clear things up.

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  • Adham

    My opinion is that even if the evaders sell out or not, I have a jailbreak. All I really want is a jailbreak, I don’t care how it comes about as long as it exists.

    • Max Kas

      So you don’t mind if there is possibly hidden code within the jailbreak that we don’t know about yet?

      • stulaw01

        Tinfoil hat much?

      • BoardDWorld

        One word “Chinese”. They’re the biggest thieves in the world. Responsible hacking millions of highly secured networks to pirate designs to make counterfeit goods. No way in the world would I touch Taig. I only install legitimate apps/tweaks from reliable sources & immediately change my root & user password.

      • Thiago Zhon

        like all Americans are perfect… racist bastard

      • Hoang Nguyen

        Americans are not perfect, but they are not a bunch of THIEVES like the F**KING CHINESE. And that were the kindest words I could have used.

      • Adham

        I’m not a fan of conspiracies. Until there is an actual clear cut statement from one of the two involved parties that is my opinion at the moment.

      • Maxim∑

        plenty of clear cut statements already exist, your just not actively looking for it. Instead of waiting for things to come to you, why don’t you have a look.

      • Adham

        Because I have other priorities in life and can’t spend the time looking. Don’t be ignorant.

      • Maxim∑

        If your phones language is Chinese, evasi0n installs a pirated Chinese app store. I’m sure people in China are more aware of this company then we are.

        Direct translation…:

        “[Discuss] Taiji-aide confirmed the company’s software for the 360, and the theft of user data Taiji assistant will connect the company’s iphonespirit (dot com) 360 as a server, and the data submitted are encrypted data”

        They guy then posts a log file showing proof that this pirated app store is sending our data. At this point I have to believe him, he is also one of the top contributors to that particular forum. So why would he make stuff up?

      • So those are the hostnames. Adding to hosts file. Right now don’t jailbreak unless you know how to edit /etc/hosts on an iPhone.

      • Nestea80

        “Because I have other priorities in life and can’t spend the time looking. Don’t be ignorant.”

        Oh the irony.

      • Adithya Sairam

        Do you mind?

      • Umut Bilgiç

        If there was such a thing, people would not be late to find it and that would not be pleasent for both sides. So I dont think they would take such a risk to start with.

      • Maxim∑

        Its no longer possibly, but confirmed. This Taiji assistant is sending our data to a Chinese server known as “360” I have filed a security ticket for Apple waiting on a reply.

      • Curiosity

        Just to make sure… This only happens if you jailbroke your device with Chinese set as your primary language, correct? Or does this affect everyone that used this new jailbreak tool?

        Thank you

      • Maxim∑

        Yes only if Chinese is set to your primary language when you jailbreak it. However I would still be a bit careful, we should know within a week all of the details from this.

        It looks like as your language is not Chinese your safe 🙂

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Would love you to give us feedback. Maybe testing of a crashed event and see if you can log an auto log for info

      • You had too much SUGAR. It’s IN THE CODE cos it installs – IN CHINA. I swear to GHOD, you can read code but you have no common sense.

      • a beto e merik

        This. +1

      • Joey John Egbert Joyce

        Not trying to start shit but you basically just told Apple you went against their policies and jailbroke your phone and you expect them to solve this TAIG ISSUE!? The most they will do is patch ios to break the jailbreak. I’m sorry but there are way better ways to go about this “problem”. You sir need to think before doing anything else regarding this.

      • Maxim∑

        When did I say that I installed it on a device? I opened the .exe file and saw what triggered the tool to install the Taiji assistant. You can use the iOS emulator to install the evasi0n tool through xcode and view the file system (it won’t boot) I then saw through the networking tool wireshark that it was still sending packets of Data to 360

      • Its only in China and they got the right to be able to read it in their own language. As it states in the article, but nobody is reading the article, they are making up fake conspiracies with the Birthers of the world.

      • Lagax

        You’re sending Apple a security ticket on something that contains you doing something they strictly forbit(and that makes you loose your guarantee)?

        Are you kidding me?!

      • Matt

        I have to say Maxim — you are a genius and I don’t know what apple will do even if you send them the ticket but great work man. Yes i did jailbreak but given the fact that Cydia was pretty much useless I restored and hope that my Apple ID and other things aren’t in the Chinese’s hands. Thanks once again.

      • Work my ASS. All he found out, what what we already KNEW from the article, that TaiG installs – IN CHINA. And this was clearly spelled out in the article,

        If he looked in his PHONE, he would not be finding a trace of it, if he was in the US.

      • Matt

        You know the bashful statement is not necessary. he actually took time to get on his compute, open an application (not sure what app) and research. Don’t hate because someone got to finish line before you did.

      • David Villamizar

        Just ignore the idiot, and wait for updates on this matter. Good this guy is taking the time to test, because no one else seems to care.

      • Mohammad Mudassir

        Are u fuk*** kidding me?
        or are you a 2 year old kid having an iPhone for the first time as a birthday gift instead of a lollypop?

      • Maxim∑

        Congratulations you speak English. Your comment is out of context. I don’t know what you are saying

      • vergilvsdant

        if its really a hidden code under the jailbreak u will never know too…and dun forget planetbeing is also a Chinese, but u still trust him..

    • Quang

      so you don’t care if they record your keystrokes, information and give to Chinese company?

      • RarestName

        I’m more concerned about something like a botnet.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        And what about America and NSA.

      • hkgsulphate

        The Government of China is worse than the NSA

      • Chuck Finley

        Prove it.

        Both governments are as bad as each other.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        Did not know there was a contest between the worst governments, for me it’s a question if any government steal my private data.

      • Quang

        America and NSA? They just scan your info. If you are not a Terrorist, don’t worry.

        Chinese company? They can hack, and steal everything from you.

      • Adham

        I think the problem is that if the NSA were to get hacked then all your information would be in the hands of hackers

      • Quang

        I think US government is better than Chinese government.

      • They are all the same thing. They can collect your info anytime they want without you knowing

      • BeatModz

        fu– all the governments.. NEW WORLD ORDER coming !!! Illuminati is the real deal

      • Caleb Meadow

        Just incase youre not being sarcastic.. Illuminati isn’t real… Ask any satanist group.. O9a or satanism.. There is no books/rituals recording them ever.. It’s just made up.. Kinda like the end of the world is in 2012.. Nah… The only real record of the ” cult ” is a band

      • WolfgangHoltz

        Is probably not significant for Chinese enterprises, That type of activity have no borders.
        And to have it in a Jailbreak realese is probably the worst idea if you want to hide it.

      • Thats not gonna happen, cos he was in the US when he installed it.

        OY VE, first it was, everyone pissed off coe the jailbreak was not already ready for them when 7 came out, NOW it is this crap. This guy is probably from Cult of Droid.

      • a beto e merik

        I worried bout you more than them, Quang…

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      Is the Jailbreak stable. Doesn’t your iDevice feel funny

      • Adham

        I’ve yet to install the jailbreak, because cydia practically does not work and same goes to the majority of the tweaks. When BiteSMS gets updated and a couple other things I use, then i’ll jailbreak.

      • Aleksandar Kojić

        That is exactly what I do plan to do! 😉

      • Don’t wait too long, Apple is probably going to rush out an update to close the hole.

      • Aleksandar Kojić

        Did not wait for too long. Installed last night and after two hours needed to get back to stock firmware, because somehow lost most of the icons on the initial springboard page (among other settings icon)… Just to remind that icons that were lost usually can not be erased in normal stock firmware.

      • It’s stable enough, but Mobile Substrate don’t work.

      • Connor K.

        I’m not happy with it because Cydia cannot be run in landscape mode and almost no tweaks support iOS7.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I think I’m gonna wait

    • Arif Ullah

      You’d have a jailbreak, even if MobileSubstrate doesn’t work? From my opinion, most tweaks don’t work and it feels as if a device isn’t even jailbroken at all.

  • Shawn

    They said they are putting a post on Reddit explaining it soon. Hopefully it will clear things up.

    • who knows if they are telling the truth on reddit?

      • stulaw01

        Who cares if they took $….enjoy your FREE jailbreak

      • Guest

        With the Government of China secretly collecting your personal info. Enjoy.

      • Thats silly. You should be more concerned what the US government does and how they do it without stuff like this.

        I don’t expect the Chinese government to need a jailbreak in order to do the same.

        I don’t know if you are american or not, but thinking this way is a good example for american ignorance.

      • Bingo

      • Chuck Finley

        I seriously doubt the Chinese government gives a damn about the utterly pointless shit you get up to.

      • jack

        I prefer helping the chinese rather than americans

      • Why not, the US government and MS and Apple all do it, why can’t CHINA? Who cares, yawn, and wear a tinfoil hat.

      • Sound_Mind24

        Is true, I bet if other people we’re offer that amount, they would of taking it. Reminder; MONEY, MAKES THE WOLRD, THE WORLD GO AROUND. Enjoy your free jailbreak that was done by the evaders.

      • sure it’s free but we don’t know about any hidden (bad) surprise.

      • I won’t tell anyone. I haven’t been hacked in 3 years of jailbreaking, and NONE of this is new. 360 apps have been in cYdia for years, it’s called Kingsoft.

      • Dhaval Brahmbhatt

        I agree with you, how do we know if they are telling the truth? Only way to find out is if a reputed white hat security researcher was to analyse the jailbreak to understand if there is anything malicious or not. The whole Chinese connection is definitely a smoking gun.

        You know sooner or later, the attraction of money or should I say, easy money takes over more people than not.

        For those who uses the jailbreaks should understand that technically, you are proactively agreeing to installing a piece of code that exploits security holes so you are basically opening yourself up for exploitation.

        But in practical life, the whole “iOS7 should be open” movement makes users think the jail breakers are the freedom fighters and generally have positive reputation. That’s the trust that is in question because of the Chinese connection.

        There is a very thin chance that Evaders got roped into installing this Taiji thing by mistake but I wouldn’t buy that if they say that. They are too smart for such entrapment.

        The Jailbreak scene has definatley taken a hit if not dead totally.

      • Its a smoking gun only to Birthers. Look, CHINA has not had access to iPhones AT ALL, but today, over half of iPhones and devices sold are in China. Since we ain’t in China, we don’t have to worry about this TaiG, sure the CODE is in the eVasi0n installer, but thats where it stays, unless you are in CHINA. Once I get iFile installed – I’ll PROVE it. I guarantee, TaiG is NOT installed if cYdia is installed.

      • Dhaval Brahmbhatt

        The doubt about the whole thing is not technical to begin with. They themselves are not following the rules they set. That is, in their own letter they said that they have a strict agreement between them and Taig so as per the agreement, the minute they found piracy in it, the deal should have been off.

        Also why keep things like this private? I am not saying announce the details of the deal but make it clear to the community that they want to monetize the jailbreak.

        When you have doubts like this, you do start wondering what else they are hiding and that’s why people start suspecting if their device will be intentionally left vulnerable or won’t leak your data?

        As for monetizing the jailbreak, I am sure they made plenty money even the last time by generating millions of hit for Google Ads by generating curiosity about when it would be released. This is something people didn’t pay much attention to.


    • Paz Ben Arzi

      Currently we can’t know

      • Yes – We CAN. I’ll make this bet to everyone: Once iFile is installed, you find me TaiG on an american iPhone, you won’t find it. Y’Know? I’ll bet the Disqus users over in China ain’t blabbing about all this crap, they are probably HAPPY they got a cYdia type installer in their own language.

  • samosa king

    Jailbreak Scene is officially dead. RIP. All this wait for this.

  • Guest

    They’re gonna post on reddit and explain everything soon

  • Thanks I hoped that iDownloadblog could light us up a bit.

  • Philip

    Geohot, the most reliable person who gave us a bootrom exploit

  • hkgsulphate

    The Government of China is secretly collecting your personal info (The Community Party of China is worse than the NSA, trust me, I am a Chinese who live in Hong Kong)

    • pegger1

      Then you have no clue how the Americans work

      • hkgsulphate

        Every single Chinese will answer you the Americans are more trustworthy than the Chinese Communist Party

      • Chuck Finley

        And those people are idiots, I’m guessing you utterly missed all the things about the NSA lately?

        All governments are as bad as each other.

      • hkgsulphate

        yea, but the CCP is the worst among them

      • Gerardo Castro

        Ooooh the NSA, they collect info on you, just like they have been your entire life. are they doing anything with it? No. They have it, just as every company we have ever encountered in our life do. CCP, have your info and can DESTROY you with it.

    • Matt

      This is off-topic man but given the fact that I’m majoring in architecture I want to visit the Hong-Kong metropolitan area.. bank of China tower is my personal favorite building in the world even though I have never seen it in real life except in pictures.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Evaders knows that there is potential market in china, great for developers(tweaks) and users alike. I see jailbroken devices skyrocket with this move. Kudos Evaders!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t trust these guys any more they probably got chinese spyware in all of the iOS 7 jailbreaks

    • BeatModz

      nah, i doubt that.. Saurik will not let this happen on cydia..

    • pegger1

      For all you know there was American spyware in the last jailbreak

    • Maxim∑

      You are correct. People are still researching this now, But data is being sent to a Chinese server called “360” we are unsure of whats being sent from our phones as its encrypted

  • Bill Do

    This is to do with the apple china deal.

  • Andy

    So should go ahead and update my iPad 2 and iPhone 4s to iOS 7.0.4 or wait until they fix the issues in the new jailbreak?

    • Imahottguy

      In the past, with updated jailbreaks, one has usually needed to re-run the jailbreak to fix any issues. I think the issue of Apple releasing a 7.0.5 update that patches the exploits (thus killing 7.0.4 signing) would be a bigger issue. I am upgrading my iPhone now and will update my boys iPad next if all goes well. re-running the jailbreak software is easier than having to wait until the next jailbreak becomes available.

      • pegger1

        Why would they release a 7.0.5 when there’s already 7.1 beta

  • Ruan

    How was Saurik part of another team? If he was part of a “competition” as far as I see this, then why is he this P’d off about Taiji being installed??

  • stulaw01

    Do any of you idiots get it that this stuff installs FOR CHINESE LANGUAGE ONLY. Seriously wow tinfoil hats people. It’s to allow the other 75-90% of the world who DONT SPEAK ENGLISH to enjoy jailbreaking. China finally gettig iphone is a huge market and for jailbreak tweaks, so why not let them join

    • RarestName

      Copyrighted material is copyright material. From a team that bashed piracy in the past, what do you think people feel when they released something related to piracy? If you go to the Chinese website, even the Chinese users are hurling insults at them.

    • Ruan

      Because the app supports Piracy at the moment… A handful of people know how to add repo’s to Cydia, This app comes preloaded with piracy supporting repo’s. I for one is glad that they get something that is available in their own language, it’s the piracy that we’re all against…..

    • Platy

      Just because the app installs for chinese language only does not mean that there isn’t other (nasty) hidden things that we can’t so easily see….

      • stulaw01

        The same evaders who have been around jailbreaking for the public for FREE for YEARS?

        99.9999% unlikely beyond the paranoid delusions of people.

      • Platy

        You would have said that about this app last year? Until it has been proven, no one knows anything. If they slipped this in then something else could be in the code, sure its unlikely but its not impossible.

      • stulaw01

        Nothing is impossible. You could be a Chinese spy posting here, but that would be tinfoil hat again. The point being is this team is proven reputable for years. This is not their first jailbreak or rodeo, and the evaders are not even Chinese or from China to begin with. They were likely paid by a Chinese company to put this app in for the Chinese people to use jailbreaking, period. It only happened to show up now because iphones were not available in carriers until this year there. Nothing more nothing less.

    • Quang

      if that app was simply a Cydia chinese version, we didn’t complain anything.
      The fact is that app is used to piracy/crack apps. And this jailbreak comes bundle with that app. That is the problem.

      • Platy

        Also they said nothing about it. That is part of the problem to. Its one thing that it comes bundled, its another to keep hush about it. Hopefully the post that coming will explain some things.

      • stulaw01

        I must’ve missed where they said anything about the jailbreak release at all. Last time I checked, Saurik (you know that nobody guy who only created Cydia and mobilesubstrate) didn’t even know of the release. Means nothing by itself.

      • Platy

        Don’t you think its a little bit odd that he wasn’t involved? If you take a step back and look at whats going on…its just a little bit too fishy. I’m sure everything is fine but at this moment, I personally want to wait and see what they and other devs say.

      • stulaw01

        Is it odd that Apple didn’t give Google a pre-release version of the iphone 5S?

        Saurik was allegedly part of another jailbreak team (competitor) too; beyond being the creator of Cydia, that’s why. Geohot was allegedly in a 3rd group of jailbreakers.

        Of course the evaders didn’t spill the beans to the competition to release first. Cydia can always be updated after the jailbreak release very easily, and has in past years as well.

      • stulaw01

        Saurik, the guy who actually built Cydia, mobilesubstrate, and other huge tweaks didn’t even know of the release of the jailbreak at all. They kept everything hush from EVERYONE. Doesn’t prove a single thing or that they are some Chinese spies or some crazy stuff.

    • dan542

      I’d bet that those Chinese who do not speak English just want the jailbreak to pirate apps. Those who are actually interested in gaining root access to THEIR device (that they’ve paid for…) know at least some English.

      Besides, if they were concerned about their Chinese users so much, why didn’t they just translate Cydia to Chinese? Cydia being an open-source project, I’m sure that many Chinese would actually volunteer to do it.

  • I’m just going to wait and see this information unfold.

  • Marvin

    Maybe someone can scan through all the coding just to make sure there is not some type of malicious coding?

    • Matt

      You know because someone will totally go through thousands if not millions of lines of code to check for something like that on their free time.

  • stulaw01

    The evader team has been proven over YEARS of jailbreaking for FREE for all of you ungrateful people. To now accuse them of working to spy on people for the Chinese government is asinine to the highest degree.

    Don’t trust it, don’t use it. Period. But don’t run your mouth about something you know nothing about or your neurotic little views. No one cares what you think.

  • Merman123

    So NOW their going to explain on reddit? Why not explain beforehand? Now their trying to “rectify” their “misunderstanding”as it seems their trying to flag it as such. This whole cop out is probably part of the 1 million dollar agreement.

    • Lance Baker

      Where is this whole thing about 1 million dollars coming from? Seems like a lot of speculation based on nothing.

      • Merman123

        Would you put your reputation at stake for free? Didn’t think so.

    • stulaw01

      I haven’t seen any of the greedy users of jailbreaks over the years rushing to donate to further jailbreaking. Funding has to come from somewhere. I for one say good for them. They have a major sponsor and can continue their work.

      Notice the greedy people who probably pirate the $.99 jailbreak apps and appstore apps are the only ones bitching about privacy and a Chinese company supporting the evaders.

      • Merman123

        You’re completely off topic. Won’t bother.

      • stulaw01

        The point was I am agreeing with you, somewhat. I am sure it has to do with the $1 mil (although unproven and amount unconfirmed) and the associated agreement.

        But, no one else here would turn away the $1 mil in funding either, so who can blame the evaders? I doubt anyone here would donate a singe hour for free to the public good of jailbreaking, let alone hundreds of hours and costs involved in making a full jailbreak. They deserve the funding, or else there may be NO jailbreak right now at all.

    • pegger1

      What makes you think you’re entitled to an explanation, it’s given for free, take it or leave it. You don’t like it, leave it alone. And get off your high horse

      • Merman123

        You should ask pod2g, because he also believes we are entitled to an explanation.

      • stulaw01

        Last time I checked pod2g was PART of the evad3rs. Check their twitter his name is right there as a member.

        The REAL issue is Saurik found that Taig allowed pirated app store apps. No syping, data collection, etc tin foil hat stuff. Piracy issue period.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    Even if the Chinese government takes my information, it’s not worth looking into my info. all i do is play games, listen music, and watch porn. (just kidding)

  • SkyFall

    Pod2g just tweeted that he will remove Taig.
    Here is the screenshot:

    • he said that the pirated app is going to be removed, not TaiG at all.

  • Gonçalo Gomes

    im new in the jailbreak world, can anyone help me?
    how do i download paid apps for free? i already have this evasi0n7 jb, i just need to know what do i need to do on cydia

    • sivkai

      You idiot. Do you think people will help you pirate here?

      • Gonçalo Gomes

        lol you sure have no life bc anyone who has one dont bother in coming online to insult people. have a nice day

    • Lance Baker

      Piracy won’t be discussed here because it’s a messed up thing to do.

    • Bro, this section not help for pirate, but if you want it, just google it 😀
      Support developer bro 🙂
      Welcome to jailbreak world :3

    • Matt Dowdy

      Just set your default language to Chinese before you jailbreak apparently……..

  • Zorvage

    Geohot is involved… WOW!

  • Fritz Hubbard

    DO NOT use this jailbreak, the chineese have backdoored it. Please jailbreak untethered from team7jailbreak, google them. Pure cydia and no bullshit.

    • stulaw01

      lol fake promo of stolen work

      • Umut Bilgiç

        hahah 268 guest votes 😀

  • Guest

    Does anyone know if MessageBox works?

  • “an incredibly reliable source” == Tweets from Jailbreak developers.

  • Nelson

    You guys being so paranoid of spyware, what do you have inside your phone? Nuclear launch codes?

    • Rigs101

      You sir made my day haha

  • Chuck Finley

    All these idiot conspiracy theorists, I swear it’s like the Cold War.


    That’s what you morons sound like. Yes, Taiji might “support piracy” but the whole point of bundling it for, as the article stated, CHINESE USERS ONLY is to provide Chinese users with a repo system that they can actually understand.

  • Elvin Topalov

    Any info on how to get rid of it!?

  • Abdullah Al-Temimy

    Well, I think I’ll wait for a week to jailbreak, beside, nothing interesting on Cydia right now ..

  • czbird

    Redirected those hostnames to localhost, just to be sure.

  • Eni

    this is the end for jailbreak. i don’t trust them anymore.

  • batongxue

    360 is a motherfucking bitch #$%&* company.

  • Rigs101

    Everybody wanted a jailbreak it comes out and nothing but complaints…your idevices come from where? China evad3rs work with them and its a bad thing??? I don’t get people sometimes thanks for the jailbreak and ill wait patiently for saurik and evad3rs to get back together and fix mobile substrate to get some tweaks

  • Alessandro micieli

    I was waiting for your article on this matter, with anxiety. Now that I read it I have a better idea. The evad3rs they always do a great job and for this we must thank them. I love my iPhone, and so also the jailbreak since iOS 4.1. I’m disappointed only because they have not contacted Saurik, money that they have earned are all deserved.

    • Jeriko23

      Nice I got my popcorn !!


    This deal with TaiG and JB Evasi0n7 what could have happened and hopefully won’t happen is of concern to all of us.Given that NSA is looking over my shoulders and have their ear plugs on iphone,who else wants my waist size.I never read in your article who was responsible that caused the failure.Sounds like a lot of speculating with wishfull thinking.Your open letter is a good start but doesn’t end.Who is Taig

  • infuriosa

    Did I just read someone sent Apple a service request because Chinese people now have an option to install a package installer in their native language ??? Is that real ??