Cydia running iPhone 5s

Ok, now that you’ve jailbroken your iOS device running iOS 7 with evasi0n7, what do you do? Which tweaks work and which ones don’t? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received this morning, so we figured we’d better start making a list.

Most tweaks that rely on Mobile Substrate aren’t working, as it’s currently broken, but there are a few that seem to be ok. Below you’ll find all of the iOS 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks that we’re aware of, broken down into those working, and those ‘sort of’ working…

Note: this is a crowdsourced list based on what commenters and readers have told us. This list is also heavily based on the work of Team-Sync iPhone Dev Team. We’ve only managed to test a handful of these ourselves thus far, on just a few device configurations. So your mileage may vary. This early in the game, it’s possible that your device model/iOS version could play a factor in whether or not a tweak is compatible. Also note that most tweaks will not run properly on A7 devices, although they may run well on older devices.


  • Accelerate
  • AirPlayServer
  • BadgeClearer
  • DateCarrier
  • Deck
  • F.lux
  • FireWall iP
  • FolderCloser
  • GridLock
  • Icon Renamer
  • KillBackground
  • MiniPlayer
  • MyWi
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews
  • NoStoreButton
  • OverAchiever
  • PandoraSkips
  • Plugication
  • Poof
  • PrivaCy
  • Repsring
  • ShakeToUndo Killer
  • Signal 2
  • Signal Booster
  • SIGnify
  • Software Update Killer
  • StatusHUD
  • SwipeSelection
  • TimeForAlarm
  • WelcomeMe

Sort of works

  • Abstergo: installs, but then does nothing
  • Activator (beta): some things work, but gives a frequent error message
  • BytaFont7: you have to move the .app folder to the correct location, some have gotten it to work
  • Iconoclasm7: only one icon set works
  • Infiniboard: installs, but doesn’t do anything
  • SBSettings: missing some components, must install manually
  • Winterboard: it installs, but won’t install themes.
  • iFile: installs but registration fails

We’re going to try and keep up with this list throughout the day, adding and removing tweaks as we learn more. And then obviously over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be announcing all iOS 7 updates for major tweaks. So be sure that you keep checking back.

And if you haven’t jailbroken already, you can find evasi0n7 on our Downloads page. Those needing help with the process, can refer to our our evasi0n tutorial for Mac and our evasi0n tutorial for Windows, and our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Also, if you find a particular tweak to work or not work on iOS 7, tell us about it in the comments below!

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  • Yazan M Af

    Cydia home page is for ios 6

  • Sophia

    I see they updated color keyboard & color banner but none works… Such a blower

  • TwicetheSn0w

    Niether of the Siri tweaks work on IOS 7 EXCEPT for the iPod 5 running IOS 7.0.2.

  • Gil Sayi

    I have not installed the jailbreak yet. Could anyone help and tell me whether Autoscroller works as of now? (that is the most critical one for me) Thank you!

  • Clint

    Accelerate installed successfully- appeared once in the settings menu before a reboot. I’ve tried an uninstall and reinstall (respring and reboot in between) still not appearing in settings. The same with f.lux. Regards.

    • Rikhil Makwana

      Re install mobile substrate. you have to do this everytime your iphone reboots

  • Robert Hulse

    does anyone else have issues with winterboard not working with 7.0.4

  • David Atkinson

    Please help with the LocallApStore it isn’t working !

  • I can confirm, ikeywi hd for iPad works

  • PdaNet also working on iPhone 5, 5s, 5c,

  • adrian

    transparentvolume is probably the best new tweak for ios7! i dont know why they made the volume UI be so intrusive when u changed the volumeb but this tweak just makes sense

    • Erwinn

      Thanks for the info! Installed and working fine!

  • exintrovert

    ShowCase doesn’t work on 5s 🙁

    • exintrovert

      Showcase was updated today and it now works! 😀

      Cydia Substrate fixes a lot of things, like Activator. So far, I am still awaiting sbsettings to be fixed for 5s so I can show the date and free ram in the status bar.

      Still waiting for libhide too.

  • Avery Drummerboy McHugh

    anyone know if infinitetweet is working for ios 7?

  • Wood1030

    Hi guys,
    I have a question and I apologize if it’s been asked already. Is there a way to disable the “Activstor” app splash message that pops in after every time you start or respring your idevice?


  • sirgeorge

    anybody can confirm ismartdialer works on 4s?

  • Erwinn

    Barrel is working too for people who are interested…

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Yes! Just installed! Thanks!

    • Peepdiss

      Not for 5s

      • Erwinn

        Like 100 people mentioned before, thats because 64bit is not supported yet for most of the tweaks… Wait for a mobile substrate update!

      • Peepdiss

        Lol I know that

    • Kamran

      Is there any source or anything because everytime i click barrel then it says recheck on the top right corner everytime im using an ipod 5 7.0.4.

  • Fatehuhsiol

    Alright thanks man 🙂

  • Josh Norris

    GridLock does not work with ios7 yet. at least it wont download for me. -ip5

  • Erwinn

    Some of the tweaks that are working fine on my iPhone4. Update is available for cydia substrate guys!

  • Fatehuhsiol

    Anyone can help tell me how to fix that extra empty button on the right? Im not sure how it got there.. Please help ;(

  • Ivan Ruiz

    Pandoraskip works as well and works awesome!!!! Btw it’s different than pandoraskips

  • James Branham

    Confirmed that infinidock is working on iPad 2 (16gig wi fi-jailbroken with evasion [win] 1.0.2) running 7.0.4

  • Peter John

    ifile won’t install, i did purchase it but when i hit the install button it is giving me an error “the requested notifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed “

  • adrian

    can someone make a Doge zeppelin image ,lol. if no ones up to it send me a link to how to effectivley do it and ill try tomorrow

  • Jon Swenson

    How can I remove Cydia from my iPhone 5S, I have tried SBSettings and nope and I have tried other but no luck. Can anyone help?

    • Wood1030

      Why would you want to remove Cydia?

      • Jon Swenson

        I guess I just wanted to. I can always re-install it. But thanks for asking.
        Ok then How also can I remove SBSettings
        Or even hide both of these.

      • Wood1030

        But if you remove Cydia then you essentially remove the only reason or effect of having a jailbreak…all apps/tweaks are installed through Cydia.

      • Jon Swenson

        I should have said hide. I want to Hide SBSettings and Cydia. on My iphone 5s.

      • Fatehuhsiol

        Ur mad.

      • John

        SBSettings has a “Hide Icon” feature that you can use to hide both those, and any others. It’s in the settings for SBSettings.

      • Wood1030

        Sbsettings can be removed in the sources>packages settings pane. Just go there, find the app(s) you want to remove and uninstall.

      • Jon Swenson

        I will try and report back

      • Jon Swenson

        It worked to remove it!

        NOW, How can I hide Cydia!!!

      • Wood1030

        Just put it in (or create) a folder with other apps you don’t use often.

      • Wood1030

        Ahh, I suppose you could put them in a folder with a vague discription somewhere on your home screen

  • Jacob Rios

    can anyone tell me why my instagram shows question marks for everyone’s usernames? here is a picture of a random post showing the question marks. I assume it is because the ios 7 jailbreak or because of a certain tweak

    • hirokazu homma

      same problem. please help us

      • Jacob Rios

        i found a fix, i changed my font with the bytafont 2 app and that did the trick. the question marks are gone. hope this helps 🙂

    • JR

      doesnt happen to my 5s maybe it was cause by some tweaks

  • Bill Murrow

    Anyone had luck with Gridlock for iphone 5 ios7?

  • Jordan

    I downloaded androidlock xt version 3.0 which is supported on ios7 yet when I set my passcode pattern it doesn’t do anything. It just unlocks as if I had no pass code at all.

  • Quan Dinh

    gridlock doesnt work ip5 🙁

  • hirokazu homma

    i have a problem on my instagram all it show is question mark how can i fix it

    • hirokazu homma

      pls help

  • Rebecca

    I downloaded BadgeClearer but it doesn’t seem to work, can any confirm that it does indeed work and I’m just doing something wrong?

  • Oliver Louis

    I’m running iOS 7.1 beta 2 on the iPhone 5. Almost all the tweaks work for me except Barrel and a few others like Swipey. When I try to install them it says “Unable to Purchase- This Product is not supported on your iOS version”

    How do I solve this? Is it due to iOS 7.1 beta 2?

  • Tyler Wolfe-Adam

    I’m surprised, I thought idownloadblog was more on top of their stuff than this. I’m not sure about all of them but installing StatusHUD or Gridlock fails because “This product is not supported on your iOS version.” It also clearly does not state that it is iOS compatible….

  • Wendy Santos

    Hi (I’m going to sound stupid, sorry) I had my iPhone 4S JB by someone I knew n he put a lot of cool tweeks in, now I upgraded to 5s n I myself jailbroke it, but there’s one tweek I REALLY WANT AND I CANT FIND ON CYDIA BUT I HEARD IT DOES WORK FOR IOS7, pandora downloader can anybody give step by step….. Plz

  • tristan denis

    Music box won’t work.. keeps flashing the loading symbol, anyone else?

  • Horrid Baby Names

    I installed FakeCarrier on my phone but now I can’t find it on Springboard where I can change my carrier name. Help!

    • adrian

      download zeppelin its better and u can change the name as well as an image too

  • Eduardo Maqueda


    • Nino 0raham

      killbackround 7

      • Eduardo Maqueda



  • Franck DKD

    some could help me with music box on 7.0.4 ios? WHEN I push on music box it became whyte. If i open in plane mode it’s ok, but then when i put the 3g and i press 3g it crash!!! Help me please!

  • Frank

    Hello guys ✋

    How can i make SBsettings works on iPhone 5S ??!!

    • adrian

      no point why dont u use control center if u need more. options like respringing u can download cccontrols

      • Nino 0raham

        want to free ram mostly

  • adrian

    bigify works ios7

  • skillnwill

    I read “if you find a particular tweak to work” as “if you find a particular twerk”

  • Dien Agustin

    Deck doesnt work? 🙁

  • Jena

    it installs on my phone but the app will not open.. why?

  • adrian

    you know when the lockscreen clock turns to a
    black font when u have a very bright lockscreen color, can someone make that a tweak in which u can turn it black manually

  • James Branham

    Dock works and PDANET also works iOS7 iPhone 4s

  • Kritin Maddireddy

    Signal 2 not compatible with iOS 7 🙁

  • Aram Vardanyan

    So why theming is not working on ios 7? I can’t live without winterboard